Group Sex(1)


Cozumel Revisited

Lori and I rock Mark's world

I woke up with a bit of a hangover and a smile plastered across my face. I could smell sex in my room, and my mind replayed video tidbits of the previous evening. Lori and I had done body shots and had enjoyed each other in a vigorous bout of drunken-tequila-girl-sex. She’d asked me for a favor before she left, and I had agreed. Tonight we were planning on double-teaming her boyfriend, Mark....Read On




Island fun with my new friend

I first saw her at the poolside bar, outside, at the resort hotel in Cozumel. She was a tiny little thing, probably 5’2” or 5’3” and maybe 100 pounds, with shaggy brunette hair and a cute pixie face with great big doe eyes. She had on cut-off jean shorts and a bikini top. Her legs were nicely proportioned with well-defined calf muscles, and her breasts were small and perky. She had a...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


Flying the Friendly Skies

One way to take the fear out of flying

I had an hour to kill before my flight, so I decided to see what kind of trouble I could get in at the airport lounge. I saw him watching me as I walked in. He was tall and slender, with brown hair starting to go gray and sparkling blue eyes that took me all in as I approached his corner of the bar. He was tan and smooth, his teeth white as he gave me a crooked smile that made my pussy...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Last Friday night

My hot date

I’m new in town, so I figured that the Internet was the easiest way to get into the swing of things here in Indianapolis. I registered on AFF, posted a picture of my ass, and sat back and waited for the deluge. See, when a woman puts up a profile on a sexually oriented site, she normally gets bombarded from all over. However, there’s always a little wheat somewhere in the chaff. I found...Read On