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"Good sex is in the head. The tongue helps a little too." It was the first quote I ever made up.

I'm extremely curious and love writing erotic and sometimes downright dirty stories. My imagination seems to be holding up in my advancing years. Some of the stories I write have come from actual experiences. I am continuing to learn about this wonderful world of sex, passion and eroticism.

I have learnt a lot from the various authors on here. The most important thing to me are the comments on my stories. They mean so much more when they are heartfelt. The comments I make range from the short to the overly expressive, I try not to leave a negative comment.

I will email and chat, but I don't always have the time when I am online.

I love Lush, I'm glad I stumbled across it and I'm starting to like the people here. A few more Recommended Reads or an Editor's Pick wouldn't go amiss though!

Dark Side
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Reading, I love erotica, especially black and white photographic erotica and very well written stories. I love flirting and being naughty and trying out new ways of finding pleasure. I have a photo album on erotic images that I have collected. I have seen a few photographic books that make themselves out to be erotic photography but they fall far short of most of the images here.
Favorite Books:
Mostly SciFi and Biographies, some funny ones as well. Trying to find something different that will take my imagination. If you have any - let me know!

I have never read Shade of Grey - why would I want to read that, when the stories on here, I feel, are a lot better.
Favorite Authors:
I have lots of favourite authors.
Favorite Movies:
Too many to mention.
Favourite TV Shows:
A while back, in the UK, there were a series of shows including: Tipping the Velvet and Queer as Folk.

The former was a period series about lesbians, probably around the Victorian era. The latter was about the gay community of Manchester based around Canal Street. It was one of the funniest series I ever watched.
Favorite Music:
Everything from Rock to Easy Listening...Even Jazz and New World.


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Topic: Global Earth VS Flat Earth...This may be fun...smiles
Posted: 23 Sep 2018 03:49

Flat-Earth conspiracists are the belly-button fluff of the internet.

I agree wholeheartedly and would add.

The Earth can be seen to be curved from the highest tower that has ever been built by mankind. Argue that one away!

Everything we see in the stars is a globe. Gravity attracts matter and the planets were formed in that way. A globe is the simplest shape to form a planet from dust.

Island arcs are the result of plate motions that move continents on the surface of the Earth. I wonder why they are called arcs. It's because the Earth is a globe. Take a table tennis ball and push it in with your thumb, what shape do you get? An arc. Just like the rim of volcanic arcs around the Western Pacific.

Go on, tell me...flat Earthers don't believe in plate tectonics and continental drift either.

And the final clue...when I asked him...God told me it was not flat!

Topic: Text message from rental car agent.
Posted: 19 Sep 2018 14:14

Take the text literally.

When you take the car back, reach out to her, grab her tits and then point to the line in the text message!!!

Topic: RUMPLATIONS: Awesome Honky Tonk and Cyber Bar
Posted: 12 Sep 2018 14:33

Bloody hell, just came out of the loo in this place and I'm surprised people are still alive. Have you seen the state it's in, Rumps. Something needs to be done. It's shit! Any form of watersports would improve the place. I'm never going in there again, and I will have to hold my bladder for as long as it takes to get home in future.

Now I understand why people leave early.

Before I go though. I would like to say how much I enjoyed that flash competition. Absolutely brilliant. So, when does the toaster get christened. If there's a comp in SS then count me in too.

Now can I have one for the road please, and two to get over the smell in that loo.

Topic: RUMPLATIONS: Awesome Honky Tonk and Cyber Bar
Posted: 02 Sep 2018 13:44

Rumps - you have created a brilliant competition here. Absolutely hats off to you...but not your avatar as that would be gross!!!!

Anyway - you have thirty entries so far, and increasing. Such a brilliant competition and all for naming a bloody toaster. Can you believe some people eh!

I don't want anything to drink - but put one behind the bar for JimWillHaveFun from me. He's doing a grand job of collating these entries, and I'm finding it hard keeping up with reading every one of them, I hope I've caught them all.

Topic: RUMPLATIONS: Awesome Honky Tonk and Cyber Bar
Posted: 30 Aug 2018 10:44

Can I please have a coffee. I know, just want something wet and warm and my imagination is failing 😆

Topic: RUMPLATIONS: Awesome Honky Tonk and Cyber Bar
Posted: 30 Aug 2018 10:44

One thing I have never understood about the stories here. So many people comment on them but never vote or they vote and never comment. I don't get it.

Hell, I would be happy with an honest 1 or 2 if that is how they felt and if it is, tell me why. I will never understand this. I would rather people vote low and tell me the truth about why they didn't like it than not vote at all or vote high and not comment at all. As a writer, I can't get better if people don't tell me the truth. It is so frustrating. I understand commenting and forgetting to vote, I have done it. But voting on mine means you have to comment. Be honest people. Don't be afraid to tell me what you really think. My skin is thicker than you think.

Ok, now to drink my coffees and keep an eye on any new entrants. Let you know if I see any.

I 100% agree with your observations. I find people score but don't comment especially when a low score is given. Like you, I would prefer to know why? What they liked? Or disliked?

I don't agree that you have thick skin though, Jim. Judging by your avatar, you have no skin at all. 😂

Topic: RUMPLATIONS: Awesome Honky Tonk and Cyber Bar
Posted: 29 Aug 2018 14:07

I need a whisky. I just submitted mine.

It's a true story lol. But it's not up yet.


Topic: What was your worst swinging experience?
Posted: 10 Aug 2018 09:25

We met a couple once that started with a meal in a posh restaurant. He was an arse, and kept ordering the waitress around. We felt very uncomfortable. She was absolutely gorgeous and really good fun afterwards as well as before. But, yes, he was labelled an arse.

Topic: Do you enjoy phone sex ?
Posted: 09 Aug 2018 15:08

I call men randomly and when they answer, I shove my phone into my pussy and queef.

Love it. Do a recording for me and post it to Lush.

I've never had sex on the phone. Come on, have you tried balancing on a phone while climaxing. I read Lush on the phone - does that count?

Topic: If you could never suck a penis again . . .
Posted: 08 Aug 2018 14:28

option number three. lesbian. :)

ROFLMFHO brilliant answer, but I knew it was coming. Lovely set up Sprite.

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Erotic Expectations – Letter 3

I once more stood at the table. Blindfold raised, letter to the right of me, bell to the left. I glanced at the window and saw that the sun had moved around a little. Rays of light were streaming across the floor towards me; nearly reaching my feet. I don’t know how long I had been in the shack. But I knew one thing. I had learned an awful lot about myself, in what seemed to be such a...

Added 25 Sep 2018 | Category Fetish | Votes 0 | Avg Score 0 | Views 43

Erotic Expectations – Letter 2

The second letter was screaming to be opened. I could hear it, I could see it jump around on the table like a spoilt child. Open me. Open me . Read me. Do me! Trust had taken over my very soul and I knew that I could not leave without finding out what was in the letter. But the finding out was the key to doing. One of the rules was, that if I opened it, I had to go through with it. In...

Added 21 Sep 2018 | Category Fetish | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.57 | Views 397 | 4 Comments

Erotic Expectations – Letter 1

This is part of a four part story that really needs to be read from the start in order to understand the plot. I hope you bear with me and enjoy what’s to come.   The path to the cottage was overgrown, to the point where ducking to avoid the brambles that swung down from the branches of overhead trees was essential. I was caught more than once by the sharp barbs but with only the...

Added 17 Sep 2018 | Category Fetish | Votes 10 | Avg Score 4.9 | Views 788 | 9 Comments

Melissa Plays Messalina

Melissa had been reading all about Roman history and the lifestyles of the emperors and their wives. She had long reached the part about the famous Valeria Messalina, Claudius’s third wife who apparently challenged a prostitute to a fucking competition and won. In those days, the wealthiest women were not short of men, but in this day and age, you could wait forever. Melissa had been...

Added 30 Aug 2018 | Category Hardcore | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.71 | Views 3,806 | 5 Comments


I couldn't wait.  My hands trembled as they pulled her panties down to reveal her smooth mound. A hint of hair pointed to where I should start licking, and my tongue automatically extended; snaking its way between her folds even before I started to push her legs apart.  By the time my lips descended on her pussy, she was leaking profusely. I gathered up all her juices, allowing my tongue...

Added 29 Aug 2018 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 26 | Avg Score 5 | Views 994 | 31 Comments

Gina and Friends

We had decided to move to the countryside and had settled on a cottage in a sleepy village in Yorkshire. Well, that was what we thought. Over time, we slowly got to know the locals. There was something about certain individuals that didn’t come across as sleepy; in fact just the opposite. Gina was one of them, she owned the cottage just three doors away from us, but it took a while...

Added 24 Aug 2018 | Category Swingers | Votes 12 | Avg Score 4.5 | Views 5,834 | 5 Comments

The Liar’s Bar

The bar door crashes open and the juke box music floods into the darkening street beyond. A weary Grant Oliver walks up to the bar stool, announces his arrival with the hard hitting helmet that crashes on the bar. His thick coat thrown on top of it to make sure it stayed there. The bartender glances at the man climbing onto the stool out of the corner of his eye as he proceeds to polish...

Added 09 Aug 2018 | Category Love Stories | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 1,706 | 7 Comments

A Very Naughty Girl – Plays Hide and Seek

I buried my cock deep inside her; pulling her hips towards me by grasping her ample love handles. I unloaded the contents of my balls into her to the sounds of our combined cries of pleasure. ooOoo Ten minutes earlier, I was nominated as ‘ it’ . It was my turn to play hide and seek; to find the others. We call the person that has to find other people, ‘ it ’. It was the first time that I...

Added 05 Aug 2018 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.47 | Views 3,365 | 8 Comments

True Swingers – Matt and Helen

Every so often, while surfing the classifieds in an attempt to find people that want to share themselves with us, you find a couple that are truly outstanding. It would be fair to say we had a hard time finding a couple where the woman was a true bi-sexual with a boyfriend or husband in tow. The single bi-sexual female was indeed as elusive as the Manhattan tiger. Helen was different –...

Added 02 Aug 2018 | Category Swingers | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.73 | Views 5,414 | 8 Comments

Recommended Read The Girl In The Yellow Dress

It was the first time I laid eyes on her. It was in a pub and I was sitting on a high chair at a table drinking a pint of beer and waiting for my food.  I first saw her at 1:45 pm in the afternoon and the pub was about half full. She wore a yellow dress, covered in red rose petals and leaves that sprouted in all sorts of directions. An elasticated section covered the area of her breasts...

Added 28 Jul 2018 | Category Quickie Sex | Votes 21 | Avg Score 5 | Views 18,271 | 18 Comments

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