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Topic do we have any bi-girls or lesbians on the site?
Posted 26 Mar 2013 05:39

Girl/Girl fucking? Well its just like with a male but without the penis..ladies use their fingers and lips and tounge. Unless ur partner wants to get penetrated, thats something different. (That's where the dildos and straps come into play) For me personally me fucking a female is giving what they want. Your a female and u masterbate, u know what pleases u and what doesn't..Woman know what a woman wants. Thats girl/girl fucking. Plus it really depends on the type of lover u want. There are hardcore lesbians which mostly is a dude but not really a dude, they will handle u, they wear the pants in the relationship, totally and they might fuck rough, it depends. Then u have soft lesbians that just treat u almost like a queen and will make sweet love taking it slow until, things heat up.