Group Sex(2)


The Island, Chapter 3

Pharomé brings triplets. After a group orgy they take a walk and Bob learsn some painful secrets

The Island - Chapter 3 Day 35: I woke up when it was still dark. I heard the sound of tropical insects and a slight breeze brought in the smell of forest. I opened my eyes, but it was pitch black. The island had been covered with a dense cloud the day before, and it not had lifted. The milk from Sheely’s breast yesterday had been incredible. Was this the reason I slept so well? When I...Read On


My summer holidays in the US

Lola's side of the story written by dfjohn

dfjohn wrote a story about my summer holidays in the US (Neighbors' niece). Here is my side of what happened. I first met the Johnsons when I was ten years old, or so. They had just moved in as the new neighbors of my uncle in San Diego. I never saw Mrs. Johnson and later I found out that Mr. Johnson was a single father with a single son, Dave. Their house was much bigger than uncle’s...Read On



The Island, Chapter 2

It is still day 30, and Bob has some more sex and an encounter with the queen

I was lying on the bed, and the big window and the opening to the veranda allowed the sea breeze to freely flow. I enjoyed the feeling of a warm wind on my naked body. It must have been shortly before lunchtime, but I wasn’t hungry. I could only think about Pharomé’s incredibly soft and tight pussy and I closed my eyes to cherish what had happened just moments ago. Minutes later I opened...Read On


The Island

A lost sailor is invited to a small Pacific island and meets two strange women.

Day 30:Last night my GPS failed. I don’t know why, but my position is in the Mojave desert since 3:25 PST. And this is quite unlikely, because I am on the Pacific! At least when I started four weeks ago, in Belgium, I headed towards it and after crossing the Indian Ocean I reached it 3 days ago. Day 31:The weather is still bad. Cloudy. So, no sextant to determine position. It’s new moon, so...Read On



Between Pete and Dave Johnson

Dave confesses his love for Lola, but she is torn between him and his dad.

“Lola, do you want to marry me?” I was shocked. I was lying on Dave’s bed and he kneeled in front of me, holding my hands. I did not know what to say. I am a 21 year old student who lives in Japan and comes to the US every year for summer holiday. I can’t just get married to my summer lover! “Dave, Dave… I don’t know what to say.” I saw unspeakable pain in his eyes. He cast his eyes down,...Read On