Group Sex(1)


True story of a dinner party in England

The first occasion that my (then) wife and I swapped with our friends

I was married for over twenty years but unfortunately we ultimately divorced. I’m married again now and have a wife who is great in a one on one sexual arrangement but wants no experimentation with others. In my first marriage I had found myself very frustrated by my wife’s lack of high libido compared to mine – which led to me having a few affairs - but, ironically, we did have some very,...Read On

Wife Lovers(2)


An ordinary young English wife - part one of two

This a true story about a training course I went on many years ago.

Introduction Let me start with a very important assertion. I am (I hope) a nice enough guy but I’m an ordinary guy. I’m not drop dead gorgeous - but not bad either, I think - and I’m only 5 feet 7 tall. I am averagely endowed and don’t mind saying so. In other words, I’m nothing special. In this true story you will not find me bragging about girls unable to resist me, about huge cocks...Read On


An ordinary young English wife Part two

The concluding part of a true story.

In the morning I got up, showered, dressed and went downstairs. I wondered how Rachel would be with me but was reasonably confident, after all she’d willingly participated. I went around a corner and there she was walking towards me. I smiled, winked, and she grinned in a complicit way. No problem there then. During the lectures we would occasionally catch each other’s eye but it wasn’t...Read On