The Lake

With summer ending I remembered the start of a great one just a few years ago. There was a group of us that loved to spend our weekends hill walking. Sometimes up to about a dozen, other times there were only two or three. This hot weekend there were seven, three girls and four guys. Beth was a relative newcomer to our group having been introduced by her older brother; she was quiet...Read On

Straight Sex(3)


Dreams of Lydia

A Fantasy

    I stood at the hotel bar sipping a welcome cool beer as I scanned the entrance eagerly.   Then I saw her,my first thought was that she was even more attractive and sexy looking than in her pictures.   She smiled as our eyes met across the room and she came toward me. I felt the blood rush to my penis as I recalled our conversations on line. The stories she had written describing...Read On


The Lake 2

This is what happened after our encounter by the lake. After our encounter by the lake side Beth and I made our way back to the bothy and soon everyone was awake. After brewing coffee we started to discuss the plan for the day. From someone whom I had only vaguely known a few hours ago Beth was suddenly all I could think about. I noticed the way she walked and sat, the shy way she looked...Read On



How Ann Chas got together

  You're beautiful,” he murmured standing behind her as she stood naked at the balcony doors of her hotel room looking out over the mountains. His hands cupped her small breasts, his thumbs playing with her stiffening nipples. She could feel his arousal against her buttocks and turned round smiling as she reached for his erection. "You're not so bad yourself." She looked down pulling...Read On