Hot Tub Switcheroo

"A blow job from this extraordinary beauty while Marge watched through her binoculars?"

I have an eight-and-a-half-inch cock. That’s 0.2159 meters if you think metric. And thick. I tell you this right up front because I am an exhibitionist and I get my kicks out of telling people about my cock, and watching their expressions should they happen to see it. So you’ll understand where I’m coming from when I tell you what happened yesterday at my gym. I’d just finished my workout...Read On



Truth or Dare

daughter's friend with benefits

There are some advantages to being divorced. Not many, but some. I can watch all the ball games I want without getting nagged. I can put my shoes up on the coffee table. I can.... actually the list is pretty short. But at least I can dream of having sex with any number of gorgeous girls, and no one ever demands to know what I’m thinking about. I was doing just that the other night, watching...Read On


Truth or Dare, Chapter 2

A repeat performance leads to even greater thrills for a divorced man

I came back inside and closed the door, and stood for a moment playing back Johanna’s last few remarks in my head. What had she said? “Don’t wait up?” What did that mean? That I should go to bed? “Leave it unlocked?” Did that mean she was coming back, and this time we could really get it on because she said there were going to be no rules? It all sounded too good to be true. I ran...Read On

Straight Sex(6)


Penny’s Other Life

a very proper woman wants to document the other side of her life on film

CHAPTER 1. Penelope Perkins had been properly bred. There was nothing about her life that she would not have openly shared with her mother. Or even her grandmother. Until a couple of years ago. Now, with the help of Brian, she had another life, and although she knew she was a sinner and she would definitely go straight to hell, she was rather enjoying this other life. It was early...Read On


Penny’s Other Life, CHAPTER 2

Penny has to pay for her lascivious behavior

Brian had to get home before his wife returned, and Penelope headed off to her apartment, striding across the MORE4LESS parking lot, swinging her groceries in one hand and feeling heady from her exhilarating day. The dusk air was rapidly cooling and she could feel it in short gusts wafting under her mini skirt and tickling her still stimulated pussy left uncovered by even a wisp of a pair...Read On


Penny’s Other Life, CHAPTER 4

Phoebe is in trouble and seduces Penny into helping her

Things were running smoothly at the YWCA. Penny was less worried now that Mr. Brown would report her to Mark or to the police. She was totally into her photoshoots at MORE4LESS. Without a boyfriend of her own, she found that Mr. Brown satisfied the craving she had to parade naked in front of a virile man. Plus which, he was someone who had what it took to give her a massive orgasm every time. ...Read On


Penny’s Other Life. CHAPTER 5.

Penny and Phoebe shop for lingerie and the salesgirl wants to make it a threesome

Every day, Phoebe popped in to see Penny in her office to remind her of their Tuesday evening date. Finally Penny gave in and assured the young girl that she would be there. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, Miss Perkins! What are you going to wear?" Penny hadn't even thought of that, and she wondered if she should do the granny thing again to appear respectable for Phoebe, or put on her...Read On


Penny’s Other Life. CHAPTER 6 and EPILOGUE

the women get revenge, and the happy ending

Monday night came and Penny called Mr. Brown and told him she couldn't make it that evening. He complained for a while that his security staff was still after him, but he didn't threaten her with exposure. He just got her assurance that she would be back the following week. And finally the big day came. Before her usual afternoon shift at the market, Phoebe came to the Y and knocked on...Read On


Penny's Other Life, CHAPTER 3

Penny makes the most of her forced modeling

Penny spent the week struggling with her emotions. Every time she saw her boss, Mark, she wondered if Mr. Brown had already told him of her transgression, and she dreaded getting the call to come to his office and be fired. Once, he did call her into his office, and she arrived shaking visibly and had to quickly take a seat. But the conversation was not about her; it was about young Phoebe,...Read On



Binoculars on the beach

A voyeur is tempted to go beyond his normal restraints.

Robert walked along the flat beach, his bare feet splashing in the shallow warm water, his carry-on bag over his shoulder with its normal load - his camera, sandals, binoculars, book, sun block and room key. His job was to stay out of the hotel room for an hour and a half while his wife practiced her yoga. It was another tropical day in Mazatlan. Robert found a rock near the water’s edge...Read On


Blue balls

Young divorcee exhibitionist seeks comfort from older widowed neighbor.

One evening I was pottering around in my garage, thinking of sanding an old wooden door knob, but not actually doing it. My mind was elsewhere, and every few moments I looked out through the open door across into my neighbor’s yard, hoping she might be heading towards her pool for a late dip, which she sometimes did. I’m talking about Suzanne. She was about 35, recently divorced with...Read On


Blue Balls 2: The Cure

In a follow-up to Blue Balls, Mr.B’s IOU is paid up in full by his gorgeous, slutty neighbor.

For over a week since she gave me her IOU for some unspecified sexual favor, I hadn’t seen anything of my neighbor, Suzanne; nor Angelo - her boyfriend with the small penis but the powerful sports car. I wasn’t ballsy enough to remind her of her promise, but I thought about it a lot. Then, suddenly one afternoon, I heard her running across her lawn towards my garage. I looked up from my...Read On


Blue Balls 3: The Triumphant Conclusion

My slutty neighbor’s vengeful boyfriend returns, but is cuckolded again.

I felt like an alpha male for the first time in my life, and I chortled to myself over ‘Coup de gras’ - my witty play on words about the event... my triumph over Angelo and the splendid impaling of Suzanne. The “Coup de gras” was for Angelo, and a “Coup de ass” was for Suzanne - my sexy neighbor. Suzanne kept to herself for the whole of the next month. No more Lamborghini visits, no more...Read On


Like Son, Like Father

The perks of house sitting

My wife, Audrey, and I had flown in to Philadelphia, to housesit for our son and daughter-in-law. They were away at an old friend's wedding, and had left us in charge of our preschool granddaughter for three days. We had just dropped her off at her classroom with her backpack filled with her lunch, her snack, her art homework and a little conch shell for her to 'show and tell.' Getting her...Read On

Wife Lovers(5)


Binoculars on the Beach. Conclusion.

Robert is surprised on his return, his wife's new behavior, the happy ending

I recommend you read Binoculars on the Beach before you read this conclusion. It can be found under “Voyeur.” The next morning Robert was just about to leave for his walk along the beach, eager for another rendezvous with the woman in the yellow blouse, when his wife snapped at him. “Robert! Don’t forget. 10.30. Not before - you’ll interrupt my yoga. Not later, you’ll keep the...Read On


Host wife

A traveling musician’s dream comes true.

Some years ago when I was Director of Music at a junior college on Long Island, I was leading a tour of some of the smaller towns in New England with our 30 piece orchestra. We traveled in one large bus and stayed with host families in the towns where we played our church hall concerts. One hot evening, after a long ride up the I-95, we arrived in Watervale, Maine, and made our way to the...Read On


Our secret beach

Written originally for my wife, to set the mood for a sensual vacation. Comments welcomed!

Three of my top sensual experiences in life include: 1) Making love to my wife. I never grow tired of this. 2) Getting a full body massage at The Rubb Inn in San Diego where we live. 3) Going naked on a beach in Hawaii. This story combines all three. After two weeks of great sex at our time share on Kauai, my wife and I were spending our last day on the island at our...Read On


The sun hat

Greg finds a naked sunbather who wants to please her husband

It had been cool and overcast, and Greg could see from his ocean view condo that the beach had been deserted all day. It wasn’t until around 3 in the afternoon that the sun finally made an appearance, allowing him get outside to stretch his legs and take in some fresh air. It was a little breezy but warmer as he set off towards the west end of the beach. At the far end was a lone...Read On


The Sun Hat. Conclusion.

There's a reward at the top of the staircase; but there's one little problem...

I recommend you read The Sun Hat before you read this conclusion to the story. (It's listed under 'Wife Lovers') The climb up the private stairway was everything that Greg had hoped it would be. She led the way and he followed closely, two steps below, his face just inches from her jiggling buttocks which warmly smelled of the coconut suntan lotion she used. Even though they had...Read On