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I've just spent two weeks at the perfect holiday location. Great weather, excellent food, comfortable bed, pillows that don't feel like sacks of cement, polite people, dog friendly (I have two Border Collies) and no waiting at airports, no being seasick on boats, no driving hundreds of miles. I am so chilled out and have rediscovered my creative mojo! I walked 106 miles and grew a beard (really). Where did I go? I stayed at home and it was brilliant!

02 May 2011 13:44

Almost April and the first time I've logged on in ages - sorry - work has been manic! All this North Africa stuff causes increased workload for the boys who work in security! To all my friends in the northern hemisphere, welcome to summer time, to those in the southern hemisphere, chin up it will soon be Christmas! I'm looking forward to long lazy days in the sun and an opportunity to write a few more stories.

28 Mar 2011 23:51

I'm thinking "Where has this year gone already?" It's cracking on and I haven't had a spare five minutes to work on my new story! Never mind I have managed to book a shoot with Katy in April so that will be another true life story! Sorry If I have been a little picky about choosing my friends - I like to have friends who can share some of their creative abilities - I'm not collecting authors but I do like to feel that we can both benefit from a potential sharing of minds!

21 Feb 2011 09:19

I've decided to share some of my research images with my friends here on Lush. I write a lot about oral sex, that's because I'm an addict of giving and receiving. Given the choice you'll always find me going with oral - it's just so sensual and gets all the right body parts where they can not only been seen but touched, tasted, smelled and in some cases heard Oral sex is a treat for all the senses - in my humble opinion. I shall be posting images over the next few months of my research - the common part will me mine!

20 Jan 2011 12:15

Hi all, I've been away from the site for a couple of weeks, spending my free time playing guitar and chilling out. I'm writing a new story but it's a long one so will be some time before it hits Lush. I'm taking more time with this one - hopefully the attention to detail will have it gaining a higher score! Fingers crossed! My best to all my friends, I love getting your emails, keep them coming.

20 Jan 2011 00:12

Happy Christmas to all who pass through my profile page - and to all my friends on Lush. Have a lovely festive break and I look forward to publishing a new chapter or two in 2011.

24 Dec 2010 01:47

I'm thinking I'm glad this cold I've been snuffling with for the last few days is on the way out, I'm also thinking that the snow we had yesterday is going to hang around for a while because we're not going to see temperatures getting above freezing this side of Christmas Day. I think it's a time for keeping warm, staying inside and watching a good movie on the TV. Shame there are none - I guess that means I'll DVD it!

19 Dec 2010 03:28

I decided this morning to add images only for shoots that I've done since joining Lush. I don't really want to give you a back catalogue of my work and I also don't was to bore you with my pictures. I hope you enjoy the pics I post - the date format I use in the British version ie dd/mm/yy - just to save confusion across the pond. Have a good week all of you, I'm still writing the next story - short it isn't...

13 Dec 2010 00:08

Well there you are, I've been rumbled by a Lush reader as a fraud and a cheat - I didn't realise that the Co-pilot of a Ryanair 737 was not allowed to Taxi the aircraft from the runway to the terminal - how poor can my research be? Actually, not wishing to cast any aspertions about the good Captain's of Ryanair they do seem the sort of nice chaps who might just allow a co-pilot to taxi the aircraft to the stand. I can imagine a laid back Irish sort of attitude to such things. "It'll be all right" See comments on "I'll give..." to recognise the ramble! Writing the blockbuster now, hold on to your seats, this next one's up there with Edinburgh Tattoo!

09 Dec 2010 12:58

IT's so great to read my tales on the internet - thatnks to Lush for "having me" and for those of you who read them and a special thanks to those who leave such pleasing comments (and give me good marks) I truly appreciate it. Eastern European Promise (part 2) is a true story and the picture of the girl kneeling with the black background below is Jana. She had a number of wigs before any of you start wondering why her hair changes colour in my various stories. With a couple of exciting shoots lined up I'm looking forward to telling you all about some of what goes on in my life....

07 Dec 2010 01:18

Kate and the photoshoot really wrote itself - I discovered Lush about two days before I did the shoot with her and joined when I'd plucked up courage to write my first story. Actually it was probably reading stories on Lush that helped me build up my load for the shoot! Thanks fellow authors! Next shoot will be interesting - there are already twists and turns - could be a three parter coming up!

06 Dec 2010 01:33

I wrote Breakfast With Tiffany as a single story and then broke it in half for publishing on Lush. I have started a follow up (well I couldn't let the text be the last thing that ever happened between them now could I) and plan to create a number of stories around them both - I like the way the two of them interact! Any comments from readers would be very welcome.

05 Dec 2010 05:45

I never did get the tattoo, but Julia had the butterfly done and she's loved it ever since. I split up from Julia a couple of years ago so looking back it was probably not a bad thing to avoid the J - unless my next squeeze's name started with a J

04 Dec 2010 02:05