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29 Feb 2012 20:21

Cant say i expected anything. But it was a nice little thought. Guess its just a matter of everything working against me. I dont know.

06 Feb 2012 01:47

My stories no longer reside on this site due to certain "issues" with things. So If anyone is curious to know where to continue reading "Clair" stories, pm me for a link to a different site i can provide for reading them. Enjoy your nights

05 Feb 2012 15:10

Im laughing at how every time i point out errors in someone elses work, they whine about how i think im an expert at what i point out. The only expertise i have, is pointing out the flaws in everyone elses work in correspondance to their very own guidelines.

04 Feb 2012 11:56

Sleep loves to elude me.

12 May 2011 21:54

Sometimes being a nice person makes you a floor mat.....

19 Apr 2011 18:09

So i got three stories in progress right now. We have johns trip home, clairs fun after brothers gone, and a new set of characters coming in for a third set!

18 Apr 2011 04:53

Just got back from an awesome weekend

13 Apr 2011 12:20

Out of the job. What money i have left is what i have till i find something new.

11 Apr 2011 22:13

Some people i meet are rather strange. I guess i just attract those folks to me. Doesnt bother me. Jst means im on edge a lot. To those special people, keep it up.

09 Apr 2011 13:34

New pic up. hair got short all of a sudden, dunno what happened

02 Apr 2011 10:50

Dont know what to write next.

01 Apr 2011 21:40

Why is it the nice guy, the rare guy you dont see much anymore, is the one who gets nothing but shit canned and spat at, yet the abusive and the gang bangers get the best of the world?

31 Mar 2011 14:50

So i have a couple ideas on what to do, but im gonna leave it up to you guys to decide. Should i continue with clair for a bit, or should i go on with John and his 2 day ride home? Help would be greatful!

31 Mar 2011 05:05

Final part to clair and john finally up. Hope ya'll like it.

28 Mar 2011 14:38

im thinking.... "Why does work have to be a bitch all damn day?"