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Topic I'm beginning to think that sterilization of some people is a good idea
Posted 20 Jul 2011 18:01

This kind of incident only reaffirms the dangers of these kind of people running free. Society as a whole has been slowly degrading since a couple years after segregation fights. What you could learn in 5 grade 10 years ago, is now something a 10th grader learns. I find it rather insulting to human kind to have these kind of people constantly being put on the news. Stem the dead weight? There is a good chance we would stem so much dead weight that we wouldnt be able to function and live as humans. Every pool of life has its dead weight. You will always have a bad side to good things. Though i would admit, i would like to kill off certain dead weight to lighten the load.

Topic babe i love you because.....
Posted 17 Jul 2011 20:13

Baby i love you because no matter how much i fuck up, no matter how much time im gone, your still there missing me. You make me happy every time i get to talk to you.

Topic Do you rate other authors?
Posted 04 Jun 2011 11:01

I do rate most stories that I read, and if the story is less good, then I give a lower vote. Personally, I don't like to rate a 4 or a 5 if the story isn't worth more than 1-3...

Something I really miss on this site is honest votes and constructive criticism. As I am a writer myself, it is kind of disappointing to see every story being "really hot" or "totally amazing" as I know that's not the case. This includes my own stories.

Now, most writers here might be thrilled over the positive feedback they get, but I'm not one of them. All good reviews leaves me wondering if this site is just full of suck-ups. Think

It is full of suck-ups. Just look at the amount of horny guys giving great (as in positive, not honest or even constructive) comments to female authors. I've once received a private message from a guy congratulating an unnamed collaborator, because he thought she had written some parts of one of my story­. He was actually sucking up to her through me. That's very sad.

If the mods wanted to improve the site, they should make commenting mandatory on every vote, even the 4s and 5s, and authors should be asked to flag comments when they aren't constructive criticism. Voting on stories, as it is, is a joke.

As it is, your very right. But you also have to look at where your at right now. Lush is filled with lustful and horny people. Male and female alike. When they introduced the site as an "Erotic stories and Adult social network" site, they invited all the people who couldnt give two shits about any story so long as it had sex. Ive seen stories posted on here with bad grammar, no plots, and from start to finish, nothing but sex. So its actually in high hopes of which will never be given to think that you would get any useful criticism from anyone on this site.

As for me, no, i dont rate, nor do i comment on other stories often due to the fact it means diddly squat on here. :) I go to other sites for constructive criticism and useful voteings.

Topic Who on Lush would be the ONE AND ONLY PICK ONE you would want to taste!
Posted 03 Jun 2011 11:33

:D i feel special. On a likewise note i would choose chibi. There are so many to choose from, but she deserves first dibs!

Topic How Many Times?
Posted 18 May 2011 21:58

hmmm, well, on average, its about.... 14 times a week.

How many times have you had anal?

Topic Ask Me A Sex Question!
Posted 18 May 2011 21:54

Hmm, once or twice.

Ever slip while fucking in the shower?

Topic What Are You Wearing?
Posted 16 May 2011 22:55

black elastic basketball shorts. das it.

Topic One Word
Posted 16 May 2011 22:54


Topic Alphabet Movies...
Posted 08 Apr 2011 18:04

Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society

Topic "FORUM GAME" If Lush were a small town what role would the person above you play?
Posted 08 Apr 2011 17:41

The Casion's main event Magician

Topic What does the avatar above you make you want to do?
Posted 08 Apr 2011 17:39

o.0 go offroading

Topic Sexual Compatibility Test
Posted 08 Apr 2011 17:36

62% Aggressive and 63% Sensual!

Right there in the middle. Mmmm, I bet you can please just about anyone! You probably have quite a bit of experience but you're not quite assertive enough to be overly Sensual or Aggressive. You can go any direction and adapt very well to your partners and you thoroughly enjoy your sex life. You might want to try some new things to see which way you might swing. Even if you don't, there are plenty of people out there who could use your loving (and probably have)! More than likely you'll find a lot of matches out there when you compare test results! Give it a try!

Topic Would you marry the person above you for sex?
Posted 08 Apr 2011 17:20

my honest answer would be yes, lol, but my respectful answer would be no as i just wouldnt be able to bring myself to marry for sex

Topic Alphabet Movies...
Posted 08 Apr 2011 17:15

Death Race

Topic I am naked because .....
Posted 08 Apr 2011 17:13

Because im a northerner by birth and this heat wave is melting me

Topic Alphabet Movies...
Posted 08 Apr 2011 17:06

Bicentennial man

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 08 Apr 2011 17:03

Cut by Plumb

Topic Things that cheer you up
Posted 08 Apr 2011 16:59

coming home to new stories to read.

Topic What Are You Wearing?
Posted 08 Apr 2011 16:53

nothin but elastice basketball shorts.

Topic Avatar above you
Posted 08 Apr 2011 16:51

hmmm, shiney

Topic What's the best bumper sticker you have ever read?
Posted 08 Apr 2011 16:34

Driving home today, i saw a co worker with this on her bumper.

"Quit staring at my ass, Or i'll make you touch it."

I thought it was hilarious.