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Thinks going well in Miami. Played with "Intransigents" for Mardi Gras. Played violin, sang, played rhythm tambourine and rocked and the house down when i danced the "Charleston". Been asked to join the band... 3 encores and fan club waiting for me as I exited stage. Got 2 other gigs from this one....How cool is this to be a rocker at 63.......

25 Feb 2012 12:09

HAPPY FAT TUESDAY TO ALL...I'm playing at the Fish House in Miami, tonight with my boyfriend's band New Orleans style jazz...Everyone enjoy Mardi Grad

21 Feb 2012 14:24

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13 Feb 2012 17:09

enough teaching u guys how to cyber....The master is copter 106...... He rocks my world...

13 Feb 2012 17:08

Lesson 2 men....When u see a woman cumming, you need keep telling her in detail what you are doing to her. "Cum baby" doesn't work. Try... "my tongue/dick is as far as I can get in your pussy. I'm hitting your Gspot/back wall. I keep pushing it in farther (as she is pushing her hips on your tongue/dick). My tongue/dick is so hard. So far in" Get the picture. At this point she may already be in another world and rally may not hear you, but keep the talking going while she cums. And..she will let u know when to pull out. Or just let it fall out by itself. That in itself can make her cum again while it is falling out.

13 Feb 2012 11:28

When are u men (and I say that loosely) going to learn how to cyber with a woman..Everyone in chat rooms wants to go private but can't carry through with the job at hand...When u start typing, don't expect the woman to type back. Remember the woman;'s pleasure is paramount.. Which means she cums first, NOT YOU!!!!. Tell her to lie back and relax and just read. You work on getting us off and when we do, we will let u know....and then, we an take care of u if u still need it. So many of you cum immediately and then can't take care of us. THE NAME OF THE GAME IS THE WOMAN. Remember that. I've only had one man know what to do, fisherman6205... nice job. Tomorrow i will give u guys another lesson on pleasing a woman.. and please listen to what I am saying

12 Feb 2012 23:13

Jennifer's Birthday Paddling... an amazing story...One of the best on here.... Wow!!!! Someone spank me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 Feb 2012 16:32

I'm thinking, I'm fuckin horny and no one to play with.....damn that sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 Feb 2012 11:53

Sheriff went home..Now I'm alone with no one to play with.....(sad face)

10 Feb 2012 08:37

The sheriff is in town and he just laid the law down....I'd better be ready after the game. I coyly asked him "ready for what?). He turned me over his knee and spanked me.....Damn did I get the message...Cant' wait for the finale.......

05 Feb 2012 12:35