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As a married man on the wrong side of fifty; mature , thoughtful, respectable figure, I certainly should not be on such a site as this.
The temptation was too much to resist; so I ventured cautiously, eyes popping, chest thumping, hands shaking to see what jems I might uncover.
The anonymity of the internet covers me, but to set fellow travellers minds at rest regarding my character let me add a few of my own inviolate rules.
I do not harass or stalk anyone. I attempt to abide by the rules of the site so far as I am able.
My purpose is to read and surf and enjoy the sexual freedom it gives me . I'm not looking to meet anyone or form a liason but I'm quite happy to exchange views.
Im not a great believer in sexual labels having experienced a huge range of types throughout my life and being aware that people change as life goes on.
Sex is certainly not the be all and end all of living, anymore than money is, but they are both vitally important and ignored at our peril.

03 Nov 2012 07:26