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Topic should women be allowed to be topless in public?
Posted 17 Jan 2013 03:44

No lets keep our clothes on in public. Grey areas such as beeches, parks, quiet places should be judged on there own merits.

Topic Where are all the aliens?
Posted 12 Jan 2013 13:33

The statistical part @ danielle

life is resilient, look at archaebacteria at the bottom of the ocean at sulfur vents, or ice worms in Alaska that thrive in cold temperature. life is possible on at least one planet.

Say.... 1/10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 have life, what are the odds that only that single planet has life. If it happened here it can happen on any planet that meets the same requirements for life we have. So it's more likely there are more planets with life than the opposition of only one planet out of billions+ having basic life. and that's just counting carbon based life, they're could be other organic compounds that don't work here but thrive in different environments we'd call hostile.

The fact we exist at all is proof enough for me.

I doubt very much if any other elements than carbon can be the basis of life. Carbon alone forms long chain compounds which is the fabric of all living creatures. How these longchain molecules arise is very difficult to expalin since without the driving force of life they will tend to break down into simpler molecules.

Topic Where are all the aliens?
Posted 12 Jan 2013 13:26

The truth is we all wish desperately there was life out there and keep telling ourselves their is. Life has evolved by an extraordinary sequence of chances which makes it extremely unlikely that it could happen twice. Intelligent life is even more unlikely since it involves the apperance of self consciousness another remote chance.

I believe we are alone but because of enormous distances we can never know if this is true.

We have resulted after four and half billion years, almost a third of the life of the whole universe from the start of the big bang.

As yet there is no known mechanism to explain the apperance of life on the earth.

The complex molecules involved such as proteins and polypeptides are difficult to explain let alone the incredible double helix of DNA.

Topic Abortion and the Death Penalty
Posted 26 Dec 2012 06:56

Pose an impossible conundrum and ask for a rational discussion. No thanks.

Topic Royal Nurse Commits Suicide After Prank Radio Call
Posted 09 Dec 2012 10:17

She was one of those hypersensative types who sets herself very high standards and this incident sent her over the top. The lesson is its best not to mess around with anyone you don't know, then you can't go wrong.

Topic Socialism an illusion or the real solution?
Posted 26 Nov 2012 10:52

The human world does not operate on a political system; it obeys the discovery made by Darwin called survival of the fittest. Civilisation attempts to rule this basic instinct and fails. Conceited humanity refuses to believe that its actions can be explained by such a theory since it is far above the animal world.

Topic are human beings natural monogamist or just a social imposition?
Posted 26 Nov 2012 10:38

Im torn on this subject, i would like to believe that yes humans are monogamous and me for most of my relationships have been, but the truth is that if you spend 40 years married with the same person, i think its only logical that along all those years you will find someone that you connect with other than your partner.

So what do you think? are we designed to be monogamous or is it just because thats the rule of society?

Don't like the word designed, perhaps you slipped it in unconciously. We behave in such a way as to give our genes the greatest chance of immortality. Marriage and civilisatation are at odds with this natural aim but they never quite suceed in stamping out the beast in man.

Topic Describe yourself in one word
Posted 19 Nov 2012 11:58


Topic What is the most important "life lesson" you have learned?
Posted 17 Nov 2012 02:27

The most important thing I've learned is that you have to make your own luck. In the end it doesn't matter if you're born rich, poor, ugly, attractive, smart or stupid. You have to take the hand that was delt to you and play it the best you can. I've seen rich people end up homeless and poor people end up millionaires. Get out of the mentality that other people and your bad luck affect you because that's not the case. You alone hold your life in your hands. Only you can hold yourself back.

While it is true we must all take the hand that is delt to us, some of us are delt terrible hands and find ourselves in grim circumstances. This is where what you mention as luck has a part to play in what happens to us.

So I would amend your statement: Endeavour to make the best of your circumstances.

Topic The American Dream...
Posted 15 Nov 2012 07:12

Freedoms wonderful as long as they keep the others under control.

Topic "The story must have an ending?"
Posted 14 Nov 2012 11:18

Sounds as if your suggesting the story should have a moral instead of being just a dirty turn-on tale.

Topic How do you pick which story on Lush to read?
Posted 14 Nov 2012 11:15

I think most choose a category then its pretty random just like taking a brightly coloured book off the shelf. What amazes me is the amount of stuff some authors have written. I don't complete what I don't like but move on; sometimes two or three times.

Topic Popularity
Posted 13 Nov 2012 00:43

Authors write in the expectation of being read. Its most unlikely they would write on a desert island. Some hope to leave a legacy after death has silenced them forever. Words are our one way of getting at the future we will never see.

They enable the unlovely and the unattractive to enter the realm of desire. Fat unwholesome men, old ladies well past their prime, can in their imaginations be young studs or sex crazed beautiful young women.

But when the chips are down I would rather be popular between the sheets than between the pages.

Topic The Shortest Poem I Ever Wrote
Posted 10 Nov 2012 13:57

'Poetry used to be an art form requiring talent and hard work. There were various conventions, such as meter or rhyme or diction, by which a poem could be distinguished from prose, but they have all been abandoned.

Nowadays, most poetry is ordinary work-a-day prose arranged in arbitrary "lines" and meaningless pseudostanzas, and all it takes to constitute a poem is the bald declaration that it is a poem.'

This speaks volumes for me but many modern poets would be very upset.

'Twas brillig and the slithy toves,
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:

This is nonsense but wonderful and very famous poetry.

Topic The discrimination of fathers in erotic stories.
Posted 10 Nov 2012 13:48

An interesting point which could easily be extended. How about husbandlovers ? I think it shows the large difference between men and women in the sexual realm.

Topic Teacher convicted of sex with 18yr old students
Posted 10 Nov 2012 13:43

She should no longer be allowed to teach, but to send her to prison is outrageous.

Topic Number of athiests on the rise
Posted 07 Nov 2012 08:14

What people call themselves or what they are labelled matters very little. What matters is how they treat other people.

Topic Duchess Catherine photographed topless...A breach of privacy?
Posted 07 Nov 2012 08:08

Without media all celebrities are dead in the water. The media won't expose what you want exposed simply because that has very limited interest and won't boost their sales. So those who want to be known can't have it both ways.

Beware if you want to be famous you may well turn out infamous.