deep-sea-of-green's Blog Entries

19 Mar 2014 19:18

Looking for a slave to own. Message me if interested. Ill explain all details then.

03 Mar 2014 20:26

Phone sex?

11 Feb 2014 17:40

need to vent to someone, anyone...

05 Dec 2013 18:55

Phone sex??

06 Sep 2013 20:58

Anyone wanna call and talk?

03 Aug 2013 22:14

Does anyone ever just call a friend and talk anymore? Wish someone would call to just have a nice normal conversation

29 May 2012 05:30

i like pie

28 Apr 2012 03:08

Need a phone sex partner u in?

14 Feb 2012 21:04

The caretaking of heart is a delicate art because its paper thin. I wish the pain could go away and I could do something to makes you stay. It makes me wonder if true love exists. I don't know how I will persist on without you.