Our night together

My night with Lucy

We met in a bar after I noticed her sweet smile from across the room. As we meet at the bar I offer to buy her drink. We nervously chat and sit down together. As we chat our hands touch for the first time under the table and I feel the excitement for the first time. We leave the bar and walk down by the river, holding hands until I pull her in to me and kiss her, soft and gentle before...Read On


The office girl's suprise

Tamsin was the new girl in the office and she was clearly shy. Unlike the other girls who splattered make up all over their faces and spent hours on deciding which dress to wear, Tamsin was rather plain. Her typical outfit was a smart suit. It became very clear very quickly that she felt very awkward in the new environment, so I thought I'd try and help her settle in. Over the next few weeks...Read On