Group Sex(1)


Alex's Houseboat Surprise

Hunter's Surprise trip fulfills one of Alex's darkest fantasies

I scrunch up my nose in a half-hearted attempt to raise the silk blindfold enough to catch a glimpse of my surroundings. As tempted as I am to peek, I am also intrigued at the prospect of a surprise. Hunter laughs, gently tugging the blindfold back into place. “You had better behave yourself, Alex. You will certainly love your prize if you are patient and cooperate. Now, we are going to go...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Alex's Kink

Hunter explores Alex's abilities...

Hunter rolls off of me, landing in a panting heap by my side on the bed. I close my eyes, attempting to catch my breath, stretching my limbs as the last ripples of my orgasm subside. I sigh softly, curling into him, making a nest on his shoulder. His arm wraps loosely around my glistening naked body, his breathing slowing to a more normal pace. My still trembling hand hovers on his chest, and...Read On



Alex's Audition

I awaken slowly, the soft light streaming through the curtains warming my still-closed eyelids. I sigh contentedly as I recall the events from the night before. I stretch my neck slightly, feeling the dried cum cracking on my soft skin. Patrick loves my hot, wet mouth almost as much as I enjoy being the masterpiece he paints when he unleashes spurt after spurt of steaming hot, sticky cum all...Read On