delishdani's Blog Entries

26 Nov 2011 16:52

I hate when people on lush get seriouse attitudes. Lighten up!!

19 Nov 2011 17:37

Well, this past week has been terrible.

12 Nov 2011 06:15 go read it!

08 Nov 2011 15:13

OMG! Do not open a Chat window with "M 20 US" Guess what? I dont care. If you dont have anything intresting to say, please dont waste my time!!!!!! Ugh!

07 Nov 2011 18:19 i absolutly LOVE this song.

07 Nov 2011 13:45

So, im trying to decided if i should post my daily outfit choice for a week and see how it goes.. what do you all think?

06 Nov 2011 13:02

Hi everyone!

02 Aug 2011 13:29

If you open a chat box, have something intresting to say!!!!!