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Topic What's the weather like where you are?
Posted 09 Dec 2014 16:33

Cold, wet and the threat of gail force winds in the next few hours, holding tight!

Topic Free GOLD memberships x 3 - a really difficult competition.
Posted 22 Nov 2014 01:47

9 please

Topic Why are civilians being killed in Gaza?
Posted 24 Jul 2014 21:20

Firstly, i am not one to normally get to into world politics, however a friends passion on this issue has had me reading up on it a fair bit, and I agree with a lot of DD comments, both regarding the actual attacks and further regarding the media coverage Israeli world dominance, with several high level celebrities having to have had to withdraw there comments on the issue due pressures from above.

To put this into perspective, last Saturday there was a march in london that is extimated to have had over 100,000 protestors marching in protest against the israeli attacks and also the bias coverage by the BBC. The protestors marched outside the israeli embassy, 10 Downing street (calling for a reaponse from the PM David Cameron) and the BBC.

Despite the numbers of protestors and the size of the March being most certainly big enough to hit any headline news, the BBC gave it a mere 10 line coverage on the website and Mr Cameron did not even comment.

Now what i have recently learnt is how badly the palestinians are treated in gaza, and how the gaza strip is regarded as an open air prison as they live under seige, this comes from reading articles from both a jewish and palestinian perspective and I agree with a comment earlier here that it is important to distinguish between Israel and Jewish people, as there are many jews who are very active in protesting against the state of israel and these attacks all over the world including inside Tel Aviv. So i dont recognise this as a war between religions but more so as somebody put it, between Israel and Hamas.

Putting aside the regarded illegal israeli settlements etc, as i am not totally versed to this.

My view on many of the comments raised here is based on simple logic:

There is a lot of justification of the attacks being put down to 'hamas using civilians as human shields' 'hiding and firing rockets from civilian places' etc. However, how many of the bombed civilian areas, places, buildings and hospitals actually proved to have sheltering Hamas Artillary?

What is the justification of shooting down four boys playing football on a beach in front of world leading journalists who were openly prevented fron airing the witness acounts on the respective media channels?

Overcrowded UN shelter is reported to have been bombed today? As was a UN school in a previous attack a few years ago? Are we accusing the UN to be siding with Hamas? Or is this simply barbaric genocide which can not be denied despite Israel international alegiance with the US and High network Media influencing powerhouses?

Surely, the UN resolution vote yesterday, which clearly showed in favour for the un to investigate against Israeli war crimes, shows the genral world opinion. Again despite Israels powerful world allegiance, only one country (and it had to be israels biggest ally) voted in favour of Israeli attacks, with 29 countries voting against and 17 abstaining.

I agree to the example used above to the IRA conflict here in the UK

Innocent lives are being taken and these of people who have already lived a very belittled life under occupation. In my opinion the attacks can not be justified and both sides have a right to defend themselves but blaming each other for firing rockets leads us almost to a 'chicken and egg' situation, the world needs to act and stop this genocide.

The onus here needs to be on the level of attacks and the number of children and civilians being killed.

I leave you with the following report from Channel 4 (Its UK terrestrial chnnel), however be warned i find some of the reporting very disturbing, Lets all hope for world peace and i hope that this conflict is atleast put to rest if not reaolved very soon

Now wheres my 'Make Love Not War' T shirt.

Topic Guys, what are your thoughts on giving 'golden showers'?
Posted 28 Jul 2013 07:32

Although this is somthing I havent really experimented with in real life, its definitely a recent kink / fetish I seem to have developed and have fantasises about it a lot lately and have played it out in a few of my cyber sessions on here......... The ladies seem to have recieved to it very well and i would if anything they found a real turn on.

However, it is important to note that it is the whole peeing whilst penetrating thought that really turns me on, i love girls who squirt and i love licking away down there during and after they have squirted, so am turned on hugely by the whole messiness, naughtiness and the feeling of raw sex of this, picturing the wetness etc ..... And not by the whole humiliation take on this. Would definitely be open to chat more about this to any of you ladies out there interested.... As it realy is my big current kink at the moment.

I dont really have a thing to pee on my partner whilst having sex but more to pee inside, especially during anal. However if i was asked too, i would probably go along with it please the lady rather than really enjoy it.

As for peeing whilst hard, i have done it before myself as mentioned by somebody earlier, often wake up hard and need to wee.

Finally, i have also had previous partners who have asked to watch me pee, but again i think this was more out of female curiousity as to the workings of the cock.

Topic Should I fuck my black flirt?
Posted 26 Jun 2012 17:58

Just dont forget to tell us all about it! . . .lol

Topic What song(s) turn you on?
Posted 21 Jun 2012 00:52

Doin it - LL cool J

Rock Witcha. - Bobby Brown

Topic how many people from uk
Posted 06 Apr 2011 16:29

North West ...Manc /Lancs area