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Topic If a guy wants to give you a BJ, what will be your reaction?
Posted 09 Nov 2013 16:19

Yes and would return the favour

Topic Do you shave your cock clean? When did you start?
Posted 02 Nov 2013 17:06

I've been shaving mine since 2000 and would never go back to a hairy one

Topic If you COULD suck your own dick....?
Posted 02 Nov 2013 08:08

Has to be yes

Topic If a guy wants to give you a BJ, what will be your reaction?
Posted 06 Aug 2013 03:43

Without a doubt the answer would be yes; after all a mouth is a mouth

Topic Guys who have had the SNIP, opinions please!
Posted 01 Jun 2013 06:04

I had mine done back in the 80s. Best thing I did because she was a cheating bitch, plus when I was free of her I could fuck to my heart's content and not worry about getting any of my partners pregnant

Topic Our Android APP is now on AMAZON - please show some love!
Posted 18 Apr 2013 15:31

Just tried to get this, but Amazon say it is not available because of "geographical restrictions", whatever that is supposed to mean.

Topic Where do you cum after masturbation?
Posted 07 Apr 2013 07:59

sometimes into my hand, then suck it clean, sometimes onto my stomach.

Topic Do you guys like to see butt crack?
Posted 27 Mar 2013 20:01

yes, on both sexes

Topic Blowjobs: Guys, do you like to suck cock as well as having your cock sucked?
Posted 26 Mar 2013 16:31

I've not managed it yet, but yes, I would love to suck another guy's cock.

Topic Men who like men: Top, bottom, or switch?
Posted 26 Mar 2013 14:00

Bottom mainly but I'll also top

Topic Can hiding your lush activity from your wife/husband/partner be considered cheating?
Posted 25 Mar 2013 12:00

I'd say just coming onto the site isn't cheating, but cybering with members of either sex, in my opinion is cheating

Topic Help...I've been arrested by the grammar police
Posted 25 Mar 2013 07:09

I have had stories rejected for grammar reasons when there was nothing wrong with it, except that I was using English grammar rules and not American. On the rejection, the person checking my story was American and didn't like how I constructed my sentences. When I challenged her, she threw her dummy from the pram and banned me from the site for 14 days. Not a very adult thing to do in my opinion. I did complain to the site but received no joy, much as I expected. 15 days later I re-posted the story, which this time was apparently checked by someone who understands English grammar the way we Brits use it and the story was duly published with no problem.

Topic Would you fuck a sexy Shemale?
Posted 19 Mar 2013 15:16