First Time(2)


This one time at diabetic camp

This is what happens when a group of horny, Type one diabetic teenagers get together

Too start off with, I am a type one diabetic and have been for 19 years. I don't mind being a diabetic for the most part. Do not get me wrong, having type one diabetes is a daily struggle but I would usually use it to my advantage. For example, I had a girl give me a blow job in my local high school because she wanted to 'make the pain go away', I would always get A's in class because,...Read On


This One Time at Diabetic Camp Part 2

horny teens realize the love for each other is too powerful to be stopped

You have to read Part 1 in order to understand Part 2. This story is 100 percent true, only the names have been changed. I wake up from my bunk bed still smelling like sex. I really do not care because I already lost my virginity and camp has not even really begun yet. I mean, we are only on the second day with 28 days to go. After I hop in the shower, put on some clothes and check my...Read On



F.U.N to the M.A.X Daddy

My daddy is going to touch me in ways I could never do myself

This story is 100 percent fiction That day was an exciting day for me. I was excited because it was my 18th B-Day party and my Daddy had a super, secretive surprise for me. He said it was something only I could do once in my life and he wanted it to be as special as possible. My Daddy was drop dead beautiful. He was 6ft 2, 224 pounds and went to the gym every day. Because of his workouts, he...Read On


Too Horny For Words

I need to have dick inside me

Too Horny For Words I was diagnosed with type one diabetes on August 28th 2010. I honestly don’t really care. I have my daddy who fucks me good to make the pain go away, and my boyfriend Josh, who fucks me in my ass just right. All I need now is a third dick in my mouth for I can have my own three car garage. Unfortunately, my blood sugars run in the 300’s which is high according to my...Read On



The Lust is Hot

We goin’ make good love all night

This story is 100% true that happened mid-December. Even though I am studying for my finals, I still need to get the car fixed, hang with friends and eat Wing Stop. Even though I did get fired from Wing Stop when the fall term began, I know I can get free food from there since I was very nice to the cooks, cashiers and the customers. I refused to cuss out the customers when I was mad and...Read On



I Have A Love-Hate Relationship with Spanking

I went from wanting to spank her to wanting to touch her

With the school year approaching, I was getting ready to go back to college. The college life is amazing: pretty girls, pretty girls and pretty girls. Let’s just say I like to date around. I can’t be tied down to just one woman, you know? My name is Bred Jakes. I am a 6’ 1”, muscular, light-skinned black guy. I live in a small apartment complex in Dallas called Sunset Apartments. I'd decided...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Nothing Except Your Tongue On My Young Body

This story is a foreshadowing of what might happen during the summer of 2013, while at camp.

A few years have passed since I lost my virginity to Starr. After all the puppy love we had for each other, Starr and I did break up on the last day of camp in 2011 due to her parents not approving of a black man dating their white/Italian daughter. Her parents would never understand our love, sex, and desire for each other, so we decided to leave it at camp. When I came back home, I...Read On