Oral Sex(1)


Upstairs N Down

Dedicated to the few close men who mean a lot to me. You all know who you are. This is a story about a man and his girlfriend of 15 years and of how things have changed between them. Staying with him out of convenience more than a desire to marry him, she had all but lost interest in sex other than missionary and loathe to experiment elsewhere outside their bedroom. Naturally he became...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Two Sides to Every Story

"Two Sides to Every Story" This story is purely fictional and was co-written by my friend and co-author, Alex999 Lead in sentence: When one romance writer helps another cure a hopeless case of writer's block, you know its going to be erotic. I'm Alex and my wife's name is Pearl. We both love to write erotic romance and, in fact, that is how we first met. From then on, even after...Read On