My Brother and I Get Closer: Chapter 9

Lust in the kitchen leads to a new experience

In case you haven’t been following along, my brother Tommy and I are lovers. We do it all the time, whenever we can find a place to be alone. Back then, we lived with our dad, who owned a biker shop and so we managed to find quite a bit of time alone. This part of my story happened just after we met another couple and had become close friends. After a night out drinking and a risqué...Read On


My Brother and I Get Closer: Chapter 8

Tommy and I begin the seduction of our new friends.

Tommy and I are soul mates. It is that simple. When he needs a receptacle for his love, I am his sure thing. Likewise, if I need a hard one between my legs, he is there for me. We are in lust and in love, despite being siblings. I adore his penis. I accept his seed wherever he wants to put it. In turn, he will lovingly lap it out of my pussy, or mouth, with his all knowing tongue and we...Read On


My Brother and I Get Closer: Chapter 7

Tommy and I plan our next conquest.

To recap my sexual life story so far, I was a frustrated senior in high school. My older brother, Tommy, was commuting to community college, but living at home. He was even more sexually frustrated. His girlfriend, Jennifer the volleyball goddess, would not have intercourse with him. So Tommy masturbated almost every night and I listened from my room through the thin walls. It was arousing...Read On


My Brother and I Get Closer: Chapter 6

Tommy helps me seduce his girlfriend.

My brother Tommy and I have become closer than most siblings. We fuck like rabbits, and now we brought his girlfriend into the act. Jennifer just didn’t know it yet. My brother and I were plotting her first lesbian experience. It would be my first too. I was attracted to Jennifer, and Tommy was more than willing to feed my pussy lust. I had gotten past casually thinking of her. I wanted...Read On


My Brother and I Get Closer: Chapter 5

Tommy feeds my fantasies.

“Diane, are we really going through with this?” My brother Tommy wasn’t horny anymore and began to second guess himself. I knew this would happen and just kissed him passionately. My tongue became a weapon. Our plan was to get his girlfriend, Jennifer, hot and bothered so she would let him undress her and go down on her box while I secretly watched. I imagined her magic triangle to...Read On


My Brother and I Get Closer: Chapter 4

Tommy and I hatch a naughty plan.

I am officially a bad girl. I fucked my own brother. Not only that, I loved it. We finally broke the sexual tension and had an intense love making session. We made a mess. We had sticky love juices on ourselves and all over Tommy’s bed. We had it in our mouths. It was all over my crotch area, matting down what little pubic hair I had. It coated Tommy’s gorgeous dick and there was even...Read On


My Brother and I Get Closer: Chapter 3

Tommy and I can't resist temptations.

After last night, I was certain that I wanted to screw my brother’s brains out today. But what exactly did he mean, “I want to do it all with you?” ‘All’ as in all the way, or ‘all’ as in other things? Just how kinky is Tommy? Whatever he wanted, I knew I would not turn him down. I could barely sleep after what we did. I didn’t want to brush my teeth last night so I could keep the taste of...Read On


My Brother and I Get Closer: Chapter 2

Tommy and I continue our intimate journey together.

Previously, I described that I was a sexually frustrated senior in high school. I could hear my older brother, Tommy, masturbating through the thin shared bedroom wall at our old house every night. It aroused me and I began to imagine things. I masturbated to his sounds. This cycle of unfulfilled near-sex drove us both crazy until we finally broke the ice and did it in front of each other. ...Read On


My Brother and I Get Closer

My brother Tommy and I get worked up over our sexual frustration.

My brother and I are only 18 months apart. We lived with our dad in a small house in the Midwest. I was a senior in high school when he started commuting to community college. We have always been close siblings, but my senior year we got a lot closer. I have never told anyone about this. Tommy and I had our own separate bedrooms, but we shared a wall. It was paper thin and we could...Read On