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Topic Kiss, Fuck, or Pass?
Posted 12 Feb 2015 23:12


Topic 3 words a man loves to hear a woman say...
Posted 28 Dec 2014 09:59

that is enormous
hurts so good

Topic Five letter word - change only one letter
Posted 28 Dec 2014 08:42


Topic Hug, kiss or ????? the person above you.
Posted 28 Dec 2014 08:06


Topic Would you slip into bed naked with the person above you?
Posted 28 Dec 2014 07:59

definitely would

Topic why do men always want to stick their cock in someone's ass?
Posted 28 Dec 2014 07:50

because it is forbidden by so many, to get it makes it that much hotter

Topic Are you a screamer or a moaner?
Posted 28 Dec 2014 06:31

The louder the better

Topic Boobs vs Ass Which in your opinion is better?
Posted 21 Dec 2014 11:28

both, does that make me greedy?