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Yes, I am a real nurse. No, I am not interested in giving you a sponge bath. My turn-ons are good grammar, good taste, and pleasant company. My turn offs include rude, obnoxious propositions to chat by people I don't know.

I'm rarely here anymore as I am living my life, but message me and Ill answer eventually. Perhaps.

My Collabaration with Delphi, winner of the Outstanding Series Award: Settle for Nothing (http://www.lushstories.com/stories/lesbian/settle-for-nothing-part-1.aspx)

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Dianna Prince
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Soaking up the sun, Florida, United States
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Reading, riding bikes(mountain bikes, road bikes, motorcycles), triathlons

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By volume currently is nursing texts...but I fancy reading anything I can get my hands on. My favorites, in no particular order, are Fiction, Non Fiction, References, and cereal boxes.
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Again, in no particular order: Stephen King, Terry Pratchett, Anne Rice, Ken Follett, Douglas Adams, Terry Goodkind, Dick Francis, Robin Hobb, George RR Martin, Tom Clancy, Edgar Allen Poe...
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I rarely watch tv or movies, but enjoy action and comedy
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a little of everything, with a preference for rock, EDM, and electroswing!


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Topic: Awesome Award 4/17/17: HeraTeleia
Posted: 25 Apr 2017 00:41

Couldnt be a better person to call awesome :*

Topic: What's the ONE thing you really hate to do?
Posted: 30 Mar 2017 12:22

fold laundry :/

Topic: Competition Story Winners
Posted: 15 Mar 2017 20:17

To answer B) as Liz said, it depends on the judges. some might prefer more traditionally scripted stories while others might enjoy stories that are wildly outside the box. there have been times when i've read the comps and fallen in love with a story that i know won't do well because it's pretty out there - that's my tastes speaking. that said, quality is recognized - if there's a gay story, for instance, and a judge isn't into gay stories, but it's above and beyond the rest in quality, they are impartial enough to rank it up at the top of the list.

hope that helps add some insight?

I can attest to this after getting 4th in the Supernatural competition (and the last one I entered actually) with a gay story. Most of my readers do not care for gay male and at the time there were NO RR's in the gay division, but it still did well , and is a story I am proud of.

If you want to improve your chances of winning work on your writing. Not just the erotic quota, but the more important part, the process of building a good complete story. Then really go to work on your editing skills.

Topic: BCAA's?
Posted: 15 Mar 2017 10:49

Just to reiterate because I'd hate to see you waste your money...

I hate to burst your bubble, but using BCAAs for endurance purposes is like buying a box of Cracker Jack solely for the shoddy surprise that's inside.

I completely agree that caffeine doesn't help with long term endurance. but it does have a place.

RE:the help when I bonked, it's well established that buccal routes are faster ways to absorb and utilize, plus liquids are digested faster. So the time it took to recover from improper fueling/bonk was much less than it would have taken if i had just taken a tablet(not something easily done on the bike anyway) and eaten a lara bar. Besides, I rather like the way the watermelon tastes and I end up hydrating better, something I struggle to do anyway. So the cost isn't terrible, $20/2 months or so and the peripheral benefits are useful, even if it doesn't make a perceptible difference.

Topic: BCAA's?
Posted: 15 Mar 2017 10:40

Hey Miss D: thanx for the baby food packet idea! 12 hour mountain bike race???!!!!! Now THAT'S impressive!!! I'd be crashing over every second pebble and tree root in the last half of that ride.
Have you tried melatonin to help you sleep? Might help with duration or quality of sleep but check out the potential side effects or interactions with other meds. Night shift wreaks havoc on the body's natural sleep patterns and I'd guess your schedule makes sleep a challenge. I use melatonin sparingly and have never noticed a negative impact on the following day's performance but then I am not at your level so a fractional difference may be more noticeable to you. Alternatively you may find Valerian Root helpful for sleep too.
Hope you meet and surpass all your goals, after reading your posts I'm dying to get out for a ride!

But how the hell did you find time to write all those EP's and RR's???

This is some footage of the trails I raced on(not race footage), ended up with a pretty sweet trophy for 2nd place female solo :D

I dont have a problem getting or staying asleep. My Fenix typically only shows a few minutes awake each sleep.(night? day?) Its simply time consuming to put the hours in training that are required. I get off work typically at 7:30 AM, drive an hour home, train, sleep by noon, wake up at 1530 to plank/squat/what have you eat, shower, dress and leave by 1730 to be back to work in time.

I havent written anything since becoming serious about my training. I simply haven't had the time :/

Topic: BCAA's?
Posted: 14 Mar 2017 16:24

Hi Dirty D: I'm not convinced BCAA's are the answer for flagging spirits during long rides but I've only used them as part of a weight training regimen. I used to ride 800km a week with many 5-6 hour rides. Are you eating enough during rides? I mean real food; fruit, muffins, sandwiches, chicken, rice, gorp rather than hi-tech gels or bars (I do use gels and bars too) I used to eat like a pig and never bonked. On the rare occasion I felt myself flagging it was always due to lack of food or water intake, usually at the 2 - 3 hour mark which suggests a link to depleted glycogen stores. I have never used caffeine for rides but try it and see what works.
You might also try new training routes or just a long ride with no HRM or cyclocomputer. Change things up, try something crazy. What do you think about when you ride, do you let your mind wander? Read everything fitness related you can get your hands on: nutrition, cycling, sports psychology heck even Zen Buddhism; I bet you find something that helps. I never found any one source in a book or a coach that was 100% 'on' in all situations. No offense to your coach who I'm sure is eminently more qualified than me but sometimes you have to find something new.
Sounds like you have a very demanding training regimen. How is your pulse rate in the morning? Maybe you are over-training? Do you have a rest day?
And huge hats off for challenging yourself!!!

I know where the weak link is. Unfortunately there's not much I can do about it. I work night shift, and typically get 4hrs or less of sleep a day.

I fuel rides with baby food packets (currently loving the banana/plum/apple and the blackberry/chia mixes), lara bars, and on rides >4 hrs ill add chews, Im pretty happy with the nutrition ive got going currently. I recently had a 12 hr mountain bike race, and felt good on nutrition, aside from a couple laps where I failed to fuel. That was operator error, cant blame the nutrition I carried but failed to consume :O once I ate it I came back feeling strong again but those bcaa's were a lifesaver there when I wasnt fueling as i should have.

Topic: What are you listening to right now?
Posted: 08 Mar 2017 15:25


Topic: BCAA's?
Posted: 08 Mar 2017 10:16

Why not ride with a companion? I do not mean just anyone. I am certain there are many decent people who would love to ride with you.
Even gypsies ride in groups.

Who says I dont, occasionally Ill join in a group. My coach however, is fan of solo efforts for ironman training. Besides, my training time tends to differ from most people who ride. In any case, flagging spirits has nothing to do with people, but the burn that starts to set in on long efforts. Caffeine helps.

Topic: Should The Think Tank be renamed to The Troll's Lair?
Posted: 02 Mar 2017 16:36

*you're* an antagonist

Nothing new there. <img src="/images/emoticons/eusa_shhh.gif" alt="Shhh">

Topic: Should The Think Tank be renamed to The Troll's Lair?
Posted: 02 Mar 2017 11:14

hey, if he's going to hit me with it again I'm gonna return it <img src="/images/emoticons/swordfight.gif" alt="Sword Fight"> <img src="/images/emoticons/evil6.gif" alt="evil4">

If you just actually walked away sometimes, it wouldn't bother you so much. Perhaps that comes from the perspective of lots of siblings. When one upsets you, walk away and forget it.

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Laying on my back, soft breathy girl's cries fading into the silence that had screamed your name earlier.  The branches blown against the window, beat as my heart slows its rapid cadence.  My fingers still fragrant from touching, while you rode the reverberance through the hallows.  Quivering muscles juxtapose the calm in my mind.  The darkness soothes my purposeful blindness.  Where you lay...

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You lay curled up behind me, warm breath fluttering past my cheek with each snore. Your arm grazes my hip and from time to time you move your legs against mine. It is the cuddle I crave, and it fills a need inside. Yet, it leaves me empty. I watch the TV that blares a random show; something dramatic, depicting characters that I don’t know, and don’t care about. Your breathing is rhythmic...

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Series Award Settle for Nothing, Part 1

“Bitch is about like tits on a bull. Fuckin’ worthless.” The redneck’s slurred voice carried to Jasmine as she poured his next beer. Fuckers . She swirled the glass in her hand, foam circling the edges of the dark liquid. Daring her. Smiling, she swished her tongue in her mouth, gathering a thick dollop of saliva, and spat in the drink. She swirled it once more, letting it cling to...

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“No!” Jasmine thrashed, trying to disentangle her arms from her own tank top as Randy sat back up. Her lover shoved beside her, grabbed the wheel, and slammed on the brake just as Jasmine wrenched a hand free to smack against the dash so she wouldn’t fall again. Randy palmed the shifter and maneuvered it back in place. She stared at the steering wheel, her face frozen. Unblinking. It...

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Randy awoke as Jasmine’s warm body lifted from hers. The ends of the girl’s blonde hair swept over her breast and stomach as she pulled herself into a sitting position. It was the first time she could survey her without the pixie knowing, the first uncompromised view she’d had of how she’d be when she didn’t know she was being watched. In her experience, those moments were more indicative...

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“I’m sorry,” My voice broke, “I love you,” I called out to the retreating back of my boyfriend of four years. “I love you too, but I’m not very happy with you right now,” His voice sulky, “I think it’s time you went home.” I silently and slowly gathered my things, remains of the dinner we had just shared. Dirty plates with their sad remains of lasagna sauce, the crusty ends of garlic...

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Guilty Pleasure
Guilty Pleasure

Patty Jo takes a stranger for a ride and discovers her dirty desires cannot be...

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