About DirtyMartini


Started writing stories in April, 2009 for another site...ended up writing 41 in the first three months, though I have slowed down a bit. Decided to bring some of them over to share with you Lush people here. Hope you have as much fun reading them as I had writing them.

ABOUT FANTASIES (Best read in order...thanks!):

NOTE: Not all of these are on Lush…if you want to read any that got rejected here, or some I just did not submit…let me know…

1. Jimmy Gets Replaced (04-21-09), Humble beginnings. When I first joined this site, I really did not expect to write anything. I figured I didn't have any fantasies that were not already covered a hundred times over. Then I thought of this fantasy based on story told to me by a former girlfriend...largely true, except the part about her losing her virginity on the same blanket. I thought it was clever but it really didn't get much attention. The next story was a whole different animal...

2. Morning In The Park (04-24-09) Audio (01-31-10), At the time I was on Fling.com, an adult themed internet dating site. On Fling, people don't Hotlist you, they make you their "Fling Friend". My first Fling Friend was a 27-year-old girl who liked to get tied up and had hair like Bo Derek in '10'. Her hair reminded me of rope. I figured there was a story here somewhere, so I wrote this. I am not actually divorced with a daughter, but jealousy of my daughter was the only thing I could think of to make this story seem plausible. I also knocked a few years off both our ages since I thought early 20's was the more likely age to want to try everything sexually...

3. Olivia’s Ordeal (April, 2009), fantasy is just that, fantasy. I know the young girl goes to jail thing is a bit cliche, but I thought someone should do it. I did a search, nobody had done it, so I said what the heck...I knew enough female ex-cons to make it somewhat realistic, and yes, most do hook up with the girls they met while away.

4. Getting A Raise (04-27-09), based on a recent event where I was out with another couple and the girl was without a doubt coming on to me. It did not go as far as this story, but I'm sure it could have. And, yes, I have done the toe thing.

5. Dream Job (True Fantasy For Men) (04-29-09), is exaktaly that, a fantasy for men. The idea comes from a common topic among men, that of a 'dream job', usually something to do with taste tester at a distillery or test driver for Ferrari, though I think this qualifies. This is my first stab at the humor thing, and may still be my best. I think every straight man has had this fantasy at one time or another. BTW, my name is not Alan Walters though my middle name is Walter.

6. Bang You Hard (04-30-09), was written in about five minutes. It was a spur of the moment thing which came to me as I was reading something semi-poetic by someone else. It was not meant to be taken too seriously-reminds me of something you would see on a restroom wall, but what the heck. The title is a slightly cleaned up version of 'Fuck Me Hard', which is a popular screen name on Fling.com. Since, at the time, 162 people had chosen that screen name or some variation on Fling, I thought the idea might go over well...it did.

7. Pete and Joe Get Laid is my second stab at humor in sex. I thought I'd try the humor thing again since 'Dream Job' got a lot of positive feedback. I have not tried all the things they try, but I have thought of it which I guess tells you something.

8. Carnival Knowledge (May, 2009), is a title taken from an episode of 'All In The Family' where Edith takes Archie to the movies to see Carnal Knowledge. Archie expresses his displeasure and Edith says,’ sorry Archie I thought it said Carnival Knowledge.' Anyway, I thought the title fit since the fantasy takes place at the Flemington Fair in Flemington, N.J. I did work there, though I was not a carnie. I did hang out and party with the carnies as I stayed there for almost a full week in a pop up camper. I did meet a girl there named Cindy in the same way as described in the story. The rest is pure fantasy. She was a year older than me, and I think I still have her love letters somewhere in a drawer. Those were the days before e-mail and text messaging.

9. Meeting The Parents (05-17-09), came to me suddenly as I was thinking about what some of my 'fans' might enjoy reading. I know bondage and public humiliation are popular. It was done quickly and I don't know if I am completely happy with it. I think there are some feasibility issues with it. Unlike 'Morning' say, where I could see where something like that could actually happen given the right combo of anger and lust, I don't know if 'Meeting' ever is really believable. But, I threw it out there, so let the readers decide...

10. Smooth As Velvet (05-22-09), should be pretty obvious as far as where the inspiration came from. It is true for me up until the chat with Linda, then it is roughly based on a conversation with another member or two...so...you know who you are. Keep in mind that it is half true, half fantasy...the first half is true. A few people seem to think it is all true...no.

11. Clubhouse (May, 2009), took me a while but I think it came out good. It is inspired by the clubhouse at the condo unit where I live. There is a girl there at the gym that I found myself stopping my workout and thinking about and there are all the things mentioned, but, once again, it is fantasy.

12. Beginner's Meeting (05-25-09), is another stab at humor. Don't even ask me if it is real or fantasy. I really just wanted to mention inflatable sheep and transgendered midgets in the same story. I made a comment on Trailsman's request for a story idea into a play.

13. Marital Duty (May, 2009), was inspired by a story written by another member (Quebec). It too mentioned one of the more unpleasant aspects of sexuality. It gave me the courage to tackle this subject. Someone mentioned it was good I brought up the guilt he felt. I tried to honestly describe how I would feel in the situation. It does end on a bit of a positive note, though. He does satisfy his wife, for the first time in what we assume is years.

14. SilkPanties22 (05-29-09), is an idea I had discussed with other members and they thought it had potential. The trick was to write about going under another screen name and not sound too creepy. That is why I did it as a humor thing. I think it worked.

15. Mathis James Reed (05-29-09), is an idea I have the utmost respect for. The idea of a stay-home-and-have-sex day is not new for me. The realization that the album 'Just Jimmy Reed' is the ultimate in sex on vinyl is relatively new, at least in the last couple of years. I do really recommend you buy, or at least listen to that album...really...

16. Book Signing (05-31-09), is literally about another member, though it is actually an old fantasy that got a new lease on life, so to speak. I would think the girl who writes children's books by day and sex fantasies by night would appeal to quite a few people on here.

17. Flight Lessons (06-01-09), is an old fantasy of mine. A variation on the common mile high club fantasy, this version allows me to make the statement about being the captain and we'll be flying at an altitude of 5280 feet. Of course the opportunity for puns about elevation and increasing altitude is always fun. Very sexy.

18. Happy I Went To Work (06-03-09), was inspired by another poem I had just read on this site. Like 'Bang You...', it came to me fairly quickly.

19. What Might Have Been (06-05-09), came to me after reading 'The Pick-Up'. It is like two or three stories in front of mine. There were quite a few poems in that 24-hour period, some of them good...this did not do well and I'm not really sure why...

20. The Window (06-10-09), is an idea I had for a while that took me weeks to get around to. It is a combination of two fantasies really. The first is observing a girl unnoticed and the second having a girl show up unannounced, though that has happened. I think it came out pretty hot...we shall see...

21. Lost Tribe (06-12-09), ahhh...I have to say this I am proud of this one...took me long enough to finish, I should be. This is, in fact, one of my ultimate fantasies. I'm glad it came out well, at least I think so...this was actually written to show another member that guys have submissive fantasies, but it really isn't very submissive, is it?

22. Mistaken Identity (06-14-09), is just something that came to me...no big deal, except it does point to the direction I started to take with the next few. When I first started writing these stories, they were just sex, then a few humorous things. This and the next few combine the two...a formula that seems to work for me.

23. Temp Job (06-15-09), is sort of a variation of the last one, again nothing special, just a little humor and sex.

24. Locked Inside I think is a fantasy every guy has had at one time or another, I just wrote it up. BTW, because I do get asked time to time, I don't think anything in this story is true. I made up the telephone business because I needed a reason to be where I was in 'Mistaken', so I just continued the scenario and added alarms to make this story work.

25. Cum On Baby (06-22-09), was inspired by stories by other members. The beginning, anyway, the end was written with audio in mind and was recorded as part of no. 18 before I finished this story. The idea of an exotic dancer dancing to Jimmy Reed's 'Take It Slow' is a fantasy of mine.

26. My Best Friends Girl (06-23-09), is another tale in the never ending saga of me and my imaginary friend Rich...hope you like it.

27. Nothing So Fine (06-23-09), was, as with the other poems, inspired by something that someone put up shortly before. I really felt there should be an ode to women's butts, as you girls are just so fine...

28. A Shot In The Dark (06-24-09), was inspired by recent events on this site, don't mean to scare anyone, but it is just something to think about. The actual event did not go quite as far as the story, but I think maybe it could have...

29. Addict (06-29-09), is just a common fantasy for a lot of guys...I just did it in a humorous way.

30. The Talk (06-29-09), is my fifth stab at humor. There is no real sex in it, so I consider it a humor piece as opposed to others which combine humor and sex. This just came to me quick while sitting around trying to get started on Hostage, which I have been putting off for a month.

31. Hearts Beat As One (06-30-09), is something else which came to me while I sat down to write 'Hostage'. It was inspired by the Bo Diddley song "Dearest Darling" particularly these lines; "I once had a heart so tender and true, But now it's gone from me to you, Take care of it like I have done, For you have two hearts and I have none."

. 32. =H=O=S=T=A=G=E=> (07-02-09), is a story that I had been putting off for over a month before finally writing it, probably because it is so complex. It is sort of an attempt to throw in a bit of everything, bondage, non-consent, public humiliation, even romance...hope you like it, because it sure took long enough.

33. I Wish I Knew was actually written years ago, I just dug it up for the heck of it.

34. Johnny And Mary (07-03-09), was something that just came to me, like everything else I guess. I think it has a real nice flow to it, very suitable for audio. It is not actually a true story for me though I'm sure it is for someone, somewhere.

35. My First Time (07-05-09), is really the actual transcript of my first cybersex experience. A couple of lines were omitted to hide the identity of the girl, but otherwise it is all there...it was a lot better than I expected. This is also the only really true story I have done.

36. Eve (07-10-09), is not really a true story. I came up with the idea of going way back in time after reading 'Kylar', a story another member wrote. I think this story appeals to both men and women both and judging by the response, I am actually right.

37. The Queen (07-13-09), is essentially a collection of mini-fantasies tied together by one story. It is a bunch of things that don't quite rate writing about by themselves but work together here. I think most guys have thought about all of them.

38. The Package (07-15-09), was an idea I got from the Poll of the Day feature. It contains the questions in the story.

39. Sex Fantasy TV (07-16-09), is another humor piece, no real sex. I think it was inspired, at least in part, by the Poll of the Day as was the last story. This had something to do with would you divorce someone if they were awful in bed. You can see how it went for these couples.

40. Velcro8 (07-18-09), was a suggestion by another member after a discussion about the new Member FAQ button which suggests we are addicted...don't blame me for this one.

41. The Review (07-20-09), is an idea that I offered originally to another member, he rejected it and I'm glad he did. I think it is a departure for me in certain ways, but I think it came out hot. I tried to change my style a bit after another member commented I don't express much feeling in my writing...how perceptive.

42. Young Lust, First Lust. Sweet Devotion (09-22-09), Lush ver. (12-20-09), This was my first effort after taking a bit of a break from writing. It is similar to my previous story in that it expresses a lot of feelings. Story is also completely true up to the phone call, after that it is a composite. Notice the colorful use of language. I had taken four pages of notes prior to writing this one of words and phrases I wanted to use. I think I used every one. This was modified for Lush Stories over 16 rule with the addition of a paragraph saying that we went out for a couple of years and the main events happened the summer after our 16th birthdays. The story originally happened two years earlier. Also a paragraph about some sixth grade groping had to be removed, but otherwise it is all there.

43. I Love Sex (09-23-10), was written as part of an “experiment” of sorts. A couple other male authors had created female personas and wrote some stories from a female point of view believing that they would get more views/votes. They may be right about that. I just had to join in the fun. This story originally posted under the screen name WetPanties.

44. Your Eyes (09-24-09), actually combines a couple of fantasies of mine. The one about that line in 'Norwegian Wood' leading to sex is an old fantasy. Never seems to happen that way. The other about a hot singer recording one of my songs is much newer. I put off writing this one for months because I was too lazy to write the song. Once I wrote the song, the rest was easy. This story has been getting incredible feedback both publicly and privately. I never could have foreseen that this story would be so well received. I would like to thank everyone for their continued support. It really is appreciated. It is why I do this.

45. Are They Happier Without Me? (10-01-09) AUDIO (10-02-09), another poem...sorry...This came into my head as I was thinking about the next story which I had already started. I think everyone has had these thoughts.

46. Is She Happier Without Me? (10-03-09), formerly called Second Time Is A Charm...I changed the name after the poem of similar name proved so popular, though I started the story first. This story goes back to an idea I had since 'My Best Friends Girl' which was more popular than I expected. I wanted to do another story about running into an ex after reading the comments on that story. The idea of running into her on the net was something I thought people could relate to. It was either run into her on an internet dating site or a sex fantasy site. I chose the former.

47. I've Been To Velvet9 (My version) (10-03-09) (revised for Lush with appropriate title, 10-27-09), came about because another member Babe (Quebec) was having a bit of a bad day and in an effort to cheer her up I wrote this version of her poem. She convinced me to post it, so here it is.

48. My First Fantasy (10-18-09), was written the day before I joined Lush Stories. It basically tells the story of why so many authors joined Lush around that time. We had some issues with the site we were writing for regarding copyright ownership. They were very nasty about it until all their top authors stopped posting their stories there. It’s amazing how something like all your top authors leaving could cause an attitude adjustment. This story was never meant for public viewing…I wrote it as a humor piece to “entertain the troops” so to speak. It is on one site though.

49. Going Down Slow (10-27-09), was written real quickly for another site. (actually this site, Lush)..They had a forum topic where people were writing erotic poems quickly and posting them. I did a couple and thought this good enough to post here...we shall see.

50. Two Unite As One (10-27-09), see no. 47 above...

51. Go Get Some (10-28-09), OK...see no. 47 again...

52. I Passed The Test (10-28-09), I hate to say it again, but...see no. 47.

53. Getting Help With My Story (11-02-09), is another story inspired by a recent Poll of the Day. The question this time was have you or a lover ever read each other a sex story. This is just my variation on the theme.

54. Dance Class (11-05-09), I'm not sure what made me think of this one, but the comparison between dance and sex is an old one...I just thought it would make a good story.

55. Merry Christmas, Baby (11-14-09), was done as a holiday story contest entry for this site (Lush). It was a chance to use some non-erotic poems I had written. Other members had been posting non-erotic poems, but I really didn't think it right to do the same...but, there is nothing wrong with putting them in a story, is there?

56. Incest Is Best (11-27-09), another one written for this site, Lush Stories, where incest is a surprisingly popular subject. This is really a cheap ploy to gain ratings on the site, not big on incest…maybe if I had better looking relatives...I know I am going to Hell with this one...

57. Memories (11-28-09), I was still in a poetry mode after the relative success of the last one, which was popular on Lush, as expected. I went on to write about six poems in a row.

58. Of This You Can Be Sure (12-18-09), is just a love poem that came into my head while working on the next poem.

59. I'd Do It For You (12-20-09), is an idea I had for a couple weeks. My poems do real well, especially on other sites lately, so I decided to write a story length poem...sort of combine stories and poems. This is the result.

60. Merry seX-mas (12-21-09), was written over morning coffee after someone here sent me a Christmas message. I was going to write back "Merry X-mas" but somehow it came out in my mind like the title of this poem.

61. I Often Wonder (12-21-09), another one of those things that came to me around the holidays. Holidays can be tough for me sometimes. I was in a bit of a poetry mode this holiday season, and they just sort of came one after the other...literally...

62. A Night To Remember (01-05-10), was the first of a series of stories I started to post under the screen name 67Goat. I had wanted to do a small series of stories set in a time before mine, so to speak, so I created a new persona. The main character is Gary, who is now 62 years-old. These stories are roughly based on tales I have heard from older friends over the years.

63. The New Year's Eve Dance (01-13-10), started out as 'The Christmas Eve Dance' but it took me so long to finish, I had to change the title. This story started out as the story version of the poem 'I'd Do It For You' and has a lot of the same sentiments, and a couple of the phrases. The holidays are a hard time for a lot of people and I thought this would be a fun way to treat the subject with the music of the seventies. A lot of the songs were suggested by member Honey, hence the dedication...I probably would have never finished it without her.

64. Size Does Matter (01-13-10), is the second post under my newly created screen name, 67Goat. I could have easily put it under Exakta66, but it is car related, so I figured my buddy Gary could use a poem in his portfolio. I was unsure about posting it on Lush initially, but it got off to a great start on another site, getting positive feedback from both guys and girls. It was actually inspired by a Lush forum post.

65. To My Wife (01-19-10), is the second poem I wrote from the perspective of an older friend, Gary. The new persona is known as 67Goat. He is currently a 62-year-old man. This just sort of came to me, but I think it has a nice sentiment…someone should like it.

66. Just Two Lovers On The Beach (01-26-10), is the fourth post under the 67Goat persona, but I guess that really doesn’t matter here. It was more of an arbitrary decision. I just got the idea of comparing love making to nautical references…the usual ship on the ocean, etc. This is the result.

67. Be My Little Whore Tonight (01-28-10), is another poem that came to me while trying to start my next story...it happens. As you can see, I got tired of writing romantic stuff.

68. A Family Reunion Chapt. 1 (02-05-10), is a story I wrote with Lush Stories in mind because of the popularity of incest stories. I would not have done it if I did not come up with the creative plot twist. I mean, does the world really need another incest story? Ok, maybe…but, this story asks the question “Is it really incest if you don’t know that it’s your sister?” Tough questions here…even tougher answers…

69. If (02-11-10), a nice, easy title to remember. Just another love poem that came to me while trying to get started on a story…happens all the time…

70. My Special Love (02-14-10), is just a poem I did for Valentine’s Day. It is also the 25th poem I have posted here…I write a lot of poems.

71. Is not on Lush Stories. Sorry…

72. For Dana (1966-2006) (02-24-10), Just thought of my deceased fiancé while visiting someone…so, I wrote this poem.

73. Rising Like The Tide (02-25-10), is the second in a series of stories written from the point of view of my older friend Gary, aka 67Goat. This story was written for Lush’s Earth Day story contest, it was not originally planned, but fit very well. Otherwise, it is just another sex on the beach story.

74. The Birth Of Our Son (02-26-10), is just another poem that popped into my mind. Again, happens all the time…really.

75. Sexual Healing (02-27-10), is a story I had originally started back in October after reading a story concerning death by another member (Quebec). I had started doing it in third person, but never finished because I really do not like to write in third person, but it was not my story. I just couldn’t write it as Exakta66, not sure why. Then when I created the 67Goat persona, I realized Gary was perfect for what I had in mind. So, it became another Gary story.

76. How Do You Know? (02-03-10), was actually written a few weeks before I posted it. In fact, I had no intention of posting it, but I realized that my 67Goat persona needed one more post to make the number one spot on the Hottest Author list on another site…so, being too lazy to write another story…I brought this out of hiding…

77. Though Seasons Pass (02-12-10), is something I was not going to post, but I needed more votes on another site to make their Top Author list…I’m not sure what the name for that behavior is, but it can’t be nice…

78. You’ll Never Know (03-02-10), was just something I thought of while looking outside at the snow.

79. Happy Anniversary (03-03-10), was written for 67Goat since he mentioned in “Sexual Healing” something about it being his anniversary…thought he should have a poem to read to his wife.

80. Love And Haight (03-03-10), was supposed to be the second 67Goat story but ended up being the fourth. It was one of the story ideas I had that led to the creation of Gary. “A Night To Remember” and this story were the only two I had planned. The poems just sort of happened as they usually do and the other two stories just seemed right as 67Goat stories.

81. Leave Me Hanging (03-04-10), I realized I had not done a poem about chatting, so I sat down and changed all that…yeah, it was that simple…

82. Master At Your Craft (12-27-09), was something I wrote a couple of months ago but didn’t think good enough to post…I changed a line and decided maybe it was…

83. A Family Reunion Chapt. 2 (03-09-10), is the continuing saga of Brian, his step-sister Marcy and the sister he’s yet to meet…yeah, right. If you think it can’t get much more decadent than this, wait till the next chapter. This series is doing surprisingly well on sites that normally hate incest stories. I think it may be because they probably contain the “Hottest” sex scenes I’ve ever done.

84. Healthcare Reform (03-14-10), is an idea that came to me while sitting in a doctor’s office recently. I know healthcare reform is a hot topic and I think this story has some good ideas. Started writing it as an E66 story, but changed it to a 67G story when I thought the “normal part of aging” issues might be more appropriate for Gary. Besides, Gary needs to lighten up a bit and put a little humor in his stories…I mean, after “Sexual Healing”…jeez…

85. A Family Reunion Chapt 3 (03-15-10), ah yes…Brian finally gets to meet his sister Laura. A little fun in the bathroom while the relatives sip coffee on the other side of the door. Don’t worry, if you think this story can’t get any more decadent, wait till Chapt 4. Oh, I think I said that last time, but this time I really mean it. Did I mention that this is my first multi-part story? Thought you’d like to know.

86. A Family Reunion Chapt 4 (03-20-10), the final chapter of decadence…this is also the first story where I really sat down and had to “wing it.” I never planned this chapter. I never planned the story beyond the dinner where Brian “meets” his sister Laura, that is why the rehearsal is barely mentioned in chapter 3. It only occurred to me while writing the previous chapter that I should probably include the actual wedding, since that was the whole reason for the trip out to Danville in the first place.

87. The Woman In The Blue Chair (03-22-10), was my first real masturbation story. It is not my first voyeur story, that would be “The Window.,” but I’d like to think the emphasis is on the woman in the chair. What I attempted to do here was to create something very sensual…the whole thing with her fingers stroking the fabric of the chair, the chocolates, the smoking which apparently is a fetish in itself. It’s something a bit different for a Gary story though, but I think it worked…Gary wouldn’t mind…

88. Only One (03-25-10), not much to say about this one, except it sort of came to me while watching wrestling on TV with some other people…so, I just sort of wrote it out on a piece of scrap…

89. Little Schoolgirl (03-26-10), originally posted under screen name BrianDamage, I really just thought Brian needed a poem and I felt this sort of fit the little perv…next poem will probably be about doing his sister.

90. Ode To The Lap Dance (03-27-10), well you know…Exakta66 needs his own poems and I had not been posting much, so this is really classic sex and humor…the stuff I like best, so it had to be an E66 piece…no idea where the inspiration came from, just another poem that came to me while trying to write a story…in this case starting the novel version of “Sexual Healing” which at this time is seven pages of notes and two sentences…wish me luck on that one.

91. Passions Deep (03-29-10), was just a poem I sort of stumbled upon that I had started a month before posting but didn’t write the last verse until the day it posted…happens…

92. Seduction (04-01-10), again just something that came into my head while I sat down and tried to write a story. At this point I am trying to start a novel, so it would not surprise me if a lot of poems get in the way.

93. Long Distance Love (04-01-10), just read the above…another poem that got in the way of me starting my first chapter of “Sexual Healing, The Novel”…funny, I chatted with another member the same day, and she talked about whenever she started to write a college paper, something easier would get in the way…tell me about it…

94. Thinking Of You (04-06-10), is just the response to the above…thought I’d try something different and answer my own poem.

95. I Married A Hooker (04-13-10), is just a fun poem I thought would be good for Brian…there is no truth to the story…

96. I Woke Up With A Fat Chick (04-14-10), is admittedly not very politically correct, but neither is Brian. Gary certainly would never write something like this. This is really just based on an old male joke about getting drunk and waking up with a fat girl. That joke has no doubt been going around wherever guys hang out for as long as there has been men, woman and liquor. In other words, for quite a long time. I think Babe (always the thinker) made a great point in her comment…maybe we should all be more politically correct and stop having our characters fall for men who look like young Adonis’s and women who look like centerfolds. Is this poem really any more exclusionary?

97. Peg Leg Peg (04-19-10), is something I posted in part to prove a point…the people seemingly most offended by the “Fat Chick” poem don’t seem to mind poems which poke fun at people with wooden legs. Funny how that works. This poem was actually based on a true story. I knew a guy who was going out with a girl with a wooden leg…and all the jokes about her holding up her stockings with tacks, getting termites instead of crabs, carving his initials in it afterwards…well, you get the idea.

98. The Best You Ever Had (04-20-10), is a big change from the last two…some would say that is a good thing. It is most definitely a Gary poem. Exakta66 would never have a girl walk out on him…but seriously, it is more based on things I heard over the years than actual experience, which is probably a good thing as well.

99. Nancy (04-22-10), is the name of a girl I met recently…she is very nice, witty, intelligent, very attractive and, most importantly, loves my writing…what she sees in me I have not a clue.

100. More Beautiful Every Day (04-25-10), is the second poem I wrote that was inspired by a Lush forum post, this time it was about women over 35. I’d like to think I captured some of the sentiments in the poem.

101. Please Tell Me That You Can Stay (05-03-10), is just something that came to me while sitting in the library waiting for Nancy…it was not written in bed, despite the rumors…

102. We Started As Friends (05-17-10), started life as another poem “Missing Piece” or something. It wrote the last two lines first and wrote a poem around it about searching for that “missing peace/piece”…I was never happy with it and didn’t post it. I got the idea for another poem about a relationship that evolved, so I simply re-wrote “Missing Piece” with the new theme…this is the result. I have to say I kind of like it…

103. Thoughts Unspoken (06-11-10), is a poem that I wrote for Nancy…she thinks I don’t express myself in words enough, and she may be right. At least as far as verbally. I guess I just express myself better in writing sometimes.

104. Lover’s Story (07-02-10), ahhh, I think I just got tired of writing romantic stuff again. Anyway, I think this may have been inspired in part by X-15’s “Made For Each Other” (posted on Lush under Older-Wiser13) and I did sort of skim through that story while writing this, though it may have been a delayed reaction since I read that story months before. Whatever.

105. Truly A Find (07-01-10), was a poem I had started weeks before and took me a while to finish. Was not sure I liked it at first, more the flow than the sentiments…but, it seems to be doing alright.

106. My Girlfriend Told Me She’s Gay (01-14-10), was inspired by a Poll of the Day question on another site, about how you would react if your lover told you they were gay…it was just written for fun.

107. Sleeping With The Enemy (08-03-10), is another old idea that got a new lease on life. It is actually based on a combination of two real-life stories. My windshield getting broken did happen late last year in a similar circumstance. I wrote this up in part to be used as a basis for a chapter in the novel version of “Sexual Healing.” It will form the basis of how Gary meets Nancy. (Update…it should actually be Chapter 2)

108. Accept Me As I Am (09-02-10), not really sure where this one came from. Just like to point out that just because I write a poem about breakups or failed relationships does not mean I had a fight with my girlfriend. Heck, if you read all my poems in the last year you would think my life was just one heartbreak after another…well, not quite…

109. Summer Fling (09-07-10), just another poem that really just came to me while thinking about the end of summer. I think the mention of the kids going back to school helped. I’m sure a lot of romances end that way, and a lot of people can relate.

110. You Can Believe (11-10-09), was originally posted on a couple poetry sites, and here as part of “Merry Christmas, Baby”…I just wanted to see how it would do posted here separate as a poem…

111. Halloween Surprise (09-17-10), was actually an unfinished story from last year that I thought I might of lost when my computer got stolen, but I had sent what I wrote so far to another author and was able to retrieve it from my “sent” message folder. The idea was to get input from a girl who goes by the name of Mistress Leah, since this is something a bit different for me…anyway, she got busy with school last year, so I just sort of winged it on my own this year in time for Halloween. I think it worked…

112. I Can Only Be There For You (10-07-10), was written for another site which was featuring poems for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The site owner suggested I write something, since I had written a few poems in the past, and this was the result. This was shortened from what I had originally written. I had written seven verses, but eliminated four of them in the final cut. I think it is much better as a shorter poem.

113. Alone Again (10-08-10), this was just a short poem I had written from some notes for a longer poem based on my story “Sleeping With The Enemy”…I had notes for that story which contained a lot of imagery I thought could be used in a poem. This is the result.

114. Life Is But A Journey (09-28-10), is a poem I had written but was not planning on posting it here or any other erotic story site. I had posted it on some poetry sites and it got a better than expected reaction, so I posted it here. You never know…

115. Let Me Be The One (11-24-10), was another poem based on sentiments inspired by my girlfriend Nancy…I think she is starting to learn that anything she says can and will be used in a story or poem…

116. Her Christmas Wish (12-21-10), was written for Lush Stories’ Joy Of Giving contest. It is also the first time I wrote a non-erotic version of a story…”His Christmas Wish” is really just the first 3300 or so words of this story. I had the idea for this one since October, but couldn’t start writing it until December because my netbook had been stolen and I didn’t get a new one until then. I started to think about my Christmas story just after I had finished my Halloween story. I recalled what had won the year before and thought of the most heart rending story I could think of. A lost child in a snow storm looking for his puppy would surely do the trick.

117. My Love Did Sometimes Wander (01-20-11), was another poem that I wasn’t sure I would post here, but it did well initially on poetry sites…so I said ‘What the heck…”

118. The Clicking Tease Is On Her Knees (02-13-11), is the first time I had actually put a member in a story or poem. I had used another member’s name before, but not really as an actual character. This was written for my FB/Lushie friend Kris, aka ClickingkeysTease…she loves it, btw…

Will add others as I get to it... Thanks for the comments and messages.

BTW: I shouldn't have to say this but I feel I have to after a couple of recent messages and comments. These are just fantasies. This is a fantasy site. Just because I think or write something doesn't mean I would do it or even want to. I take this site literally as a fantasy site, not a collection of stories of things I have done or want to do. Men often have fantasies which are violent or oppressive since men tend to tie everything to sex, even anger. Just because someone is capable of fantasizing about a violent or oppressive act, does not mean they are a violent or oppressive person. Thanks. Enjoy... Alan.

Alan W. Jankowski
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Right here on Lush Stories..., New Jersey, United States
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21 Jun 2018 06:27
Sex, Sex Fantasy, Fantasy
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Probably the Manhattan Yellow Pages...you can find anything in there...
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Varies from year to year...Let's say "Albert King Live In Sweden 1980"
Favorite Music:
Listening to some of the selections on here should give you an idea...my favorite guitarist is Albert King, btw...if you don't know why, listen to his album "Live Wire/Blues Power"...


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Topic: Club Zafia....
Posted: 15 Nov 2016 22:31

"If talk was criminal, you'd lead a life of crime...because your mind's on vacation, and your mouth is working overtime"...great stuff, RIP Mose Allison...

Mose Allison - Your Mind Is On Vacation


Topic: Club Zafia....
Posted: 11 Nov 2016 16:45

RIP Leonard Cohen...you will be missed...

Leonard Cohen - Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye (with Julie Felix)


Topic: Why Democrats Lost the Presidency
Posted: 11 Nov 2016 16:42

This has been a hot topic as of late, and trust me, over on Facebook and the like I've seen tons of posts by people who act as if their best friend died...I posted this over on FB yesterday, along with the link to the Guardian article...

Good article, and perhaps worth a read for some. I've seen quite a few posts by friends here the past couple of days that seem to be wondering how Trump could have won, and I believe to a large extent this article explains the attitudes of many. I can relate to a lot of it, where I differ with Trump supporters is that I don't believe Trump is the better alternative in this case, far from it actually. I also seen posts from friends here that claim half the country is "racist and misogynistic"...I don't believe Trump supporters are all that way by any means, though some groups are certainly. My mother, for instance I've mentioned before voted for Trump, and I certainly wouldn't call her racist since she did vote for Obama. I think a lot of voters were willing to overlook a lot of things, especially a lot that came out about Trump in the last couple of months, largely because they hated Hillary and what she represents...
I'm putting this here because I've seen a lot of posts from friends lately wondering how Trump could have won. I do understand it, and I can agree with the attitude of many Trump voters, and a lot said in this article. Where I do differ, as mentioned, is I don't believe Trump is the better alternative. Frankly I think he's batshit crazy, acts like a small child far too often, and generally lacks the temperament required for the position of president. I hardly think it's the end of the world though, as some here seem to think. Frankly I don't see him doing half the things he's said during the campaign, and I do hope there will be enough people around him with intelligence and stability to keep him in line...and hopefully prevent him doing something catastrophic like threatening to nuke China in a 3:00AM tweet...

Democrats once represented the working class. Not any more

I could add a few things today regarding Trump. He's backpedaled on a couple of things so far...no wall either I read this morning...as I've said before, I really don't expect much to change...I could be wrong, but time will tell...

I believe a lot of his rhetoric was designed to appeal to certain groups, which came out and voted for him...a strategy which worked well btw...it's been suggested before, but I'm starting to think that he's actually a lot smarter than most people think...

Topic: The Conning Of America...
Posted: 25 Oct 2016 22:16

This is as political as I'll ever get certainly...

The Conning Of America

A con man rolled into town,
With a funny looking wig.
Made a lot of promises,
Everything will be really big.

He claims he doesn’t like immigrants,
Says they cause a lot of strife,
But you certainly would never know,
By looking at his imported wife.

And he doesn’t like Muslims,
And forget it if you’re black.
And as for those pesky Mexicans,
He’s sending them all back.

He says he has a really big plan,
To cure America’s ills,
But you got to wonder about a guy,
Who can’t even pay his own bills.

He has experience in business,
His bankruptcies total four,
And with a temperament like his,
We’ll soon be in another war.

Spews a whole lot of hot air,
That he can improve the current state,
Never says anything definite,
But don’t worry it’ll all be great.

He wants to close the internet,
And the border to the South,
But if he’s going to close anything,
Please let it be his mouth.

Oh he makes a lot of promises,
And they’re all as fake as his hair,
And the saddest part about it,
Is his followers just don’t care.



Topic: Lusty Library refugees
Posted: 20 Oct 2016 22:35

I was on Lusty too for a while. It took so long for the stories to get verified that not a whole lot of my stories ever made it up there. I did get Story Of The Week once, with my story "Eve" which is on Lush, of course. And I had three poems that got some sort of acknowledgement...Poem Of The Month or something, but I think that was only mentioned in the newsletter as I recall. Yeah, it's been a while...

I just found this thread because I was searching for something related to Lusty...they had some thing going on for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I was trying to find it...can't remember what it was called, but I believe it was still up even after the site itself went down...

And I was Exakta66 over there btw...

Topic: Plagiarism alert
Posted: 01 Sep 2016 06:19

An update to my last comment...my name got added to the credits here..."Lyrics: Alan Jankowski & Lairdy333 - Special thanks to Alan Jankowski!!"...I believe it's on a couple of other sites as well, and he is cooperating....I'm happy with the writing credit on the song, that was what I really wanted, and I believe that to be in everyone's best interest...

Apparently that guy who posted the video, Ian A. McCauley didn't actually write or sing the song, he only played guitar on the track...so there was an initial response of ignorance, but things are working out as noted...and I told him to find out if any of my other works got used, and we can again work something out...so, so far so good...

Topic: Plagiarism alert
Posted: 30 Aug 2016 01:24

If everyone else's stories are on that site mentioned above, I'm quite sure mine are too...but I started writing back in 2009 and I pretty much lost count of how many times my stories and poems have been stolen a long time ago...

Here's an interesting one I came across tonight...a guy from the Netherlands took parts of my poem "Size Does Matter" and made a song out of it...read the first four lines of my poem here...

Size Does Matter

And if you don't want to click on it, I'll save you the trouble...it's a good poem btw...

"Size does matter, if you’re a car,
A bigger engine will take you real far,
Size does matter that’s understood,
When we’re talking about what’s under the hood"

Now...go read the lyrics on this YouTube video, and this guy was nice enough to include the lyrics...and note at the end where it says "Im a hotrod man ©2016 Lairdy333"...bastard...

There's a couple of other parts too...I have to admit it's kind of a catchy song...I wouldn't mind if he just gave me a writing credit here...I sent him a note through Facebook...we shall see...

I think this is the first time one of my Lush poems has been made into a song btw...


Topic: Where do you write and save the drafts?
Posted: 21 Aug 2016 09:46

Save them on a flash drive.

I don't trust flash drives...not for anything important...I've heard too many stories about them failing...

There's a multi-chapter story on this site that only exists because the author had sent me a copy to review...when he went to post it on Lush he found out his flash drive had failed...fortunately I still had his review copy in my e-mails...

If I have something important to save, I e-mail it to myself in Gmail...as do a lot of writers I know...

Topic: 25 Plugins to Consider After Creating Your First WordPress Site...
Posted: 21 Aug 2016 09:43

I do believe this one is worth taking note of...for anyone here who uses WordPress for their site or blog...

25 Plugins to Consider After Creating Your First WordPress Site

And if you're serious about this sort of thing, you might want to subscribe to Neil Patel's newsletter...I do, though I'd be lying if said I get a chance to read most of them...sometimes they do catch my attention though...

Topic: Plagiarism alert
Posted: 14 Aug 2016 22:38

Found yet another Facebook page that has tons of stolen poems on it...including stuff by Lush members...here's the page...

Inside Rahne's Marvelous Mind.

This poem, for instance...

Was written by our very own Green Man here on Lush...

Come Play With Me

There's quite a few more...I found five in just the last few days on that page...here's the form to report it to Facebook if you find one of yours...

Copyright Report Form

Any questions, feel free to ask...good luck...

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I Offered You My Heart And Soul

I wish it could be different, I wish there was another way, If only for the sake of your children, I would have liked to stay. I came into your life a few years back, When you were looking for a man, I’ve tried to help anyway I could, But I’ve done all that I can. Your kids took to me from the start, And they always called me ‘Dad.’ You even told me more than once, That...

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In Search Of A Young Spud, I Mean Stud

There once was a young gal, Who was so very shy, She joined a hot site, Hoping to meet a guy. It took her some time, To really get in the mix, She had to endure getting sent, Endless pictures of dicks. Until one day she got tired, Of being so all alone, She decided it was time for a change, So she picked up her smart phone. She typed in a personal ad, About how...

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For Our Love Is Eternal

Some loves may come your way, And captivate your mind, And some loves may touch your heart, With words so sweet and kind. But, your love has touched me deeper, More than you'll ever know, More than merely capturing my heart, You're etched upon my soul. A love that will forever burn, Like an eternal flame, And long after we both are gone, Our love will always remain. ...

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Paris Will Never Be The Same

I returned to Paris as in days gone by, Now that I’m here, I’m not sure why, For the city that once felt like home, Is a joyless place when you’re alone. I can’t help but recall the older days, Of sipping wine in corner cafes, Romantic dinners by candle light, That lasted well into the night. The walks along the river Seine, Huddled together against the rain, Hand in hand we’d stroll...

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Jimmy Gets Replaced

Nancy was just an ordinary young girl growing up in rural Illinois, for the most part anyway. She enjoyed the simple pleasures of country life and had similar hopes, dreams and fears as any young girl on the verge of womanhood. She wanted to be loved, and a chance to give love in return. Nancy wondered sometimes if her wishes would ever come true, if she would ever be able to have a...

Added 23 Sep 2010 | Category First Time | Votes 11 | Avg Score 4.82 | Views 13,857 | 3 Comments

Audio Story Morning In The Park

After nearly 20 years in a rather unexciting marriage and finding myself single again at the age of 45, meeting Joyce seemed a bit like a dream come true. She was a rather leggy 23-year-old with perky breasts only a woman her age could possess. Like a lot of younger women, she wanted to try it all, including being with an older man. I was only glad to help out. She said she liked my maturity...

Added 27 Oct 2009 | Category BDSM | Votes 40 | Avg Score 4.83 | Views 25,978 | 15 Comments

Olivia's Ordeal

So many things were going through Olivia's young mind as she rode in the back of the van. Though she was uncomfortable from the cuffs and leg irons digging into her lovely olive skin, this was barely a distraction as she replayed the recent events of her life over and over in her head. It was dark in the back of the transport van, and the twenty minute ride gave her plenty of time to think....

Added 25 Oct 2009 | Category Reluctance | Votes 20 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 62,127 | 8 Comments

Getting A Raise (From The Boss's Wife)

One of the positive benefits of getting a divorce after nearly twenty years of marriage was my newfound freedom. I had always wanted to move to the city but my wife was a die-hard country girl. During our marriage we compromised by living in the suburbs. Now that I was single again I had the chance to move back to the city where I could take advantage of the seemingly unlimited singles bars...

Added 23 Oct 2009 | Category Wife Lovers | Votes 29 | Avg Score 4.93 | Views 33,859 | 11 Comments

Dream Job (Everyman's Fantasy)

The California Board of Education meeting once again ran late into the night. The stale air became stifling in the August evening, as the air conditioning units had been shut down over an hour ago. Tempers started to flare, as discussions had become as hot as the California sunshine. Arguments were heard and heard again with no end in sight. "Look," said the chairman flatly, "we have to find...

Added 20 Oct 2009 | Category Humor | Votes 30 | Avg Score 4.68 | Views 23,016 | 9 Comments

Bang You Hard

I want to bang you, bang you strong, My cocks so hard, wide and long. I want to bang you in the night, Bang you hard with all my might. I love your scent as you lie in bed, I love the way you give me head. With breasts so firm and pussy tight, I'll bang you hard with all my might. I'll bang you firm my little one, Bang you again when I'm done. Don't try to resist, don't try to fight, I'll...

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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
16 Mar 2018 00:20

Merry Christmas, Big Shooter.

I know you'll enjoy this anyway. http://thewvsr.com/fartads.htm
28 Dec 2017 10:52

I miss you.
27 Nov 2017 04:59
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
16 Mar 2017 00:20

Sail away, Alan
15 Mar 2017 21:54
Rest easy, Alan. You will not be forgotten.
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Alan, you'll be greatly missed around here. Your poetry and writing will live on.

14 Mar 2017 18:41
A poetic genius has entered the gates. RIP Alan.
14 Mar 2017 17:00
Rest in peace, my friend.
14 Mar 2017 15:19

You will be misssed...
'When a child dies, the whole world Cries'
-Alan Jankowski
14 Mar 2017 13:59

So sad to hear of your passing, your memory will live on through your beautiful poetry... Rest in Peace x
14 Mar 2017 13:42

So sad to hear of your passing. You were funny and your work will live on. I will miss your personality and your beautiful poetry. You were one of the first poets I read on Lush Stories. Rest in peace......xo

14 Mar 2017 09:56

I will miss you my friend and loyal conspirator 💙
14 Mar 2017 09:30

Have a great weekend...xo

04 Feb 2017 13:36
Hi, hon. Your biggest fan here. How they hangin'? Oh wait. That's kinda personal. How have you been, my friend? Busy man! And to think I knew you when...
31 Jan 2017 13:13

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Just wanted to wish you a Happy, Safe and Healthy New Year. Enjoy...xo

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Merry Christmas, Alan!

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