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A Night To Remember

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Be My Little Whore Tonight

Carnival Knowledge


Cum On Baby (Take me to Chicago 1962)

Dance Class

Dream Job (Everyman's Fantasy)

Flight Lessons

For Our Love Is Eternal

Getting A Raise (From The Boss's Wife)

Getting Help With My Story

Going Down Slow

Healthcare Reform (A nurse fantasy)

How Do You Know?

I Often Wonder

Incest Is Best

Is She Happier Without Me?

Just Two Lovers On The Beach

Let Me Be The One

Life Is But A Journey

Locked Inside

Long Distance Love

Lost Tribe

Lover's Story

Merry Christmas, Baby

Morning In The Park

My Special Love (Happy Valentine's Day)

Of This You Can Be Sure

Olivia's Ordeal

Passions Deep

Pete And Joe Get Laid (Second Stab At Humor In Sex)

Sexual Healing


Summer Fling (I'll Always Remember You)

Temp Job (You'll like's the best)

The Best You Ever Had

The Clicking Tease Is On Her Knees

The New Year's Eve Dance (I Will Survive)

The Woman In The Blue Chair

Thinking Of You (Response to Long Distance Love)

Thoughts Unspoken

To My Wife

Two Unite As One

We Started As Friends

Your Eyes