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Topic privacy
Posted 25 Aug 2013 22:08

They indicated that we should move our 'chat' to yahoo so we would be more secure.

That's a common ploy of spammers, here and tons of other sites on the net...Lush is no different in that respect...I got two requests like that this week alone over on Facebook...and I've seen it on poetry sites even...

Like Liz's only as safe as you make own rule is, don't post anything anywhere on the internet you wouldn't want everyone to know about...simple as that...

Topic Poems automatically centered
Posted 25 Aug 2013 21:51

Actually, the problem is that you can't have a poem centered past a certain amount of may be centered for the first 12 lines or so...after that, it reverts to left justified, or whatever it wants...

This has been an ongoing problem here and the blue site for as long as I can has nothing to do with where the poem was copied from...

My best advice...skip trying to get a poem just don't work...

I'm a mod over on the blue site...and we have endless poems over there that end up looking like this...or worse...and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it, no matter how much time you put into it...take my word on this one...

Endless Sky

Topic 50 Shades of?
Posted 25 Aug 2013 20:22

About time this one came out...

Topic Here's a free site for listing eBooks...
Posted 24 Aug 2013 00:57

A related topic...a bit more comprehensive list here btw...

15 Places to Promote Your Book for Free

Topic RUMPLATIONS: Honky Tonk and Cyber Bar
Posted 23 Aug 2013 12:25

Good Afternoon my Lushketeer Friends...those are some useful rules there Rump, but you know darn well that nobody here reads rules anyway...or even reads for that matter...

On a far more important note...what are the chances of me getting a drink here in this fine establishment?

(Reaches into pocket and pulls out a large piece of lint, a couple of worn peep show tokens, a couple of gum wrappers, and an expired White Castle coupon, and places all on the bar...)

Hmmm...that should be enough for a tall glass of Beaver Breath, me thinks...

On yet another note...speaking of writing-type first ever book signing/author event is now less than three weeks away...and you're all invited...doesn't say anything about open bar, so I have to assume it's strictly BYOB...but, it does mention door, I guess you have a chance to win a door...anyway, here be the link...and this whole mess starts at 6:30PM btw...

Remembering Patriot’s Day – Meet Author Alan W. Jankowski!

Notice also that my first author event is also the city of South Amboy's 9/11 memorial ceremony...and the local reporter already contacted me...not that there's any pressure here or anything...but, I'll make sure I'm well prepared to rise to the occasion...Pour Wine Pour Wine Pour Wine

Yeah, speaking of well-prepared...pass that Beaver Breath, will ya?


Topic SimplyJohn - 3 free Gold memberships HERE!!
Posted 23 Aug 2013 11:15


I'm gifting it to Kayte7 if I win btw...

Lush - Kayte7

She hasn't been around much as of late, but she's getting it anyway...well, if I win that is...

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 21 Aug 2013 21:37

Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Ponys - Different Drum


Topic Top Ten Book Recommendation Platforms...
Posted 21 Aug 2013 17:27

This may be of interest to some here...check it out my friends...happy8

Top Ten Book Recommendation Platforms

Topic FAIL Thread
Posted 20 Aug 2013 18:52

Wasn't quite sure where to post this...but, this seems like an appropriate enough spot...

Topic Remember Patriot's Day at the Dowdell Library...Tuesday, Sept. 10...
Posted 20 Aug 2013 15:09

Anyone who's been following me over on FB, or the blue site probably knows by now that I have an upcoming "Meet the Author" event scheduled for Tuesday, September 10 at the Sadie Hope Dowdell Library here in lovely South Amboy, NJ...

Looks like they now have an announcement on the site...

Remembering Patriot’s Day – Meet Author Alan W. Jankowski!

And here's the link to the Facebook event, if anyone's interested...

Dowdell Library Event - Remembering Patriot's Day

It doesn't say anything about open bar, so I have to assume it's strictly does mention door prizes though...someone over on FB commented that they must be giving away a door...well, not quite sure that's what they mean...

Note the line "Additionally, he will give tips for people interested in writing."...jeez, these people are so screwed...

Anyway, if you're in the area, it would be nice to see some Lushkins there...I just have to figure out what time it actually starts, as neither of those posts seem to say...but, I would have to guess early evening, like 6:00 or so...

I just sent library director Elaine Gaber an e-mail...little details like that would be nice to know...dontknow

Topic 27 Delightful Obsolete Words It’s High Time We Revived...
Posted 19 Aug 2013 19:54

Just a little bit of fun here...or, next time you're at a loss for words...try one of these on for size...happy8

27 Delightful Obsolete Words It’s High Time We Revived

Topic Here's a free site for listing eBooks...
Posted 19 Aug 2013 19:23

Alright, so I'm a bit behind cleaning out my inbox...but, this may interest some friends here...happy8

Cold Coffee Press via LinkedIn
May 15

to me
Cold Coffee Press has sent you a message.
Date: 5/15/2013
Subject: Free E-Book Promotion
eReader Paradise is a new FREE ebook listing site.

Get free ebook listings.
Ongoing promotions from eBook Paradise to drive readers to your book(s).
Plus you can use your affiliate codes when you submit a purchase link.
Easy registration via Facebook, Twitter or Google+

After you join please submit a quality book cover and an engaging book blurb through the "Submit eBook" form.

Come Join:

Topic My friend, and fellow poet Kerstin Centervall did a video of one of my poems...
Posted 19 Aug 2013 16:32

My friend, and award-winning poet Kerstin Centervall did this video of one of my poems...basically, she put the words up, with music playing in the background...and yeah, my bio and picture are at the beginning...I think I look slightly squashed, but I thought it was a very thoughtful gesture on her part...


The poem she used is one of the poems that remained unpublished until my book was released back in September, 2012 btw...and just a note, Lisa and Yas were helpful on this one, as always, when I posted it originally in the mod forum over on the blue site...don't know what I'd do without them...dontknow


If I have seen goodness,
It’s because I have seen the bad,
If I have known happiness,
It’s because I have known sad.

I can appreciate the warmth,
Because I’ve known the cold,
And I can appreciate youth,
For I have known the old.

I appreciate recognition,
For I was once unknown,
I can appreciate camaraderie,
For too long I was alone.

As once my life was in darkness,
Like an eternally long night,
But now that I’ve found you,
I’ve been led into the light.

So many things have happened,
That I just never understood,
But it often seems the bad things,
Just make us appreciate the good.

For life works in perfect harmony,
For every yang there’s a yin,
And every day must come to an end,
For a new one to begin.


And case anyone is interested in buying my book, I just happen to have a link handy...

I Often Wonder: a collection of poetry and prose

I've also been selling signed copies direct, for $18.00 including shipping to anywhere in the U.S...if interested, send me a message...thanks...happy8

Topic What are your own favorite and most successful story titles?
Posted 19 Aug 2013 11:36

Something about sucking cock... My poem I suck has a lot of views too!!

Yeah, well...sucking cock may be hot, but apparently it's still no match for incest around here...I believe I have the most viewed poem on the site...

And one of these days I'll do an audio for it...I did re-install Audacity since my computer crashed around the holidays...just haven't got in the mood to do audios again...

Still working on how many martinis it takes to get me in the mood to do audios again, but one of these days I'll figure it out...dontknow

Topic What are your own favorite and most successful story titles?
Posted 19 Aug 2013 11:10

What are your favorite 2 story titles of your own stories and why?

Do I really have to pick only 2? Mine are all so clever...actually

I'll pick 2 though... Carnival Knowledge is a story that takes place in an amusement park after hours...well, it takes place at the Flemington Fair, where I worked for a week when I was a teenager back in '78, and parts of it are true, but not much...the title actually comes from an old All In The Family Episode where Edith takes Archie to see the movie "Carnal Knowledge" and later, when he complains about the filth she took him to, she tells him she thought it read "Carnival Knowledge"...anyway, I thought it made a good title for the story...

And Young Lust, First Lust. Sweet Devotion is actually a variation on the lines from this song, in case anyone hasn't figured that one out...dontknow

The chorus of the song actually reads...

Young love, first love,
Filled with true devotion,
Young love, our love,
We share with deep emotion.

Also, what are your 2 most successful story titles, either in acclaim or attracting views?

I'll have to say Sexual Healing by far and away holds the record as far as reader response...nothing else even comes remotely close...

It even inspired a forum thread at the time...don't laugh, it actually scared the heck out of me...

Do You Ever Feel A Moral Obligation When Writing?...and how does it affect you?

If I had to pick another story here, I'll pick Olivia's Ordeal ...only because it's the most viewed...not quite a Famous Story, but only about 3k away...

Topic What's the one band that according to you, can do no wrong?
Posted 17 Aug 2013 16:02

go back in time

Interesting choice, and I'd have to think if they've ever really done a "bad" song...I can't think of one offhand...dontknow

My favorite band of all time is The Who ...I think they're the most incredible band of all time, on a number of levels...

But, can they do no wrong? No, can't say that...not real impressed with a lot of the post-Keith stuff, in spite of Pete's remarkable songwriting talent...

I think you can choose a number of bands that only made one could probably say Derek and the Dominos, for instance, could do no wrong, considering they only put out one album...

If they were still functioning all these years later...I'm quite sure it would be a whole different story...

Topic What colour are your eyes?
Posted 16 Aug 2013 21:34


Topic Looks like I'm featured author today on Lucy Pireel's blog...
Posted 16 Aug 2013 14:37

Looks like I'm featured author today on Lucy Pireel's blog...I had sort of been lax with the guest blog stuff, last year when the book came out things got a bit crazy in real life, for reasons I won't get into...but anyway, I have a couple of guest blog thingies coming up in the near future...and this is the first one out apparently...

Featured Author – Alan Jankowski

Topic How many hours of sleep do you need?
Posted 13 Aug 2013 09:49

I am also a believer in the 15-30 min power-nap if you can get that bit of down-time -

Oh yeah, naps are problem is a lot of times I take a nap thinking I'll wake up a half hour later, only to wake up about two hours later...

I think it has something to do with me only getting about four hours sleep during a normal weekday...just don't really have the time otherwise to get stuff done...would love to get about six hours though, forget what that's like...

Topic Social media spec sheets...useful stuff my friends...:)
Posted 13 Aug 2013 08:04

Here's some social media spec sheets that can be really useful when you want to post your author and book info, or whatever, on multiple social media sites...

These spec sheets will give you the info regarding banner sizes, background, avatar image sizes, etc. at a glance...very helpful stuff these days...happy8

Social Media Spec Sheets – Facebook, Twitter and Google+

More Social Media Spec Sheets – YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest

Topic Anyone with a book on Amazon can get their sales rank in graph form...
Posted 12 Aug 2013 03:59

Adding this here in this thread, because it's of interest to anyone with a book on Amazon...this is an excerpt from an article on book promotion...didn't find most of the article that interesting, except for this useful piece...

#6: Posting Multiple URL’s
As I was scrolling through my Facebook groups today, I saw several posts that listed multiple links to their books for each country’s Amazon store. However, instead of listing every single Amazon store URL in your post, I encourage you to create a smart URL that redirects to the appropriate country based on where the person is using the internet. You can use a free resource called SmartURL to create this link here:

Read the rest of this article on The Future of Ink:

Topic Using Song Lyrics in a story
Posted 12 Aug 2013 03:36

I wonder if a lawyer could argue that by submitting a story using copyrighted materials to Lush, which is a commercial operation due to it's advertising and sponsorship, that you are in fact helping to promote the site by submitting that content. dontknow

If you could win that argument, you should probably quit your job over here as a mod, and become a lawyer...just sayin'

Topic Alternatives to the poke button
Posted 12 Aug 2013 03:34




Oh, I don't know about that...there's certainly been some stiff competition here in the past few pun intended, of course...

Topic Using Song Lyrics in a story
Posted 12 Aug 2013 01:16

For those of you who don't know, while the use of song titles in a story is ok under Fair Use laws, using song lyrics is not; Song titles are fine, lyrics are covered as 'creative works' (unless in the public domain). Yes, I know I've done it before without realizing it, but it's not ok unless you have permission from the song's writers (as opposed to the performer).

Just a heads up.

And can see that her blog posts refer to use of lyrics in a book ..

As you can see from the link I posted to the copyright office site, this whole thing is really a non-issue when it comes to quoting a few lines of copyrighted material in something like a story posted on Lush...

Like everything else in the world, it only becomes an issue when money is involved...or potentially involved...

If you're looking for more info on this, NOLO is a highly regarded legal info site...check out the section about "Non-commercial use"...they use the example of quoting Bob Dylan in a poem...

NOLO - The 'Fair Use' Rule: When Use of Copyrighted Material is Acceptable

Topic Using Song Lyrics in a story
Posted 12 Aug 2013 00:00

For those of you who don't know, while the use of song titles in a story is ok under Fair Use laws, using song lyrics is not;

I happen to have a number of stories here on Lush that quote lines from songs of my stories posted here was rejected originally by another writing site that happens to be around quite a few years, I might add, until I reduced the percentage of the quoted song...the name of the song, and author, are clearly stated in my story btw...

If you read the Fair Use laws, it goes into a lot of technical stuff about the necessity of quoting the copyrighted material and the like...what it really boils down to is whether or not the quoted material is used for commercial purposes, and whether or not using the quoted material affects "potential market for, or value of, the copyrighted work"...

U.S Copyright Office - Fair Use

Using copyrighted material, properly credited, for non-commercial purposes...such as having one of your characters singing a song on the radio in one of your posted stories here on Lush, is really not going to run afoul of the authorities...and should not be a reason to reject a story here on Lush...

If you were to use the same song lyrics in a Lush Publishing eBook...well, then you would be best off seeking permission...

I'm rather familiar with this stuff because a lot of my stuff is copyrighted poems, and sometimes stories, are regularly used by others non-commercially, and only once has anyone bothered to write me to ask my permission btw...

Cheyenne Air Force Base wrote me this last year...

Poem on USA Patriotism!


to me
Good afternoon Mr. Jankowski,

I am putting together a 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony. We would be honored to
have your "We Shall Never Forget" poem in our program. The few who have read
your poem in our office have really loved it. May we please have your
permission to use your poem? If allowed to use your poem, our program would
look like the one attached.


721st Communications Squadron
Cheyenne Mountain AFS, CO

2 attachments — Download all attachments
9-11 Program (updated 30Aug 1457).pptx 9-11 Program (updated 30Aug 1457).pptx
550K View Download
smime.p7s smime.p7s
6K Download

Topic Alternatives to the poke button
Posted 11 Aug 2013 22:31

Would "Whistle" be way too obvious...since that is what it does?

Topic Can I Use Lushstories as a publishing reference?
Posted 10 Aug 2013 21:31

and "anything that's geared for socializing should be listed as such within your bio and/or publicism proposal"

I'm not sure I have a clue what that means...dontknow

You're certainly free to list anything you want when querying an agent...but, be aware that what may seem impressive to you at the moment, may not mean a hill of beans to an agent...and may in fact seem trivial to yourself a couple of years up the road...

I say this based on my own experience...back in November, 2010 I was invited over to LinkedIn by the acquisitions editor of an erotic publishing company...I had never heard of LinkedIn before her invite, but I filled out my profile in a way I thought might impress her...I listed stuff like my recent Editor Picks on Lush (I had just got two), Story of the Week, and Poem of the Month (Three times) on another erotic story site...that sort of thing...

Looking back now, it seems almost comical...heck, I have a book signing coming up in just short of a month, so I guess I've been moving in the right direction...but, at the time it really did seem impressive, to me anyway, if nobody else...

The point is, if it's not a legit publishing credit, or a contest win, agents and publishers are really not going to care...and someday, hopefully, you'll have moved far enough in the right direction to realize that...

Topic Can I Use Lushstories as a publishing reference?
Posted 10 Aug 2013 07:04

I am querying publishing houses and literary agents with my work: both short stories and novellas. They all request various types of publishing credentials. Does Lush count?

Uh... NO ...

I happen to be rather familiar with what is considered legit "published' and what's not...I went through all this the last couple of years, and did manage to get listed in the directory over on P&W...

Poets & Writers - Directory - Alan W. Jankowski

Not only is a site like Lush not considered a publishing credit, but frankly, if you do mention it, they might have a good laugh at your expense...

Besides Writer's Market, the directory at P&W will tell you what is considered a legit publishing credit...

Poets & Writers Magazine - Tools for Writers

Personally, I would avoid mentioning anything that's not considered legit...if you don't have anything, you don't have anything...simple as that...

The criteria for a journal or publisher getting listed basically involves there being an editor involved...if it is not an "edited journal" it will never get listed...

I had a few things published in eZines a couple of years back...they even paid, though not much...and P&W didn't recognize them, because frankly it was not an "edited journal"...

Hope this all helps...and good luck btw...

Topic Lounge / Chill Out Music
Posted 09 Aug 2013 23:56

Righteous Brothers - You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (1965) HD


Topic A submission call that may interest some friends here, poems and prose about poetry...
Posted 05 Aug 2013 10:26

This may be of interest to some friends here, I stuck it here rather than the "Contest and Sub-call" section because I don't think it pays anything...but, it's a chance to get published...happy8

2014-2015 call for manuscript

John Horvath via LinkedIn
3:45 AM (9 hours ago)

to me

John Horvath
Poet since the 1960s

poetry and prose related to poetry.
for 2014 and 2015 issues

POETRYREPAIRS seeks submissions that are evocative, informative, rich with meaning.

A confessional (about "me") should none-the-less be about all of us; An "I" is a persona, never the author/poet reporting an actual dream or diary entry.

Please visit our guidelines

We do NOT publish rhymes.

Some of you know me as editor/publisher of or as an educator or as a poet , who are receiving this call are on my LinkedIn contact list.

POETRYREPAIRS has published extraordinary international poets new and established, since 1997. It's a non-paying venue; but, if we publish your work, we will be a strong advocate for you and your work.

Send 3 to 6 of your best poems to

with 'poems #' in the subject line.

Volume of submissions may prevent a thorough analysis of rejected work. I've written poetry long enough to know that great editors publish my work while idiots reject it.

John Horvath
editor of poetryrepairs at

If I miss someone you think I should contact, please forward this announcement

Reply to John