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Topic Plagiarism alert
Posted 24 Apr 2015 13:27

Don't know if anyone is interested in this one, but there are definitely Lush member's stories here...I sent a note to Whysoserious? about his story, and the Lush member who wrote "A Ride To The Lake" hasn't signed in to Lush in 184 days, so I didn't bother...I haven't really gone through them all here, but I did send DMCA takedown notices for my three poems...

Blogger - Writing Reveals All

Here's the online DMCA submission form for's not that bad, and doesn't take that's for all Google sites btw, and I've filled it out quite a few times in the last couple of days...but that's another story...

Google - Legal Removal Requests

Topic An excellent resource for anyone looking to get paid writing...
Posted 17 Apr 2015 12:13

Here's an excellent resource for anyone looking to get paid it says "An anonymous, crowdsourced list of which publications pay freelance writers, and how much."...check it out my writing friends...

Who Pays Writers?

It's nice because it includes commentary about lead times and the like, sort of like you get with DuoTrope, except it's free...not sure I would use it as a replacement for other sub call sources, but it's good to check for verification...

Btw, have a sticky thread now over on the blue site for submission calls and contests...sites that are reliable, and regularly updated... is a free online resource to find paying markets for your poetry, fiction, and non

Have fun...and Good Luck...

Topic Plagiarism alert
Posted 17 Apr 2015 10:33

OMFG ...I want to strangle someone! Or multiple people! I took one line from one of my earlier stories ("Falling") and fuck if Google didn't come up with SEVEN fucking sites with the story on them...some didn't even bother to change the names of the I have to decide if I want to check all my other stories, or just take a deep breath and possibly a sedative and call it good.

Yeah...I can tell you from experience, and I have quite a few stories and poems posted out there since 2009...don't be surprised what you find...

Nowadays, because the problem is so pervasive...I usually don't bother trying to get something taken down unless it's being used either for commercial purposes, or if they're trying to take credit for one of my stories or poems by posting it under their name...

If someone just takes a story of mine that's here on Lush, say, and posts it on another site using the DirtyMartini name I usually don't bother trying to get it taken'll find out too that most of these sites posting free erotica that they stole are almost impossible to contact anyway...

Topic Plagiarism alert
Posted 16 Apr 2015 12:52

Here's the most recent I found...someone just made me aware of it...haven't searched for all the Lush Publishing titles, but I did find this...

Hard Candy (2013) by Ashleigh Lake

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 15 Apr 2015 17:14

SAM AND DAVE I thank you 1969 Soul Survivors Family WMV V9...

Topic The Punctuation Guide...
Posted 08 Apr 2015 20:03

I believe the name pretty much says it all here...

The Punctuation Guide

Topic So You Want to Use Song Lyrics in Your Novel? 5 Steps to Getting Rights to Lyrics...
Posted 05 Apr 2015 15:24

Here's a blog post by my friend Anne R. Allen​ that I believe will be of interest to more than a few friends here...about using song lyrics in fiction...check it out my music loving fiction writer-type friends...

So You Want to Use Song Lyrics in Your Novel? 5 Steps to Getting Rights to Lyrics

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 23 Mar 2015 06:36

Music so high you can't get over so low you can't get under it...

THE TEMPTATIONS - "Psychedelic Shack" (1970).wmv

Topic A charity anthology I am part of to benefit veterans groups has been officially released...
Posted 15 Mar 2015 16:54

A charity anthology I am part of to benefit veterans groups has been officially includes a poem I wrote a few years back about a veteran with PTSD called "An Enemy That Haunts My Mind" far it is only published in this book that just came out, and my own book that came out in 2012...

The poems and stories included in this anthology, written by various authors, tell of veterans outside of war, of how their sacrifice of service changed their lives long after the war was over. Although some of the messages of the sacrifices of war are sadly timeless, they speak of unsung heroes, and I say unsung because nothing we could ever do for them would ever be enough to say thank you for all they gave. With that said, with these poems and stories, we will give what we can. 100% of the profits made will go to charities for veterans. To all who have served and to all of those who love them, we offer our undying gratitude because it is all we truly have to give you for your sacrifices, told and untold. So, we give what we can to honor you, to say thank you, and to, in some small way, give back. Although it could never be enough, a million thanks or a million dollars, we pray we can help some of the many who have given so much, so selflessly, and then suffered even as they fought another battle, the battle to go on…

Here is a blog about the book created by Kiki Howell, who put the project together. A different charity will benefit each month, starting with The Wounded Warrior Project. This blog site includes links to purchase the book, and note that it is a couple of bucks cheaper at B&N than Amazon, as well as links to purchase shirts and other cool items...

We Go On: Charity Anthology for Veterans Go On.jpg

Here's one of the shirts Kiki created btw...and again, all proceeds will go to benefit veteran's groups... Go On (Shirt Front).jpg

And here is the poem btw...

An Enemy That Haunts My Mind...

In the middle of the night I lie in bed,
Fighting an enemy that’s in my head.
An enemy that’s always there,
An enemy that won’t play fair.
An enemy that haunts my mind,
An enemy that is not kind.
The price paid for doing good,
Of doing like I’m told I should.
Serving my country in time of war,
Who could ever ask for more?
And now even in my deepest dreams,
All I hear is the sound of screams.
Why was I the one to survive?
Why was I the one left alive?
I ask myself every night,
As I relive every fight.
God, please call me home,
Don’t leave me here all alone.
For when I thought the fight was won,
I’m finding the battle’s just begun.
A soldier who was trained to kill,
Finds a battle that’s harder still.
Fighting an enemy I cannot see,
And finding out the enemy is me.
An enemy that haunts my mind,
An enemy that is not kind.


The poem apparently fit the submission call well, being about a veteran with PTSD...

Theme/Plot for Fictional Stories and Poetry : A story about a veteran several years out from the war still dealing with war-related issues like PTSD or disabilities, etc but they do not have to be that severe either.

Here's more about the original submission call, if anyone's interested...

Paid Call for Submission: We Go On - A Veteran’s Anthology for Charity

That's all for now, and remember proceeds from the anthology will be supporting a different veteran's group each month...


Topic Announcing the Winners of our Valentine's Day Poetry Competition
Posted 02 Mar 2015 19:39

A big congrats to all the winners and runner-ups here...well done stuff...Pour Wine Pint Drunk Regaeman Man

Topic What's it like to get your arsehole bleached ?
Posted 26 Jan 2015 23:44

Apparently anal bleaching is just so last year...just saw this, and yeah, had to share...

Watching This Woman Getting Her Butthole Bronzed May Give You New Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Posted 11 Dec 2014 19:49

Happy Birthday Mr. Milik...I have to admit, you were a bit of an inspiration when I first joined this site back in 2009...seemed you had far and away the most Editor Picks...almost seemed like a conspiracy, if you ask me...and I started to, but never did finish reading all your stories...but, maybe someday...

Anyway... Hap py B irth day D ude ...occasion9 occasion7 occasion6 Martini.jpg


Topic Remembering the better aspects of that day...the heroes...
Posted 11 Dec 2014 19:29

The Pennsylvania State Police in Harrisburg, which is the capital of PA btw, now have my 9/11 poem permanently up on their site...and while it's always flattering to see it used, it seems a bit extra so when used by police, fire, military, and other service people...and especially those in this Tri-State area, which suffered so hard at that time. In the words of Nicole Herb, Recording Secretary, and Grievance Chairman for the lodge..."I feel it is important to have it up all year. It touches everyone who reads it. Thank you.", thank's more of an honor to me than you can imagine...

Lodge 85 News... Lodge 85 Harrisburg, PA 9-11 Poem.jpg

Topic Plagiarism alert
Posted 24 Nov 2014 20:38

That radio show got postponed until tomorrow, Tuesday, for anyone not this earlier from Amazon, as well as similar notices from Goodreads and the, big progress...forwarding the information about the removal of her books to the company that hosts her website, Midnight Publications...would love to get that taken down as well...her Amazon page looks a bit abandoned these days btw... Amazon 11-24-14.jpg

Topic and the Winner of the June 2013 $100 Attention Whore Contest is...
Posted 22 Nov 2014 13:43

Saw this earlier today, and felt the need to post it somewhere in the forum...

Btw...looks like our main, prize winning Attention Whore took her money and badge and left...there must be more attention somewhere else...who knew? Be Like Attention.jpg

Topic Plagiarism alert
Posted 21 Nov 2014 00:38

With this particular plagiarist - I literally couldn't believe what I was reading when I learned she had conducted an interview, discussing how she was inspired to 'write' a book that she had actually stolen from another author. Balls.

Yeah, I actually listened to her radio interviews the other day, it's almost comical in a way, have to look at the humor in this whole thing...this situation is different from previous plagiarisms, in that myself and the plagiarist had nine Facebook friends in common...

Think about the stupidity of that alone for a minute...didn't she think that maybe one of those friends might recognize my work? It's not like I've never shared my stuff around on the net, FB groups and the like...

Anyway, yeah, turns out some of my friends, and friends of friends knew her, worked with her, interviewed her...that sort of thing...and most important, trusted, this whole thing has had a significant impact in some circles...

Yeah...there's a radio show happening tomorrow night, inspired by this mess...possibly part of a series, and hosted by my friend and fellow author Kim Morrow...

BRPP Presents: PLAGIARISM!!! Words Are Meant for Sharing Not Stealing

Feel free to call's a two hour show, so there should be plenty of time for callers...and yeah, I'm sure I'll call in and say something as well...

Topic Plagiarism alert
Posted 17 Nov 2014 18:38

Alright...we did get one book removed so far from Amazon...if you click on "Resurrecting Eve" here, you will see that it is gone...note the reviews this reader left btw...

Profile For A Writer: Reviews

Now here's something interesting that someone just posted over in a Facebook about "it just keeps getting better"...I mean, how low can you go?

If you look at her bio on her website...ironically titled "In Her Own Words" reads...

I write stories to entertain and offer a temporary escape into another life. I create interesting characters who may linger with the reader long after they have finished the story. Some stories examine lives, motivations, hopes and fears and the courage to change. I write about the everyday stuff, but with a fictional twist.

Midnight Publications - About Me

Now...go to this blog by Joanne Phillips...go down to where it says "Author Mission Statements" and read the shaded area...Joanne's mission statement...

Joanne Phillips

Sound familiar? She can't even write her own bio...what a sad, sad, piece of crap...really...

Topic Plagiarism alert
Posted 16 Nov 2014 14:25

The original appears to be 'The Midnight Man' by Kevin Salto:
Published: July 06, 2013

Yep...managed to get in contact with Kevin, through Twitter, then by e-mail...and yeah, the more pressure on her the better, obviously... 5.jpg

Topic Plagiarism alert
Posted 16 Nov 2014 12:22

It just keeps getting better...

Has she ever written anything herself, or is her entire back catalogue stolen?

Yeah, we all know by now from past experience, generally if someone is low enough to steal one thing, chances are it's not the only item they stole...

No reputable writer is going to risk ruining their reputation by plagiarizing even one piece, if they are capable of writing yeah, there's a good chance her entire catalogue is stolen...and she's got a number of books listed on Amazon and elsewhere...

She's also rather active on Twitter and the like...note her badmouthing me over on Twitter for outing her...

Twitter - LaRedeaux

Apparently she's not happy with anyone trying to derail her little gravy train...and feel free to respond to her tweet btw...

Topic Plagiarism alert
Posted 16 Nov 2014 07:14

If there is a filthier word than "cunt", she is it. Do you think she now knows she's a cunt, Alan?

Lol...yeah, I was not a happy camper at the moment there, as you may imagine...

And are the best...I just sent a quick note off to Steven... 6.jpg

Topic Plagiarism alert
Posted 16 Nov 2014 06:14

I commented on her Facebook post with a link to your Lushstories poem asking her to explain the date discrepancy, she couldn't and has now deleted the whole thing from her timeline.

Read into that what you will. angry7

Yeah, pretty obvious...she deleted my comments from her page as well, and then blocked me...she got a bit upset about me posting in all the erotic groups over on Facebook about what a thieving pig she is...she sent me a message over on FB about's the message, I had to do four screen shots...and yeah, first she claims that she wrote it in '09, and then the poem goes back to 2012...she also implied something on her own FB page that it was about performing sex on a man, which it clearly is not, unless she failed anatomy...don't know if you caught that bit...

But's the PM's we had going on over on could tell I was a little annoyed... Red 1.jpg Red 2.jpg Red 3.jpg Red 4.jpg

Topic Plagiarism alert
Posted 16 Nov 2014 02:31

Here's another "author" selling plagiarized work on Amazon and other places... - LaRedeaux

My poem "Going Down Slow" which is here on this fine site, is in this book on pages 90 and 91...

One Man's Desire Paperback – March 8, 2013

I sent a note to came up in a search I did earlier for that's the link where it showed up is titled "Honey's Kiss" in this book...

Honey's Kiss

Chances are if they plagiarize one thing, there's probably tons we all know by now...

Topic Put one of yours here...
Posted 12 Nov 2014 17:26

Wrote this one up for a Halloween event over on Facebook. sponsored by NY author and poet Fran Ayers...

All Hallow's Eve

It’s All Hallow’s Eve and there’s little sound,
Except for a few goblins dancing around,
An old witch creates another evil spell,
Summoning demons from down in Hell.

The old hag stirs her boiling stew,
Adds eye of a newt, and another shrew,
The cauldron bubbles over the roaring fire,
The smoke rising up, higher and higher.

A black cat watches and suddenly screams,
It’s enough to haunt anyone’s dreams,
The old woman smiles an evil grin,
Her wart covered face personifies sin.

Looking around the spooky room,
Perched in the corner is a wooden broom,
Later she’ll get on it, and will take flight,
As she rides off on All Hallow’s Night.

Somewhere another victim will await,
Helpless to control their coming fate,
Another body that will soon be cold,
Another life that will never grow old.

Just another night’s work for an evil crone,
It’s what you do when you’re bad to the bone,
For another year, she will take leave,
And be back again next All Hallow’s Eve.

11-01-14. Hallow's Eve.jpg

Topic A list of resources concerning plagiarism...
Posted 07 Nov 2014 11:14

There's a few I'd like to invite out...shark fishing, perhaps... The Plagiarist.jpg

Topic Interesting article on young author's success with erotic fan fiction novel...
Posted 06 Nov 2014 10:14

This is interesting, for a number of reason...not the least of which is that the book is still available for free on Wattpad, in spite of Paramount Pictures acquiring the screen rights and what not...not the usual move from a publisher, me thinks...not to mention it's erotic fan-fiction...

Harry Styles of One Direction Stars in Anna Todd’s Novel®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=1

Topic It's All About The Books...No Trouble...
Posted 05 Nov 2014 06:32

You may have heard that hit song on the radio "It's All About The Bass"...

You may not have heard The Nashville Library's neat version here...yes, it's All About The Books my Lush trouble...

// Agent.jpg

Topic What's for dinner tonight?
Posted 26 Oct 2014 16:54

Probably just eat something quick tonight...creamed possum is always tasty...Regaeman Man Possum.jpg

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 24 Oct 2014 16:33

Hopefully they'll be a liquor store nearby just in case we run out...

Topic Book Publishing And Book Design Articles - The Book Designer
Posted 14 Oct 2014 21:23

Here's a neat little resource page full of articles about just what it publishing and design...

Book Publishing And Book Design Articles - The Book Designer

Topic Is this dress too slutty to be going out with friends?
Posted 08 Oct 2014 16:24

I attend church in something similar, only it's cream. :)

Pictures or it didn't happen...just sayin'