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Haven't been on Lush much lately. Things with my daughter have improved a lot. I'm much more confident in my running and I've gotten down to 115, which was about my weight when I was in first year at uni. Sex is getting better all the time and I seem to be attracting my fair share of dates. Have made two wonderful new girlfriends, both much younger than me, but we get along great. It's great to be able to chat and gossip again.

17 Sep 2013 22:22

My daughter finally broke up with the scumbag. I've forgiven her and let her move back into the house. I'm just so glad she didn't get pregnant and kept going to university. Have been dating some wonderful men, but all much younger than me. Their energy in the bedroom is so refreshing. I find myself having orgasms so easily now that I have jettisoned my anger.

12 Jul 2013 23:27

Things are still not great with my daughter, but they are getting better. We're talking more often now and I don't go into a rage when I hear her voice anymore. Time heals I guess. I'm seeing a nice young man right now so who knows? Maybe it will all work out for the best.

21 Mar 2013 02:13

It's 1:30 am and I can't sleep so I'm going for a run. Thanks to everyone who gave me their kind thoughts, especially Frank. I truly appreciate it.

20 Sep 2012 06:34

What's wrong with young men these days? Tie them to the bed and tease them and then fuck their brains out and they start getting all "clingy"? I've done the clingy marriage thing. Been there, done that. Try my daughter if you want clingy. I just want some fun. God!

03 Jul 2012 23:34

Well sorry I've not been around much. I have a part time consulting job now and I've been going a bit crazy at the gym and with my running. I'm trying to tone things down a bit. I've been dating some wonderful younger men. My foolish daughter is going through her "older man" phase?? Do all young women go through that phase? Anyways, she's besotted with this fellow, but I'm sure she'll grow out of it. She claims the sex is wonderful, but I'm not convinced.

16 May 2012 21:31

Been running 3K a day with 5K on Thursdays and Sunday. Cut out most of my sugar and a lot of the carbs and my energy level is WAY up. Pays off girls. Guys tell me I look more like 30 now and my skin tone is amazing. Haven't looked this good in years. Divorce is clearly good for your health. My daughter is dating just a little too much...need to focus her on her studies. Hormones...haha to be young.

15 Feb 2012 02:22

Well its been a while but I'm back. The running has paid off and I broke below 125lbs and am now at 121lbs. and feeling great. Cut out all the sugar and have been adding yoga and lots of sex. My daughter is doing well at university and I've been doing well at my new job. I'm feeling more like 30 these days.

02 Feb 2012 01:49

Well the running is getting routine now and am up to 5k a day when I have time. Shed the pounds as well so am back into the low 120's which took a while. Fed up with guys my age and married guys trying to get some on the side, so have been dating younger and I must say ladies, it's very satisfying if you know what I mean.

29 Nov 2011 21:21

Well us Kiwi's need to go to bed. A few great stories today.

04 Nov 2011 05:46