Quickie Sex(1)


A Private Meeting

A steamy passion unfolds within Josie's workplace.....

It was a stinking hot day in the middle of December. Decorations were set up everywhere bringing a Christmas feel throughout the office. Josie placed her Chris Cringle gift under the plastic tree. Inside the wrapping paper of her gift was a cheap toaster from Big W. She did not care, as she was not too fond of Christmas. It was only because her work forced everyone to give a gift to another...Read On



Merry Clitoris

A drunken voyage home takes an interesting twist....

Struggling to walk home from the vast amount of free alcohol drunk at his works end of year Christmas party, Gary staggers gradually. Throughout the night, Gary had made himself look the fool with his attempts to sweet talk his female work colleges. With the amount of alcohol that was in his blood stream, he was past acknowledging that he was going home alone. He had taken a route along...Read On