dollymix's Blog Entries

Ahh hello lovelies. Had a break from here, but I am back.

15 Jan 2014 10:38

Well the threesome was everything I hoped it would be and more, such a wild time, hope to be back here soon to tell you about it !

20 Sep 2013 18:04

Sorry not been on much..been busy. I'm super excited to tell you that the Threesome is on this weekend..expect one hell of a story to follow

12 Sep 2013 05:57

A weekend without sex, to be honest my body needs the rest.

01 Sep 2013 18:08

I think it's safe to now change my sexuality to 'Bisexual'

27 Aug 2013 09:48

Physically bruised, sore..but smiling from ear to ear

27 Aug 2013 09:42

I don't know how my life has gone from boring to full on depraved in the last two weeks, but I'm not complaining at all...

18 Aug 2013 18:26

Cannot stop smiling, my (true) story has been accepted. The rest of the night was quite explicit and I don't think I'll be writing it up! Let me tell you, I'll probably never look at a cucumber in the same way again

12 Aug 2013 17:53