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Topic How kinky are you? TEST
Posted 26 Sep 2011 08:38

Grats! You're 64% kinky!
You kinkscore is pretty high. Most likely you're up for trying anything at least once, which show open-mindedness. You're probably a great lay, so just keep doing that thing you do!

Its not quite a 69 tho is it?!??! 204-oral

Topic Has anyone ever?
Posted 26 Sep 2011 08:20

well i work away for weeks on end and there is no way i could get through a 6 week job with out having some fun but i have mainly kept it to my cabin but there has been the odd occasion were i cant make it to the end of a 12 hour shift so a trip to the bathroom has defiantly been needed.

Topic Friendship sex
Posted 26 Sep 2011 06:11

This is very apt for me at the moment I was having good sex with a friend on occasions but then he got all jealous and made a seen on a night out when he saw me chatting to some other guy so I guess that’s the end of that!
I have had friends with benefits that have lasted years on and off and if the situation was right and probably would be right now if we were in the same place, so I guess it really just depends on the people involved. Shame my judgement was off recently d'oh!