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Sweetest Taboo

Her conservative husband wouldn't even discuss fucking her in the ass in their 10 years of marriage

Sweetest Taboo Copyright Don Abdul ©2008 Ambers heart pounded, the anticipation was driving every synapse in her body firing up an electrical storm, her every erogenous zone tingling. She felt his body heat as he grabbed her firm and juicy 36Cs from behind. He caressed them and tweaked her rock hard nipples for a while, and then she felt his fingers clutch the hem of her short...Read On



Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth (10)

Loraine unveils her reward for an obedient submissive Shirley. What about Jamal? Read on...

Mrs. Crane’s Fountain of Youth By Don Abdul ©2011 CHAPTER TEN: A Private Party (Delicious Desserts) Loraine’s squirted juices trailed down over Jamal’s balls, and she felt his nuts and caressed them rubbing her juices into his sac. “Mmmm…” she let out a soft moan and then shivered as she replayed the moment when his load of hot cum shot up her vagina....Read On


Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth (7)

A voyeur at the door. More surprises await Shirley up in Loraine's bedroom... Jamal too

The throbbing tension in Jamal’s manhood had grown quite intense from watching the unsuspecting Shirley being ravished by the seductress Loraine. He was enjoying every bit of his deeply rewarding voyeur experience; he was so lost in the moment that he almost jumped out of his skin when suddenly an unexpected and ill-timed text message alert from his cell phone alerted the women to his...Read On


Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth (8)

Miss Loraine, uses nipple clamps and strap-on cock on Shirley while Jamal watches

Mrs. Crane’s Fountain of Youth By Don Abdul ©2011 PART EIGHT : A Private Party (Juices and Nectar) ‘Does that mean I get to regain my freedom, and perhaps also get Jamal’s cock?’ Shirley wondered too scared to ask her captor. The question was however written all over her face and Loraine laughed as she shook her head saying, “Yes, eventually you would get his...Read On


Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth (9)

Shirley watches on bound, hot and horny as Miss Loraine claim's her pound of Jamal's cock Flesh

CHAPTER NINE : A Private Party (A Taste of Black Steak) Next she picked up a realistic looking chocolate vibrator which very closely resembled Jamal’s own erect phallus and then walked very seductively towards bound black stud. Jamal’s face wore a frown as he wondered, ‘what the fuck is she fixing to do with that ugly mofo?’ Jamal certainly wasn’t looking forward to the crazy...Read On


Neighborly Lust (Part 2)

Horny new neighbour is in dire need of an urgent quenching. Her sexy neighbor sends her man over

Neighborly Lust (Part 2) Don Abdul ©2010 I quickly rearranged myself and then took a few steps back from the window and then in my best innocent neighbor in distress voice called out, “Hello, anybody home?” After my third call out, the curtains were pulled wider apart and I was for the second time shocked. It was Gabrielle who came to the window, she was butt naked; the cum had been...Read On


Neighborly Lust (Part 3)

Santos’s wife Gabrielle dominates and punishes her horny new neighbor Jacquie for fucking her husban

Neighborly Lust (Part 3) Don Abdul ©2010 Continued from Part 2.... Before I could answer his question though, he rolled off the bed and went over to the dresser to retrieve his cell phone. When he returned to the bed he untied my hands and feet and showed me the screen of his cell phone. My jaw literally hit the floor as I watched the recording of our recently concluded fuck fest. I looked...Read On


Neighborly Lust (Part 4)

Gabrielle takes Jacquie Strap on shopping and ties her up while she fucked the shop owner with the t

Neighborly Lust (Part 4) Don Abdul ©2010 Gabrielle weaved her vintage Mustang through the afternoon traffic with feline grace until we were headed towards the edge of the city. She suddenly had a wicked smile on her face and then before I could dwell on it, she dropped her hand to my knee. Without taking her eyes off the road she caressed my knee and then snaked her hand expertly up my...Read On


Night of Many Firsts (Part 3)

Dawns is mesmerized by the pleasures of loving another woman in a MFF threesome...

Night of Many Firsts 3 Don Abdul © Eddie is still caressing her tits, and rubbing his way up and down her torso when he feels her gentle movement, as she sways her hips opening up her ass to take in more of his cock. When he reaches in between her legs and rubs her clit, her rhythm changes and he begins to fuck her ass more actively. They continue to move together in blissful harmony and...Read On



Hidden Agenda 1

Erotic tale of office lust with a naughty twist.

Hidden Agenda Don Abdul © As they washed their hands after doing business at the ladies room, Stephanie (the new girl from DC) and Claire, got a little office gossip going: “So Claire, I hear ‘Jimmy the nerd’ has a thing for you uh?” Stephanie asked with a naughty wink. “Yeah right!” Claire answered in a voiced drenched in sarcasm. “Have you ever been out on a date with him?” “Hell...Read On


Hidden Agenda 2

An erotic tale of office lust with a naughty twist

Hidden Agenda 2 Don Abdul © Kneeling in front of him, she hooked her fingers into the waistband of his shorts, and slid it down to his feet, he stepped out of it, thus giving Jess her first glance at his huge cock, which was at that very moment standing erect and throbbing. It must be at least 9 inches by 2 inches of prime cock’, she thought as she mentally fanned herself to keep from...Read On


Night of Many Firsts

Heartbroken by her fiancé, Dawn struggled with her heartache, and finally emerged from it kinky

Night of Many firsts (Part One) Don Abdul © She was engaged to be married, but a couple of weeks to the wedding, her whole world came crashing down around her, when she received an anonymous tip that took her to a motel on the edge of town. At the motel, she caught her man, and her would-be maid of honor, stepping out from a raunchy fuck fest..... The trauma of that incident and the...Read On


Night of Many Firsts (Part 2)

Dawns inner freak is unleashed as she discovers a new side to her sexuality...

Night of Many firsts (Part Two) Don Abdul © He leads her to a particular spot and then seals his lips over hers, it feels as though they are both going to explode with lust after their lips touch. He draws her even closer into the whirlwind of their passionate kiss. Then she feels his hands reach into the neckline of her top, suspecting that he wants to feel her unclad bosom. To her...Read On

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Stress Management

A horny bisexual woman's quest for relief after a loss.

Stress Management Don Abdul© Her husband had died in a plane crash on his way back home from a diplomatic shuttle a year earlier. Since that incident, Latoya Agnes Johnson mourned only briefly, and then she threw herself so completely into her job as the CEO of a leading Services company in her city. To most people who knew the couple, she appeared to be an extremely brave woman with a...Read On



Neighborly Lust (Part 5)

Jacquie masturbates on the freeway and then get's to live her gang-bang fantasies

Neighborly Lust (Part 5) Don Abdul ©2010 On the drive back home, I tried desperately to purge my mind of fantasies of Paige’s hot tongue on my hungry pussy, while Gabrielle sucked and nibbled on my taut nipples. Alas I was unsuccessful as being so close and yet so distant from Gabrielle made me suffer repeated relapse into an erotic daydream about a fantasy threesome of downright debauched...Read On

Group Sex(3)


Birthday Treat

Hot sexy and curvy secretary plans a surprise Birthday treat for her timid boss

Birthday Treat Copyright Don Abdul ©2009 Dexter is a very brilliant executive, and when he speaks about his specialist subject of computer security systems, he leaves nobody in doubt of his razor sharp mind. Despite being a master of his nicely carved out universe though, Dexter has a serious self confidence deficit, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. As a result of his low...Read On


Neighborly Lust (Part 6)

Jacquie is rewarded by her Mistress with a mind blowing Gang-bang experience.

Neighborly Lust (Part 6) Don Abdul ©2010 The thought of being fucked by a group of strangers really turned me on. It felt just so dirty, exciting, and adventurous. My cunt was practically buzzing with sexual need as my head filled with images of sucking all three cocks, licking and sucking the two women’s pussies. Hopefully have my mouth, ass and pussy filled with cum too as I am used over...Read On


Neighborly Lust (Part 7)

Jacquie enjoys a mind blowing Gang-bang experience involving the biggest black cock.

Neighborly Lust (Part 7) Don Abdul ©2010 Omar was resting on a couple of pillows propped against the wall, his legs were spread open and his cock loomed menacingly in between his thighs. He must be at least 9” by 3” in size and I was immediately stricken with fear. ‘What the hell have I let myself into?’ I wondered, but my naughty inner freak soon took over and steadying my nerve. I took him...Read On



Family Affair

It's a hot incestous tale with a few wild twists....

Family Affair Don Abdul (c) For a 20-year-old, Damian looked a lot more mature. At 5'10'' tall, he had an athletic figure, which he kept in good shape by playing baseball and working out in the neighborhood gym. Although he acted just like any twenty-year-old in many regards, there was something different about him, he had fantasies about older women. His fantasies about the mature woman were...Read On


Family Affair 2

It's a hot incestous tale with a few wild twists....

FAMILY AFFAIR II Don Abdul © Damian had just received a letter informing him that he had been accepted at college. He was so excited, and in the mood for celebration, unfortunately that would have to wait. His mom is out of town on a business trip and Aunt Phoebe is out running errands. Therefore, he made a few phone calls, first to his mom, then to his friends. After sharing the...Read On


Family Affair 3

It's a hot incestous tale with a few wild twists....

FAMILY AFFAIR III Don Abdul © It was Damian's first full day at college. The lectures had been long and tiresome, and he barely made it back to his room when he passed out on the bed still wearing his shoes. After sleeping like a log for a couple of hours, his consciousness was awakened by a strange yet familiar sensation, which seemed to have taken over his groin. He was feeling...Read On


Family Affair 4

It's a hot incestous tale with a few wild twists....

FAMILY AFFAIR IV Don Abdul © Damian heard the doorbell ring, and as he got dressed he heard the sound of laughter and light chatter. As he came out of his room and made for the kitchen/dinning area, he heard her familiar voice. Only then did he remember her name. Shelly, Aunt Phoebe's friend. The same stunning looker who sat right next to the lawyer type at the dinner the other...Read On


Secret Brotherly Lust

This story lays bare the horny craving of a hot,, slutty housewife for her sexy brother,

Secret Brotherly Lust Don Abdul ©2009 Danielle is very pretty woman, she knows she could have her pick not only of men but also beautiful women should she decide to swing that way. She however dreads having to keep her affair with another woman secret. She realises that every woman has a secret, and although she has never had an affair since she got married, her mind is already...Read On



Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth (11)

After a weekend of pure lust, Shirley feels guilty hubby is worried. But he bears guilt of his own..

Chapter Eleven: Mr. Crane’s Affair ( Princess of the Niger ) In her kitchen Loraine opened her oven and dished a tray of hot fresh food, and then fetched a bottle of red she had kept on ice. With three glasses carefully placed on the tray, she carried the food upstairs to her hungry lovers. If her plan worked as she was certain it would, Shirley and Jamal would be spending...Read On


Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth (4)

“Hey Sexy, remember, naked chef… apron and heels only allowed. Mwah!” It started with a text msg

Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth Part Four: Horny Naked Chef Shirley had planned to put in some work in her garden at the weekend, and she had stopped over at the mall to pick up a few things for the job. As she drove back to her place her cell phone rang. From the assigned tone she knew it was Jamal. She felt a sliver of wet heat rise in her loins as she clicked on her...Read On


Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth (5)

On her hands and knees in the garden, Mrs. Crane didn't hear Jamal sneak up on her...

Mrs. Crane’s Fountain of Youth By Don Abdul ©2011 Part Five : Eden in the Garden Shirley had awoken early the following morning blushing; she was almost in shock as she recalled how naughty she had been the previous night. She and Jamal had gone clubbing, and it had turned out to be even more fun than she ever thought it could be. She had...Read On

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Pizza Wives

A cock hungry wife gets a hot tip and a King sized Pizza delivery.....

Pizza Wives Don Abdul ©2008 Although she was warmly received into her new upscale neighborhood that she and her husband Rowland had worked so hard for, it soon became clear to her neighbors and new found friends that Leticia Griffith was no ordinary housewife. Her sex drive was way above average; she was a very hot freaky woman with an increasingly insatiable appetite for raw hard...Read On



Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife 10

Bubble bath, scented candles, strawberries/champagne Lynda gives Sunita a special treat with a twist

Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife - 10 Don Abdul ©2010 Sunita had gone out earlier to attend some pre-arranged social function in the city, so Lynda had been left on her own for about four hours. After she awoke from a nap, she cranked up her iPad and read a hot erotic story to keep her occupied just so she doesn’t go crazy with anticipation as she fantasized about their impending...Read On


Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife 9

Lynda is a house guest in India where she seduces her host's sexy wife

Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife - 9 Don Abdul ©2010 It was raining when they arrived Mumbai, but their limo driver was there to greet them with an umbrella that kept them dry as they climbed into their transport to their home for the next seven days. A very comfortable home it was too, for Rajiv Chopra, Andrews trusted business partner never did anything by halves. As always, Rajiv...Read On


Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth (6)

Mrs. Crane runs into lesbian seductress Loraine at adult toys/lingerie shop and things heat up...

Mrs. Crane’s Fountain of Youth By Don Abdul ©2011 PART SIX: A Private Party (Appetizers) On her way home from another successful day of work, Shirley needed a boost from the loneliness that had dogged her for the past week. Jamal had been so busy at college he hadn’t been spending any time in her bed. She was so desperately horny, lonely and a little downcast too,...Read On

Love Poems(12)


Craving Cock

A horny womans craving for the penis

Craving Cock Don Abdul© Lying there all night Itching for the touch, feeling tingly and tight It’s been months on end Yet not a single cock to tend Oh, how she aches in her core Praying, wishing to feel the thickness once more The length, the girth together kicking in her hand The pulse launching her into orbit, then back to land Oh goodness, the smooth strength of the head As it parts...Read On


Dickie and I

A poetic commentary on the tricky relationship between an insecure black man and his penis.

Dickie and I Don Abdul (c) I'm the fine gentle fella It's the rude motherfucker Yet it's adored despite its fault Curiously, it seems that I am not I see a girl across the room My heart skips, then goes boom boom This Cyclops only flashed a knowing smile She walks by me, I politely say "hi" It only gives a casual nod Yet she pays me no heed Flashed it a warm smile,...Read On

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Dream Eternal

A special moment shared between lovers.

Dream Eternal Copyright Don Abdul ©2005 Shh!! Say not a word Leave outside, worries of the world Sit back and relax Let me spoil you to the max Candle light Soft music, what a delight Chocolate, strawberries, whipped cream Tonight is the night, baby let’s make a dream Close your eyes Let your imagination soar Your anxieties, your inhibitions lower Part your lips,...Read On

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Dream Eternal

Dream Eternal Don Abdul © Shh!! Say not a word Leave outside, worries of the world Sit back and relax Let me spoil you to the max Candle light Soft music, what a delight Chocolate, strawberries, whipped cream Tonight is the night, baby let’s make a dream Close your eyes Let your imagination soar Your anxieties, your inhibitions lower Part your lips, taste this chocolate Its sweetness,...Read On


Let Me

Let Me Don Abdul ©2006 Let me feast My eyes on the magic triangle That is your heavenly loins Let me admire, its beauty, obvious from every angle ‘Tis worth much more than notes or coins Let me sniff the sweet essence of you And catch a whiff, of your forming honeydew The aroma of your wet, warm cream That I may revel in it in my every wet dream Let me into that majestic place ...Read On


Moments Like This

A very stirring erotic poem

Moments Like This Don Abdul ©2005 As we lie here by the fire place In quiet repose, from passionate love making Tracing the edges of your sexy lingerie’ s lace Up your silken thighs, feeling you, wet and ready for another taking Savouring your deep sensual kiss Sensual touch and other little things I’d never want to miss It’s moments like this that open my eyes Making me see past the...Read On


Pull Up

Pull Up Don Abdul© Pull up to my bumper Prove your mettle as a top humper Feel the luscious curvature Bow to the majesty of Mother Nature Pull up to my bumper Unleash your inner freak, the hard thumper Let me feel your hands calloused and rough Oh yeah, lay it upon my every curve Pull up to my bumper Let's dance together, Lambada, Salsa, and Rumba Inhale my essence As it...Read On


Quench My Thirst

A lovers plea for her cum

Quench My Thirst Copyright © Don Abdul 2010 Quench My Thirst Let me tease you, and save the best for last Part your thighs Open them wide, tonight there'll be no lies Faked orgasms, flung far into the sea I'll eat your wet, throbbing sex 'tll you scream your every plea From trough to crest as you ride the wave As you're tossed, and flung towards the orgasm you so much crave ...Read On


Scent of A Woman

I crave the feeling, the tasting, the eating, and the doing.....

SCENT OF A WOMAN Don Abdul ©2005 Laying out here by the pool Soaking up the sun Drink by my side so sweaty cool From deep within my mind From that collage of smells Perception of smell to the blind It is the one The scent that stirs me to arousal Venting erotic memories of times long gone Heightening my thirst for raw she-juice My hunger for wet swollen lips Letting my desire loose...Read On


Seven Whole Days

Make love to all your five senses, all at once; Every second of every minute of every hour of every

Don Abdul ©2006 There is something wrong with my eyes I cannot take them off you It didn’t take me a moment to realise How my soul yearns for you From your little actions to the complex The beauty of your soul reflects The twinkle in your eyes Soft feminine strength in disguise If I had a week to live and dream with you To act out my passion so deep so true I would spend 2 days licking...Read On


Spontaneous Passion

A horny man fantasizes about a woman whose picture he is looking at and is overwhelmed by his desire

Spontaneous Passion Don Abdul (c) 2010 As I look through your pics I'm burdened with the hardest of dicks As mine got swollen and kicking I fantasize about kissing and licking Your full luscious pair of lips And your rock hard nips Oh how I dream of caressing your silken thigh And between your open legs lie And thereafter orally commune with your labia Until...Read On



A subs, awesome experience of being suspended by her Master

SUSPENDED Copyright Don Abdul ©2008 Caught, bound and hogtied Suspended in space and time Her Pleasure, her pain both rhyme Her pain blending with her pleasure Neither has a beginning Neither has and end She drifts...on and on In a continuum Helpless yet happy Satisfaction within her grasp Her every fantasy being fulfilled Nipples at tingling erection ...Read On



Team Spirit 2

A hot and sexy cougar is rescued by her son's best friends who fix her car and more..

Team Spirit 2 Don Abdul (c) Leslie re-emerged from Ricky's room and tossed them two robes and asked for their clothes so she could pop then into the washer while they showered. Paul went first, then Miguel and finally it was Leslie turn to use the shower. When she was done, she returned to the living room complaining of aches and pains. She said she had been stressed so much ...Read On



Closed Encounter

A dashing young man wonders into an adult bookstore and finds a hot mature woman

Closed Encounter Copyright Don Abdul ©2008 Darnell had discovered the adult bookstore quite accidentally a week ago, inside he'd seen a couple of erotic story books he'd been trying to find for ages. Since he wasn't carrying nearly enough cash on that visit, he planned to return later to buy them. He had planned to close early and go to the bookstore for those books, but right after...Read On


Mrs. Crane’s Fountain of Youth (1)

Cougar's journey through mid life crisis and sexual doldrums to rediscovery of the Fountain of Youth

Mrs. Crane’s Fountain of Youth By Don Abdul ©2011 Part One: Shirley Gets Her Groove Back “Good morning pretty lady, did I wake you up?” Jamal Washington chirped happily as if he had just done her a huge favor. ‘Oh fuck!’ Mrs. Shirley Crane thought, so annoyed with herself for not imagining that it could be him at the door. He looked so painfully handsome and sexy that...Read On


Mrs. Crane’s Fountain of Youth (2)

Basking in the euphoria of her recent orgasm, Mrs. Crane relished Jamal's sexual stamina

Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth By Don Abdul (c) 2011 PART TWO: In the Beginning ….It had been hard to tell exactly what the problem was but despite the fact that Shirley had been lucky in life generally, she gradually sank into despair. Not even her blessings of a healthy son who had just gone off to college, a loving husband, relative wealth and a great group of friends could ease...Read On


Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth 3

Mrs. Crane is wondering how one so young got to be so adept at pleasuring a woman

Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth 3  By Don Abdul (c)2011 Part Three: Exploring Deeper and further Jamal swung by the following morning right after his morning run and he took her hard and rough right over the kitchen table as she attempted to make breakfast. He was such crazy fun and great fuck too. She found herself getting wet again just thinking about their sex...Read On


Team Spirit 1

A hot and sexy cougar is rescued by her son's best friends who fix her car and more..

Team Spirit Don Abdul© Prelude: Their popularity didn't stem from their parents bank balances but from their athletic prowess, as they were all members of their high school's football team. They were fondly referred to as the "Gang of Four". After their last football match as the walked back to the locker-room, they made a pact "All for One and one fall all". Ricky, Jim, Paul and...Read On


Team Spirit 3

A hot and sexy cougar is rescued by her son's best friends who fix her car and more..

Team Spirit 3 Don Abdul © The potent vibrations from Leslie's vocal cords resonated powerfully through Paul's sensually charged cock and her involuntary squeeze on his balls send his hurtling down the bottomless pit of release. His back arched and his head flew backwards as he let out a deep guttural growl from the depth of his soul and spewed his hot cum in the air with some of...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Mile High Quickie

A sexy BBW rediscovers the intense excitement of quickie sex 30,000 feet in the air

Mile High Quickie Don Abdul ©2009 "Excuse me ma'am, may I sit next to you. My seat is so far away from everyone else and I have such a craving for human proximity", the strange man joked casually. Without even looking up at him, she shrugged her shoulders as if to say "suit yourself". He clearly was the convivial type, and she was already bracing herself for a long and boring flight...Read On

Straight Sex(17)


At My Bedroom Door

She arrived at his house soaked to the skin, being a gentleman, he did his best to warm her up good

At My Bedroom Door Don Abdul ©2008 I had spent the whole afternoon taking my two little boys out to lunch at the mall, and then we took in a movie when we got back home. I was exhausted so I went to bed rather early. I was just dozing off for the night, when the door bell rang, so I reluctantly got out of bed to see who it was. I couldn't believe my eyes but there she was with her...Read On


Damsel in Distress

Horny mature slut on her way to a raunchy sex rendezvous when her car broke down. A young stud shows

Damsel in Distress Don Abdul © Regina was horny, she is always horny anyways her overactive sex drive is probably the reason she couldn't stay in a committed relationship for any good length of time. This didn't bother her at all, as she has come to accept that she is what she is, a slut, and a very proud one at that. Her motto in life is "fuck and let fuck". She had awakened that...Read On


Dish Served Cold

Sexy Cougar fulfills her desire big young cock in pursuit of revenge against a cheating husband.

Dish Served Cold Don Abdul Mrs. Rebeca Robinson was 45 years old when the proverbial fickle finger of fate beckoned, and led her into the exciting world of cougars. She was the head teacher at a "special high school". She was still very fit and shapely, probably more so than most women her age. Her ample breasts were just about starting show signs of sagging. Her thick thighs and heart...Read On


Dish Served Cold 2

Sexy Cougar fulfills her desire big young cock in pursuit of revenge against a cheating husband.

Dish Served Cold 2 Don Abdul © Mrs. Robinson avoided Roman for the next one week. Not trusting herself to act the part of the prim and proper matron, and fearing that others might notice, she thought it best to stay away from him for the time being. Although she had been thinking of him, after almost twenty years of sex exclusively with a man her own age, she had almost forgotten the...Read On

Audio version available

Horny House Guest

A Sexy doctor invites her unmarried college best friend to spend the weekend, and then tempts her ..

Horny House Guest Don Abdul ©2008 Dawn chatted away heartily while Robert weaved the car through the scanty Sunday afternoon traffic on their way back home after dropping Jessica off at the airport. Although he made the right noises at the appropriate moments, Robert's thoughts were far from the topic of his wife's babble. His mind is preoccupied with memories of his dirty...Read On


Job Interview

Street smart, sexy Veronica gets ahead with a downblouse flash and more at the job interview.

Job Interview Don Abdul (c) Waiting her turn in the reception area of the office, Veronica's smiles belied her internal turmoil and self-doubt. "What am I even doing here?' she asked herself, as she sized up the other girls that had turned up for the same job interview. They were every bit as pretty as she was, and she suspected some even much prettier. If ever Veronica had on...Read On


Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife

Sexy Trophy wife and former model looks outside her marriage for sex and adventure

Lusty Adventures of a Horny Trophy Wife Don Abdul ©2010 Lynda Fox was born and raised in a small suburban college town. Her mum was a nurse and her dad was a college teacher, so she was raised in a typical middle class family. She was very inquisitive as a child and did especially well at Geography which was her favorite subject. Although she was one of those kids at school...Read On


Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife (Part 4)

Lynda's insatiable craving for cock leads her to sort her unfinished business with Giovanni

Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife (Part 4) Don Abdul (c)2010 It had been a couple of weeks since Lynda returned from her Caribbean vacation, and although the memories of her ‘Caribbean Double Chocolate Dip’ kept her usually voracious sexual appetite in check for a while, libido was on the rise again. The dull ache in her loins was once again becoming unbearably distracting. She...Read On


Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife (Part 5)

Lynda is so horny enjoys hot lesbian sex; but what is real and what is fantasy? Find out here!

Lusty Adventures of a Horny Trophy Wife - 5 Don Abdul ©2010 Right after her sexually memorable visit to Giovanni’s office to wrap up their unfinished business, Lynda had become quite busy with a new account she had managing the comfort of a visiting Japanese business delegation. It was such hard work due to the language barriers involved but it was such a profitable venture she had...Read On


Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife (Part 6)

Itchy and needy yet again, Lynda plots her threesome but looks to a younger man for immediate relief

Lusty Adventures of a Horny Trophy Wife - 6 Don Abdul ©2010 Working in close proximity with the 20 year old intern Jack was becoming rather too painful for Lynda as his continued presence around her was driving her nuts with desire. Most times she would often fantasize about pouncing on him right there in the office and tearing off his clothes, and then impaling herself on his...Read On


Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife 2

Lynda is abandoned by her husband in the Caribbean; she finds a big black stud to scratch her itch.

Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife (Part 2) Don Abdul (c) 2010 Lynda and Andrew had flown into the coastal city for what he had described as a working vacation but on the eve of a party he had organized for his business associates he was called away on an urgent business. Knowing he couldn’t just cancel the party on such short notice, Andrew asked Lynda to receive and entertain...Read On


Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife 3

Lynda is receives her first black cock but would one cock be enough to sate her hunger?

Lusty Adventures of a Horny Trophy Wife (Part 3) Don Abdul ©2010 Suddenly Lynda recognized the advancing black sex gods to be the very objects of her most recent fantasies, Wyclef and Eddie the bar tender. Lynda felt an intense warmth rise from her core and spread quickly rippling through her body until once again her pussy was moist and her nipples hard in anticipation of a...Read On


Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife 7

Lynda accompanies hubby to the east on business, there she rekindles the embers of young lust

Lusty Adventures of a Horny Trophy Wife - 7 Don Abdul ©2010 As the Lear Jet banked to its left in preparation for the commencement of their descent into Kuala Lumpur; Lynda’s slight frowning expression suddenly changed, as if in response to the change in the heading of the aircraft. A slight wrinkle graced the corners of her mouth, accentuating her dimples, while a naughty...Read On


Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife 8

Room Service Waiter Abdul returns after mid night to give Lynda her whispered wish.....

Lusty Adventures of a Horny Trophy Wife - 8 Don Abdul ©2010 Lynda’s had drifted off into a blissful post coital sleep right on her suites living room couch, and Abdul’s soft knocks on the door had taken a few moments to get through to her subconscious. As she suddenly remembered the pleasure that he would be bearing upon his return to her bed, she sat bolt upright, instantly awake...Read On


Tight Jam 1

Rumors have it that new hire Stan is well hung, office sluts race to snare him in their wet panties,

TIGHT JAM (The Seduction) Copyright Don Abdul ©2008 Stan walked into Peggy's office carrying a box of spreadsheets and other documents she had asked for in her email. They got right down to business and soon got lost in their work. As an assistant in the accounts department, Stan could easily have handled the entire tedious task on his own. However, being the daughter of the...Read On


Tight Jam 2 (The Blackmail)

Stan screwed her step-daughter in the office, and Constance has it all on video tape....

TIGHT JAM 2 (The Blackmail ) Don Abdul ©2008 While Peggy was young, sexy outgoing, Constance was a prudish 52 year old bitch who seldom smiled, especially with the staff, regardless of how nice and cordial to her they were. The interesting thing about her though is that despite her cold attitude she had damn sexy body. In fact, most of the guys in the office actually fantasized about her...Read On


Tight Jam 3 (The Tables Turn)

Stan suffers blackmail by Peggy's step-mom Constance. But Help comes from an unexpected source....

Tight Jam 3 (The Tables Turn) Don Abdul (c)2008 Stan was just settling down to his search through the company archives in the basement when he felt a light tap on his shoulder. Whipping his head around, he saw Constance smiling wickedly at him. His heart sank when he suddenly realized it was Friday afternoon, and before he could dwell upon what she wanted, she stated her business, and...Read On



Neighborly Lust

Horny New neighbor went next door in search of help, and ended up in a voyeurs paradise...

Neighborly Lust Don Abdul ©2010 I remember the first time I went over to their house; it was my second day as their new neighbor. I had moved into the house next door to Santos and Gabrielle and the next day being Sunday, I went for an early morning run. After my run I returned to my new home only to realize that I had locked myself out of the house. My keys and my cell phone were inside...Read On