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The avatar is my favourite porn star who sadly took his own life 2 years ago, what a waste of a life!
I'm a gay guy that won't die curious! I've been with guys mainly but I've had my moments with girls. I rarely go into the chatrooms, but might take a sneaky peek to see who's in there, so never say never. I am active in the forums, some might think too active, lol. I can be a bit acerbic but just because I don't agree with you it doesn't mean I don't like you. I do try to keep in contact with friends and can be fiercely loyal to them. Any gay guy that I spot I will usually request friendship but my friends are from across the spectrum.
I have lived the highs and lows in relationsips. Then I turned into the king of anonymous sex, slut extraordinaire. Now single but should have worked harder on the one that got away! I have had a go at writing some fiction, I don't know if it is any good, I'll let others be the judge of that. Don't expect too many happy endings from my stories, I am quite a fan of unrequited love and tearjerkers. There is nothing like a good weepy, hence my film list.
Too many "insignificant others" to write a true stories about them, in any case they have all blurred together. The ones with a significant other aren't for publication, they will probably stay unwritten.

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Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom
Men, gardening, gardeners, builders, plumbers, workmen, firemen, policemen...... Get the drift!
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The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Catcher in the Rye
Tales of the City series
A Streetcat Called Bob
L'Amante Anglaise
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Robert Ludlum
John Grisham
George Orwell
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One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Imitation of Life
Now Voyager
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1970's New Romantic
1980's High Energy
1990's Garage & Tribal
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Topic: Weird question.
Posted: 17 Apr 2015 12:32

I think it should be give and take at some point. If a guy is turned on because he was able to pleased his partner on his own way, I think he should let the woman do the same especially if it pleased her very much. It is like a mutual thing, my opinion.
No. That would only be the case if she didn't like being licked out. That would be quid pro quo.
If both parties don't like having it done to them, they won't do it.

Topic: Weird question.
Posted: 14 Apr 2015 02:03

I know most of men likes receiving blowjob but this past guy of mine did not require me to do so. I asked him why & he said he likes to pleasure me more than I do.

So is it true? Does a guy like that exist?

I don't understand why it would surprise you. We are all different, and get turned on and off by different things. It's just how our brain works.
There are even lots of gay guys that don't like being blown! We are meant to love it.

Topic: Leave already!!!
Posted: 07 Apr 2015 16:15

dontknow Why do you call her a keeper?
To be honest, you helped to create the problem by leaving for work and letting her stay. You should have made sure she'd gone home, even if you'd have invited her back later. I would never leave someone alone in my home after one night.

Topic: How Rough Can I Be With Your Willy?
Posted: 07 Apr 2015 15:58

My friend seriously likes his erection to be full-slapped to the point where it would really hurt if it was his face, and then sucked on hard. He says it's a pleasurable pain that's made even better when enveloped by a mouth.

Also, he loves to be bitten so hard that it squashes his cock unbelievably. And yet it doesn't seem to leave him in agony. He also loves teeth scraping hard over his helmet.

Is this peculiar to him, or do a few of you enjoy such rough handling at times? Does the amount of blood in the shaft make some pain pleasant?

I'd be grateful to know more, please! sunny
I've never been slapped on the cock, but don't mind teeth scraping along the shaft. As far as sucking goes, I always tell them to suck as though their life depended on it. Even after I cum I like to be sucked, the pain is exquisite.

Topic: Most guys won't EVER taste their cum, why?
Posted: 07 Apr 2015 15:29

Such a strange thread!
Yes, I've tried my own cum. It's not erotic or sexual, more convenience if there isn't a tissue handy. I much prefer it from another guys cock.
But I wouldn't drink it out of a glass!!! Why would he do that? Let me just think about this.
I have a partner who is happy to let me cum in their mouth and will swallow. No! I'm going to wank into a glass. Then I'm going to ask them to drink it!!!
Questions about his sanity are whirling around in my head.

Topic: Straight guys only!!!
Posted: 03 Apr 2015 18:15

Possibly the dumbest thread title in the forum. Showing a total lack of knowledge of gay and bisexual men. Obviously the assumption is that we all enjoy anal play. Wrong!
I certainly don't, and I've tried it. The only person who gets to touch it is me.

Topic: What do you love about the opposite sex?
Posted: 10 Mar 2015 14:25

Everything....or damned near everything. When you give a woman a chance, and let her be who she really is, she can perform miracles.

I must exclude their fury....I am not fond of that.
Hell hath no fury...

I think that, in general, they care more. They are more genuinely concerned about friends.

Topic: Being Gay a Choice?
Posted: 10 Mar 2015 13:51

Apologies for the rant.

Topic: Being Gay a Choice?
Posted: 10 Mar 2015 13:45

I think I'm less hoping to contribute to the subject here and more interested in some feedback - I don't have any close gay friends (no one that I would feel comfortable discussing the matter). I guess what I am trying to get at is that I am definitely looking for responses telling me whether you think i'm right, wrong, or I'm so far off I'm not even close to the topic :P

I think there are choices involved, but I don't think the choice is who you're attracted to. I think the 'choices' are whether you choose to try to be straight to conform to the 'norm', finding a partner of the opposite sex that you love as a person, but that you're not attracted to and not IN love with. Or people can feel pressures of religions and feel that they may be attracted to the opposite sex but choose to be abstinent. (I think the prison example is something totally separate - a mix of sex becoming a bartering tool, people using it to gain pleasure, others giving pleasure to gain security - I don't think this has really anything to do with being gay, just sex acts between members of the same sex)

loverman had to bring up the gender identity issue :P that I have no idea about - half of me wonders how we spend one day preaching how assigning roles to genders is wrong, and then the next day arguing that someone can 'feel like someone of the opposite sex.' (I reiterate here - I'm voicing my confusion about the issue and VERY MUCH trying to not be judgemental). We don't want to associate dolls, soldiers, cooking, technology, or anything else with a particular sex, AND we want to say you should be with whoever makes you happy regardless of sex, but then we say that you can associate with a sex other than what you're born into. I don't understand the finer points enough to reconcile these two concepts.

I agree with the overall statement that I hate that this is an issue in politics though. FFS, why does anyone care what two consenting adults do.

So... thoughts? Am I just a fucktard like Carson?

Nice. For someone who has no close gay friends, you have a wonderful insight.
So the gay man speaks.
He is a wanker. Neurosurgeon or not, who cares.
Being gay is not a fucking choice. If it was I'd be straight!
Who wants to live on the fringe of society. In the shade? The one that your parents don't discuss with relatives!
Who wants to think about killing themselves because they're a freak?
Who wants to risk being beaten up or killed for just being themselves?
Ask an honest gay man the question, you'll soon know.

Topic: Blowjobs: Guys, do you like to suck cock as well as having your cock sucked?
Posted: 08 Mar 2015 01:48

UPDATE: I have now sucked several cocks and I love it!
Now you've got to ride 'em, cowboy.

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I've just got home from one of the most interesting encounters I've ever had, so I thought I'd share it with you. I'm Paul by the way, a 35 year old gay guy, 6', slim with short brown hair and blue eyes. It's my eyes that get me noticed, not that I know why, they've always just been my eyes but other people seem to like them. I'm thankful for that because otherwise I'd be just your average Joe. ...

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