Love Poems(5)


Another Darkness

All I wanted was you To hold and love To make you mine And now I have nothingness To hold me at night It is the only thing that loves me I know that all I want  Is the darkness that encases My heart and soul I welcome it with open arms For the time has come To rid all Your time will come Where you to Will only have darkness and nothingness Then as I walk towards...Read On



My heart stopped My breathing slowed My eyes closed And I drifted Drifted to the blackness There is no light There is no life There is nothing Nothing but blackness No glimmer of hope No little spark of life Just nothingness Nothingness is what I feel Nothingness is what I want I want to forget I want release Let me have this This is all I ask Let...Read On



MASTER No matter what I do I am wrong No matter what I say I am wrong Despair Desperation  Suffocation  Final My heart can't anymore I feel trapped Overpowered by your love Overpowered by your way Selfish Daddy Only thinking of yourself  How you are feeling What you want and need You promised to protect me To look after me To make me happy To love me ...Read On



Always me... always me that has done wrong. Well you are wrong, mr perfect.

Time stood still As you walked away from me All I could hear were your footsteps Confident, happy, relieved Time stood still As you uttered those words “I don’t want you.” But my heart will not break this time This time I walk away With my head held high Knowing that I can do better That I have done better I will survive this And be better for it I will find that special someone That...Read On


without you

The earth stood still The lights went out And all that was left was darkness When you left you took it all And left me with nothing Nothing at all Nothing is all I have now To keep me company To keep me sane Darkness and nothingness Are my only friends When I close my eyes...Read On