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Topic If You Woke Up With The Person Above You What Would Be The First Thing You'd Say?
Posted 16 Oct 2009 21:16

Give us a kiss lydiababy3some

Topic Why do BBW's hide their BODIES from public view on the Internet ?
Posted 25 Sep 2009 16:33

I love BBW, they have every thing a skinny girl has and more, much more and they know how to use it! Real women are BBW, curvy girls, voluptuious, what ever you want to call yhem. I do love the BBW, great lovers and usually wonderful people. No woman has boobs the way a BBW does! Gotta love em!

Topic Butterfly surfers
Posted 23 Sep 2009 18:19

Butterfly surfers

Shy little butterflies, moving flecks of yellow green
Why do you play among the breaking waves? What could this mean?
Mostly you just taste the ground where the ocean meets the land
But when the wind and the waves are just right you do something grand

The first time I saw you flying just ahead of the waves
I thought the wind had caught you and the ocean would be your grave
But the wind was calm and the waves smooth and sleek
Dancing in the air just ahead of the waves, what is it that you seek?

Gathering in a small group just above a rolling wave
Riding down the cushion of air, could it be a thrill that you crave?
Fluttering down the curl of a forming tube that shoots out butterflies in a clap
Why would you take that risk, just in time escaping from the trap?

Could it be you seek the same thrill of the blond tan boys bobbing in the sea?
Could an insect play the same games as me?
Do they take a few minutes out of the hustle of their life, one summer long?
In his place would you take some time to play before your summer was gone?

Michael Hissom
(all right reserved)

Topic Cactus
Posted 11 Sep 2009 07:59


In the middle of the desert, a top a cactus tower
Grows a bud, swelling larger, soon to be a flower

No one but me sees the beauty, of the desert tree
In the blistering sun, only i, foresee the fantasy

In the unforgiving heat, thunder heads spread and grow
Driving rain falls, a rare event, in this land i know

The tower of spines drinks, water stores have been low
Until it is heavy with liquid, should it dare to grow?

Later, when the sun has slid over the low desert hills
Only then does this giant show it's beautiful frills

The buds open, slowly one by one, fragrant and sweet
Growing heavy with nectar, calling night fliers to meet

Their leathery wings, flutter in the icy star light
Their tongues probe the blossoms sweet inner delight

Again and again, they visit, tongues lapping nectars sweet fire
The cactus stands immobile, unable to show its sated desire

When the sun rises on another day hot and much dryer
The cactus blooms enclose the gift, brought by the night flier

The fliers have delivered life, begun anew in the flower
The cactus has given its juices, pure and sweet, atop it's tower

Both have benefited from this exchange, mindless passions sated
Can anyone expect as much, from friends or lovers, we have mated?


Topic Dream of a Friend
Posted 08 Sep 2009 19:23

Dream of a Friend

In my dream I see the morning sun sparkle in your eyes deep and blue
I see your full red lips, like rose petals kissed with dew

A halo of golden hair frames your face, freckles cross your nose
Your smile out shines the sun, your face, it truly glows

You wear a gown made only of silk and a few thoughts of sin
A slight breeze blows and the silken gown becomes a second skin

Revealed in that moment, a sight too glorious to ever forget
To hold such beauty would be worth any debt

Are you an enchantress looking for a soul to steal?
Do you require mortal men at your feet to kneel?

Maybe just a mortal woman trying to tempt the sky
What would be the penalty for one embrace to try?

When you go your beauty leaves a void that can never be filled
Left behind you there will always be hearts, forever thrilled!


Topic Funny animals
Posted 08 Sep 2009 19:18

Topic Funny animals
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Topic Funny (Real) Signs
Posted 08 Sep 2009 19:07

Topic Seventeen
Posted 08 Sep 2009 17:33


To be seventeen again was once my fondest wish
To know what I know now and be so young but not so foolish
To feel the fire in my veins and no fear in my chest
To ride my motorcycle like I was destined to the be the best

To be able to watch the young girls through eyes not filtered by guilt
Majorettes marching at a half time show and not feel I should not notice how they are built
To walk the halls of my old high school and know how important the classes
To know how going to college would have changed my life, my choices, forever

To have the nerve to ask the prettiest girl to the prom, knowing what to say at every turn.
To be serious when it was necessary and to have fun when I could and not try to act so stern
To savor every moment as if it were the last because as I know now each moment was
To know that cool was just being who you were and not doing what everyone else does

But now at fifty, I look back and I would settle for reliving those days as ignorant as I was then
To live wild and free and be not be burdonded by what was to be in the future when
Maybe just a touch of self confidence would be nice, less introverted, less afraid
I could ride my motorcycle and not worry about what was yet to be, or the life I had made

Yet in my heart I can relive all the joys and sorrows of that time, even as they fade from my mind
All I have to do is think of the special things and it all becomes clear, the memories easy to find
At fifty on the outside in my heart I am still seventeen, still wanting to party with songs unsung
But my outside marks me as old, not to be trusted; I was guilty of the same when I was young