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I'm a drama free sort and like it that way, I have been around a long time so don't let the date I joined fool ya, I think this is the 3rd trip back with a year or so break between hitches on lush. Well until next time stay tuned and don't be afraid to say hi, I'm not here seeking any sort of relationship, just good conversation and nice people and roam the forums and a chat room on occasion. If you happen to post my wall keep them fun and classy please.

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22 Feb 2018 10:55
All things outdoors, and a good book. Love to spend time with the woman I love and build a fire and open a bottle of wine.
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To many to list right off, but I swear I can read lol.
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Love comedy, the action movies too of course, what guy don't like a few. I find I have little time to just sit and watch many lately as life is always busy
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I'm very eclectic! Classical to Blues, rock and country all fit the bill. Mood dependant!


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17 Oct 2016
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Topic: do you believe in God?
Posted: 16 Feb 2018 09:56

You are Correct Seeker4. Most cannot truly put it in terms of why and convince another, because it was there experience that changed there mind from one thought to the next. The existence of higher power isn't easy for many to accept and harder to prove on paper. One either accepts to believe of they don't. Its just a personal journey.

Topic: What are you afraid of?
Posted: 16 Feb 2018 08:46

Spiders do give me the creeps after a rather nasty run in with a Brown Recluse once

Topic: A chapter completed, a page turned, a life well lived, a rest well earned Fletch64
Posted: 16 Feb 2018 08:42

I like many only saw him in passing in the forums. Were all ships in the night just passing along often. My sincere condolences to his friends and family! <img src="/images/emoticons/angel7.gif" alt="angel7">

Topic: What is your favorite beer,wine or whiskey and how do you like it?
Posted: 16 Feb 2018 08:36

Whisky - Four Roses single barrel small batch :)

Topic: do you believe in God?
Posted: 16 Feb 2018 08:32

And what are those reasonings? All you have said so far is you find it an oddity that jesus appears in non christian writings. which doesnt sound to me like a reason at all. It does however indicate to me what the level of your reasoning might be.

I never tried to convince anyone - all I do is examine my own and others reasoning. It can be useful - I often find I am wrong and change my opinion. That is the value of engaging in debate.

But if you dont want to debate because you feel unable to defend your views - nobody will force you.
Sir it has nothing to do with may ability to defend my reason's, I just don't feel I need to defend them to you or even share them for that matter. All I said is I have my own reasons and there mine to hold and share when and if I choose.
But I will say this I have seen cancer there and then gone after prayer. I have talked to people that have died and heard things that shook me. And the fact I was raised to believe in god. But those things I cannot show you on paper nor convince you. You must find your own path as we all do. So best wishes on that journey.

Topic: At least sixteen dead in Parkland FL high school shooting.
Posted: 16 Feb 2018 07:53


Guns don't kill people, people kill people.... with guns.

Look, I get the argument, the gun is an inanimate object, and the (weak-ass) argument is that blaming a gun is an anthropomorphization. Fine. People have to point the gun, and pull the trigger. Let alone that guns (especially those like an AR-15) are tools for killing that enable the people to be far more destructive than they would have been without them... the problem is people. I'll even give you this: I agree that gun violence in America is a cultural issue more than it is about the access to guns.

What I'm interested in knowing is what is it that you propose to do about people or culture that is simpler or less invasive or more effective than limiting civilian access to deadly firearms?

Well said sir! The real question is how do we stop these atrocities! I'm not sure there are any simple fixes as some pointed out it's become a cultural problem. I'm all for hearing imput other than lets just take all the guns from everyone. That's only a patch for the real problem here.

Topic: At least sixteen dead in Parkland FL high school shooting.
Posted: 16 Feb 2018 06:45

Yes and no.



People engaged in the business of buying, selling, trading, importing, or manufacturing firearms in the USA are required to have a Federal Firearms License or FFL. There are various classes of licenses. For instance, an importer has a different class of license than someone in retail sales. Any FFL holder who sells a firearm from his company inventory MUST conduct a background check on the buyer before transferring the firearm. It doesn't matter where the sale takes place, kitchen table at home, brick and mortar place of business, out of the back of a truck, or at a gun show.

Pretty much everyone else is not only not required to do a background check through NICS, THEY CAN'T . In order to run a check through NICS, you must provide the seller's FFL number. No FFL number. No background check. And that, boys and girls, is what the press calls the "Gun Show Loophole". Anyone at a gun show who has an FFL who sells a firearm is required to run the sale through NICS. If you want to go to the same gun show, rent a table, and sell one of your guns, you not only don't have to run it through NICS, you can't. BTW, those same rules apply everywhere else in the USA whether at a gun show or not.

So you can see why it's called the "Gun Show Loophole", right? Me neither!

Its a misused term to lead people to think you can just go to a gun show and buy anything you want. As you said and myself also you can trade, or sell our legally purchased firearms to each other without paperwork. I think there needs to be some sort of transfer paper filed so it shows you are no longer the legal owner and its sent to the proper authority's and vetted. Then if said person is flagged they should get in trouble. This is a definite change I would have no problem supporting!

Topic: At least sixteen dead in Parkland FL high school shooting.
Posted: 16 Feb 2018 06:37

Are you saying the Las Vegas shooter was still being raised by his parents? <img src="/images/emoticons/dontknow.gif" alt="dontknow"> This isn't just about kids and shootings in schools. It's about a culture where violence is the hammer to nail down all problems. Militarized police, death penalty, insanely out of proportion defense budget, police brutality, stand-your-ground, etc. Every issue is solved or seems to be considered solvable by violence. And if not, than by more violence for sure.

Oh gosh no not saying that at all. I believe we were discussing a school shooting though.

Violence is hardly ever the answer and should be a last recourse of action. But there are times its the last recourse. I cannot say why the Vegas shooter did what he did other than he was off his rocker. It made no sense to me nor to anyone I know. Oh and I personally don't think anyone should be able to amass that sort of arsenal as a private individual let alone have accessories that make a gun capable of full auto.

Topic: At least sixteen dead in Parkland FL high school shooting.
Posted: 16 Feb 2018 06:31

So for children your answer is to take the weapon away? I'll ignore the part where you said you would beat the child... and then beat the dad as well... Assuming you even could. I imagine someone who needs to make strangers on the internet think he's a rootin' tootin' tough guy probably isn't. In fact, you sound like an old guy who might break a hip walking to the toilet... But let me get back to the point...

So for children your answer is to take the weapon away? But not for adults? Why does arming every kid with a club not make all the kids safer but arming all adults with a gun does make society safer in your opinion?

Sorry but life and duty called. Humm were were we? Oh yes I remember! I was in a hurry on my last reply when I said beat the kids butt, that was an improper term, it should have said spanked his behind.

Ok to answer your question, there's a fundamental difference between children and adults. That's where parental discipline should have come in to form a responsible adult right?
I wouldn't say guns are for everyone, that's a personal choice. But I feel safer knowing I can defend myself and my family and whom ever else if need be. I would think if we were to meet and standing in a check out line and a active shooter started shooting you would be glad I had a gun to at least attempt to stop him. If you choose not to carry or own firearms that's fine by me as its your choice.

Lol and as far as rootin tootin and hip breaking lets just say if you passed me in a dark alley you wouldn't desire to try me ;)

Oh and lets get back to the discussion at hand and refrain from ATTACKING each other personally as that does nothing for either of us other than entertainment fodder for others. I don't think either of us are that far apart on the subject, just see through different glasses.

Topic: At least sixteen dead in Parkland FL high school shooting.
Posted: 15 Feb 2018 13:49


Assuming you're a responsible adult.

If you saw one 5 year old kid hit another 5 year old kid with the a club.

would you

A.) take the club away from the kid?


b.) Give the other kid a club to defend himself?

Take the club away and bust his ass is what i would do, my kid or not and if the father said anything he might get it to ;) . That's the reason kids these days hit other kids with sticks and shoot them. Parents not doing there jobs in the first place.

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