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I love writing any type of story, though I most enjoy reading incest stories as the taboo is too much to pass up.

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Topic: Is This Cool to You?
Posted: 06 Feb 2012 14:53

Got a question for you wonderful folks here at Lush Stories. I know I'm not widely known on the forums, but I'd appreciate a little honest feedback. I play guitar, have been now for about a decade. Now, I started messing around with my guitar one night, doing hammer-on's and pull-off's with my right hand and keeping the beat on the body of my guitar with my left hand (I play left-handed). Anyway, she thought it sounded awesome and wanted me to record it and post it to YouTube, only I'm thinking it's not that difficult to do...

What I was wondering is, could you please watch it and let me know what you think? It'd be a big help in getting a good basis for my music (which I am trying to record and sell).

Here's the link:


If you could let me know, I'd really appreciate it :)

Topic: straight/bi/gay
Posted: 04 Jan 2012 10:05

then why are you with a woman, if being with a man is more satisfying? It's not that it's more satisfying, just that's it's a newer experience for me. I identify as bi, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a woman and all she is. It just means I like guys too. I'm fiercely loyal, and though my fiance and I can be kinky (had a threesome not too long ago with a bi guy lol), at the end of the day I love her and she loves me. :)

Topic: Do you cum? x
Posted: 03 Jan 2012 16:33

I like to cum while reading stories on Lush. It's a great way to pass the time and it allows for a lot of imagination, especially if the story is well-written.

Topic: straight/bi/gay
Posted: 03 Jan 2012 16:32

I'm a bi guy and have been for a while. I'm with a woman now, but I love me a nice cock. It's all about preference, but I love anal play - especially being fucked. It's a huge turn-on and, quite frankly, incredibly satisfying. I've never had a better orgasm.

Topic: Inane Question of the Day #2
Posted: 06 Apr 2010 01:00

My eyes change color depending on the time of day or what mood I'm in. In the early morning they're a bright, apple green, but they drift toward blue by the end of the day. If I'm really angry they'll turn dark blue, but if I'm really happy they are a bright green as well. So I double I would want any new eye colors, mine are just amazing the way they are :)

Topic: Inane Question of the Day #1
Posted: 06 Apr 2010 00:59

I think I'd be able to do it, especially for $100,000. It'd be hard (no pun intended), but I'm sure I could do it.

Topic: Scaredy-Cat Test
Posted: 08 Oct 2009 20:51

Score: 45

Although you’re not a total sissy when it comes to scary stuff, you do get scared now and then. You may not jump or scream for your mommy everytime you watch a scary movie or when something goes bump in the night, but it does leave your nerves a little frayed. (Don’t worry, you can admit it to us – we won’t tell anyone). Overall however, you’re pretty much as cool as a black cat when it comes to scary stuff, and even if something does freak you out, you’re probably one of those rational people who always has a reasonable explanation for every creaky sound or ghost story that you hear.

Sounds just like me...

Topic: Stupid Human Tricks
Posted: 08 Oct 2009 20:48

Wow...the shit they do in Alabama, I swear to God...

Topic: For the Star Trek/Patrick Stewart Lovers
Posted: 08 Oct 2009 20:47

Personally, I enjoyed Voyager much more than Next Generation. The allure of Janeway...you can't beat that, in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, Patrick Stewart is a phenomenal actor, I just liked Janeway more as a Starfleet captain.

Topic: A question for the fathers in here?
Posted: 30 Sep 2009 21:17

I was never over-protective as that, though I was concerned about my wife's overall well-being, especially as her pregnancy progressed. Now, however, I'm more concerned for my daughter than anything. Kids are the best.

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Josh and Valentine - Chapter I

Being tall, blond and beautiful definitely had its advantages apparently; my sister Valentine was always snagging dates and bringing her "boy-toys" back home. It infuriated me, if I can speak plainly, not just because they made a ton of noise, but because that was my baby sister, and I didn't like the idea of some other guy having his way with her. Not that I was her guy at all, but you know...

Added 10 Mar 2015 | Category Incest | Votes 0 | Avg Score 0 | Views 199

My Darling Mia

Chapter I I knew what my life was missing. I had never been a fan of porn, though the subject didn’t bother me. I had had a few relationships in the past, but they had never turned into anything serious, and by the time I had turned 21 I was still a virgin. This fact didn’t bother me, though my friends often chided me about it – I took the ribbing, even joked back a bit, but the idea of...

Added 13 Sep 2014 | Category Incest | Votes 0 | Avg Score 0 | Views 138

Josh and Valentine - Chapter II

DISCLAIMER: There's not a lot of erotica this time around. This chapter is meant more to flesh out the characters, but there's a small bit in there, don't worry. There will be more to the story, I assure you, so for those of you who enjoy my stories, there is definitely more to come. *** Writing is hard. Living, while tough in itself, is nothing compared to writing, especially something...

Added 14 Jul 2011 | Category Incest | Votes 0 | Avg Score 0 | Views 116

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