Group Sex(1)


Fuck Buddies

College buddies have a spontaneus group sex session. (2 guys 2 girls)

Second attempt at erotica, feedback please? :) And I know how ridiculous the situation is, but in my world everyone's horny 24/7. I slam the door to my shared dorm-room open, calling out hello to my roommate, Janice. She's a sweet girl, albeit quite perverse sometimes, but a good friend. Long blonde hair with a blue streak in it, tall with long legs and C tits, pretty much my...Read On



Horny Teacher

He's lusting after his student, who's also his brother's friend...

I watch her leave my room, my eyes drawn the edge of her short uniform, skirt brushing her delicious thighs, showing off that full ass. I shake my head to clear the dirty thoughts, but I still feel my cock press painfully against the zipper of my slacks. She's got such a delicious body, she's petite, and only 18, but doesn't have the boyish figure that usually comes with that age. While...Read On