Honey I'm Home

Mutual release after a long day

Adam enters the kitchen and sees her standing in the kitchen by the sink looking out the window. Her sundress blows in the slight wind from the open window, shadows play in the folds of the dress as the sun streams through it. Tantalizing glimpses of her curves are at once revealed and then hidden as the dress plays back and forth, her legs are spread slightly, back arched to bring...Read On




An early morning encounter

Adam slowly opens his eyes to the dim light of a gray rainy morning casting a glow into the room. He senses the heat of the naked body lying next to him and turns to absorb it. Eve is lying face down on the bed, curly black hair covering her face and neck. Her arms curled above her head exposing the soft curve of her breast. The covers are pulled down to just above her waist, the shadows...Read On


The Chair

Tied to a chair and pleasured (and punished)

She stands in front of the apartment. Naked thighs cold from the wind swirling around the edges of the long coat she wears. She pulls the coat closer around her and shudders. He heart is racing as she raises her hand to knock on the door. Her nipples harden immediately. She knocks, once, then twice before she takes a small step back. He hears the knock and looks at the clock, it is...Read On


Losing Control

She is bound but determined to stay in control.

 This is a less explicit but equally intense version of our short story "The Chair", enjoy... --- Eve stands in front of the apartment. Her naked thighs are cold from the wind swirling around the edges of the her long coat. She pulls the coat closer around her and shudders. Her heart races as she raises her hand to knock on the door. She pauses, hand raised, then knocks. Her nipples...Read On


Your first woman

Your take control of a woman while I watch

You pour me another glass of wine, the night air is cooling but the water in the hot tub is keeping us from getting chilled. The party has moved inside but there are still three of us left. You sit snuggled up beside me, legs intertwined under the water. You have one leg over mine and the other spread out to the side, exposing your pussy without being too obvious about it. S sits across from...Read On


Filled Up

I pleasure my sex slave using all of my fingers.

You have been such a good girl. I decide it is my turn to pleasure you tonight, you are to just sit back and enjoy. I whisper into your ear, with a smile and toss of your short brown curls you run to the bedroom and jump on the bed. When I catch up you are sitting against the headboard, a tight white cotton top holding your full round breast tightly to your chest. You legs and bottom...Read On


My Slave

Romantic, erotic, controlling encounter

You sit on the edge of the bed, face turned down slightly, hair hanging over your eyes, afraid to look but listening, desperate for a sign, a signal, a command. Waiting for me to finish my shower, to come to you, to pay attention to you, to worship you. Your legs vibrate with anticipation, your tight jeans rubbing against your smoothly shaved pussy and ass, no panties to protect...Read On



Your blindfold fantasy

You walk into the kitchen and stand in the middle of the floor. I look up slowly and I see a black blindfold draped over your little finger, held out to me at chest level. You are smiling slightly waiting for me to acknowledge you. It takes several seconds for me to process what I am seeing and then I look at you, I smile and nod. Your smile widens and you say, "Give me 25 minutes!" and...Read On


The Massage

Romatic, erotic, controlling massage.

The massage begins like all of our massages with a shower. First you; hot, slow, relaxing, steaming up the bathroom, taking your time to shave everywhere. Your beautiful pussy, your tight little ass, all the sensitive areas are scraped clean of hair, smooth, ready for touching, licking, stroking. You turn off the water and stand in the shower stall, applying body lotion directly to your...Read On



Punishment of my Sex Slave

I am sitting in our front room when you arrive. You are over an hour later than we agreed we would meet to leave for our weekend away. You had called to say you were meeting a few girl friends after work for a beer. We agreed that we would meet at 5pm and as per our agreement that is when I arrived. It is now, however, well after 6pm. You enter the room and I look up from my book. You are...Read On