Debbie's first

Debbie succumbs to her desire for younger man, while I watch

I’ve been friends with Debbie for almost fifteen years and have always had the hots for her. She’s a petite, 5’2”, hard bodied, small figured woman. She is in her mid 40’s, but has a body that most teenagers would kill for. Though I don’t consider myself any particular body part kind of guy, I gotta say she has an ass that would cause me to just blatantly stare like some kind of school kid....Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


Shawna Seduces

Wife enjoys oppurtunity to play with two young guys

After discussing our lifestyle activities and changes over the past several years, we had grown to a new level of communication and trust.  One night after work, Shawna was going through her usual taxi cab routine, taking Scott and Keith home from work. She all of a sudden realized that she had the only key to the house that we had at the time, and wanted to get home to at least let me in...Read On