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Posted 30 Nov 2013 05:15

A very Happy Birthday to ya Donk! Hope you have an amazing day mate!

Topic Alright Guys, Fantasy Time! A GORGEOUS Female Sex Slave
Posted 27 Nov 2013 19:56

And you think the only way for a woman to achieve the ultimate orgasm or this sensory overload is to completely submit herself to another?

Because from experience, this is totally not the case. I enjoy role play and kinky stuff as much as anyone, but there's more than one way to achieve what you're describing. And while I'm sure the ladies in your company have shown appreciation for your attentions, it's not the only way.

And the scenario you've provided doesn't seem to focus on the pleasure of the woman. Seems more like a spectacle for your entertainment.

Don't knock the Wardog, just sayin'. He's got mad skills "no one" has ever been privy to

Topic Fantasies
Posted 27 Nov 2013 19:43

No no, not a grumpy Gus. Just speaking reality.

Topic Fantasies
Posted 27 Nov 2013 11:35

Mine is simple: to be with the woman of my dreams for the rest of my life.

Now THAT's a fantasy for sure!

Topic Happy Birthday "Sweet_as_Candy"
Posted 19 Nov 2013 08:13

Happy Birthday to an amazing woman, great writer and just all around fantastic person.

Hope you have an amazing day! I got you a cake....

And some co....

Topic Eating a girl???
Posted 18 Nov 2013 05:55


Topic Do I have to fuck everbody?
Posted 18 Nov 2013 05:28

OK im new here, but do i have to fuck anybody with a decent avitar, so i dont offend them? Just asking.

The answer to your question is rather simple - NO.

The reason that you would have unsolicited advances may be due to the picture you have posted in your gallery. The more you show, the more people think you're here just for cyber or naughty picture sharing.

Good luck and happy Lushing!

Topic what are you drinking?
Posted 14 Nov 2013 22:13

A 2008 Ripasso from one of my favourite vineyards. YUM!

Topic Do u get vocal when masturbating alone?
Posted 14 Nov 2013 22:03

I'm pretty vocal no hiding it! Living in close proximity to others now I have to hide my moans of pleasure into my pillow!

Have you tried using your panties as a gag? clown

Topic Lush Marriage? Yes, No, Maybe, or just ridiculous?
Posted 14 Nov 2013 21:59

Would someone gain less credibility to be a prospective marriage partner if you had a past of being involved in failed Lush marriages before?

Sure it's fantasy, but marriage by nature involves SOME form of commitment doesn't it?

'Till Lush do us part!

Topic Another mankissing your partner
Posted 11 Nov 2013 06:36

No kissing or sharing.

If I caught her kissing another man, she'd best be hiring a moving service to get her shit out of the house.

Topic Makes me shake my head...
Posted 07 Nov 2013 19:57

Wow he knows how to manipulate a pic! Photoshoppers watch out

EDIT: The fact that you think I quote you all the time is interesting, when was the last time that happened? It's been some time hasn't it SP? How was my previous post pointless and immature? You even admitted that you have a reputation for threadjacking didn't you?

My question was genuine, sorry you interpreted it in a different way.

Topic Makes me shake my head...
Posted 07 Nov 2013 19:48

I agree completely with what I put in bold. I guess I have quite a 'thread-jacking' reputation here, but I always try to be respectful to people who ask seemingly genuine questions. Then again, some trolls ask 'seemingly genuine questions', people offer some of their time to answer respectfully, but then everybody realizes he was obviously a troll. That fucking annoys me (remember that little incident?).

Still, even when genuine questions are asked, sometimes they're so awkwardly formulated that people (myself included) often joke about it. Honestly, I feel kinda sad when one of the first few posters answers with an hilarious joke/comment, and then the rest of the people pay more attention to this joke than the original question (that poor little guy who asked about cougars). I try to observe if some legit answers have been provided before I start joking heavily, or I give a decent answer myself and make a joke at the same time. I'm not perfect though, not on these forums at least.

To be frank, when I make a joke or a brutal statement, 99% of the time I'm not angry or furious in any way. What I often find shocking is not really the fact that I stumble across a 'funny' question, but the fact that some people on this planet can be so incredibly stupid. This is just my 'polite' way to say "hey dude, your question was a little dumb, you know".

And those who constantly ask about panties, masturbation or favorite body parts... well that's just plain hilarious on its own.

Is this why you continually post in "ask the gals"? Just curious.

Topic Where did you lose your virginity?
Posted 07 Nov 2013 19:38

This one time, at band camp....

Topic What do Mondays mean to you?
Posted 07 Nov 2013 19:37

Time for hectic day! Thankfully no flights (usually)

Topic If you could only eat one candy for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Posted 25 Oct 2013 05:19

I was going to say:

I concur, that would be my type of candy!

Looks around to see if Donk is around, and quickly runs away

Topic Congratulations Gav on your 12th Wedding Anniversary!
Posted 21 Oct 2013 11:36

Congrats Gav and Mrs Gav!

Just think in two more years the second "seven year itch" will be coming.....evil4
Although we do know it's one you won't scratch!

All the best and congratulations on a very healthy marriage!

Topic What's for dinner tonight?
Posted 18 Oct 2013 07:49

An 8oz Filet Mignon with grilled sweet potatoes and a mixed green salad.

Paired with an Artemis, Stags Leap Cabernet Savignon (2008)

Topic what are you drinking?
Posted 17 Oct 2013 19:15

A 2009 Ripasso after an extremely long day.

Topic Tit Fucking
Posted 16 Oct 2013 19:33

Not very particular unless she is interested in it

Even if you're hung like a horse?

Topic Do you prefer Red or White wine??
Posted 16 Oct 2013 19:13

While I prefer red, I do like a nice white depending on what I am having for supper.

Steak - a nice Cabernet or Zinfandel, and Rioja
Pork - Shiraz, Merlot or red blend.
Pasta - see both above including Amarone, Ripasso and Chianti
Chicken - Bordeaux, and whites including Savignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Gwertztraminer are nice.

Just a start.

Topic What's The Hottest Thing Your Partner Has Said To You During Sex?
Posted 16 Oct 2013 17:14


Holy crap!?!?!?! You too! evil4

Topic To Be Sucked or not to be Sucked?
Posted 13 Oct 2013 13:51

No wonder you're a real man's man.

Amen brother

Topic Happy Birthday Stephanie!
Posted 12 Oct 2013 08:22

A very Happy Birthday to one of the craziest buggers I have ever come across! Your dry sense of humour never fails to crack me up!

All the best on your very special day!

Topic bushy women
Posted 10 Oct 2013 12:36

Yeah, he's a real peach ain't he? Nutbag

Dude, you're alright....... for a wise ass from Tarranna.

Well thankfully I am a transplant here, I am a western boy. I know just how much people from western Canada are born and raised to despise the "big smoke".

Always nice to see another canuck here!

Topic I am curious about married Dom/subs
Posted 09 Oct 2013 20:33

Maybe you should offer him a tampon.

Wow very 10th grade. Bravo!

Topic Lonely :/
Posted 09 Oct 2013 19:52


I can tell you that this happens to the best of us. There is an ebb and flow in all of our lives where we feel lonely for some reason. At times it can happen when you are with someone you think you "love".

It's natural, as they say. Time heals all wounds, you'll be just fine.

Topic I am curious about married Dom/subs
Posted 09 Oct 2013 19:37

wow ... need a coffee, Dude? or maybe a drink?? Pour Wine

Hope you feel better soon!

I'm great thanks. I just find it really interesting that people give advice on things they are unsure about. That's like a chiropractor giving you a diagnosis (or advice) on a stomach ailment.

Topic The Rage Cage
Posted 09 Oct 2013 18:23

worst rage ever. consider yourself evicted.

Well that's a load of bullcrap! FUCK!