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Topic Do you remember the first explicit erotic story you ever read?
Posted 06 Jan 2016 13:55

May I please remind everyone that this is an adult site and there is zero tolerance for any posts referring to any underage activity (16 years of age or less).

Please refrain from any such posts.

Topic What's on your mind right now?
Posted 06 Jan 2016 06:27

A very special Lushie that I haven't been in contact with much over the past few months. She always has a knack to make me smile and turn me on at the same time. All while holding a very intelligent and meaningful conversation.

Missed you 💋

Topic Blow jobs are more intimate than sex
Posted 04 Jan 2016 07:02

The arguement

I couldn't stop laughing!

And yeah, it's true, a blow job is more intimate.

laughing3 ky

Topic Your new year's resolution !
Posted 01 Jan 2016 06:19

Topic National men make dinner day...
Posted 14 Dec 2015 04:59

That's almost every day in my house!

Topic New York Times runs an editorial on page 1 for the first time in 95 years
Posted 13 Dec 2015 21:34

If you need critique to be lubricated by some compliments then I suggest you go to your parents. BTW, Saddam Hussein is probably not a very good example. And the same may even be true for Bin laden.

Don't feed the troll

Posted 12 Dec 2015 18:52

The happiest birthday ever to you Milik! Hope you enjoy your very special day!

Topic Moderator of the Month for November, with $100 to spend at
Posted 08 Dec 2015 04:55

Congrats Candy Girl!

Whoop whoop!

Topic Would you let your wife or gf have sex with another man if she demands or asks?
Posted 07 Dec 2015 20:23

Fuck no, she can take all of her shit and find somewhere else to live.

Nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey goodbye!

Topic Guys, What color panties are you wearing today?
Posted 23 Nov 2015 10:38

Please refer to his thread instead. Helps us to keep the clutter down in the forums.

Topic How do YOU define submissive?
Posted 21 Nov 2015 07:17

If your Dom makes you bark like a dog, does that make you a subwoofer?

Topic Happy Birthday Ms RAVENSTAR!!!
Posted 19 Nov 2015 06:45

Happy birthday! Wishing you a most excellent day.

Topic Happy Birthday Sweet_As_Candy
Posted 19 Nov 2015 05:46

Wishing you a very happy birthday Em, you deserve it!

Topic First time same sex, was it planned?
Posted 18 Nov 2015 10:10

Yup. In fact I planned it like five times before I actually had the guts to make my move. I remember she said, "What took to so long." So I fumbled my way though the whole fifteen minute encounter. I remember I looked down to confirm I was actually in a pussy. Lol.

A few months later my older (30) neighbor and mother of two became my mentor, teaching me the ways of love. A very special time of my life. The greatest thing I learned is that if I make it all about her, the reward is beyond comparison.

Chuck, great story however the title of this thread (in the LGBT forum) was first time same sex. Your accounts seem more heterosexual.

Just looking out for ya!

Topic Night of Terror - Paris - Nov 13, 2015
Posted 16 Nov 2015 12:51

It's pretty scary when Al Qaeda disowns ISIS. Here's a very interesting read


Topic Do you guy like being rimmed and fingered
Posted 16 Nov 2015 12:46

Absolutely both - but then guys love anything, right?

Come on! We are very complex beings and not very predictable.


Topic How do you remove hair from the shaft of your cock?
Posted 12 Nov 2015 19:49

I'm not sure if Dudealicious is serious or not, but that is what I'd suggest. It is usually only a few random ones, so just use tweezers.

But what if you're this guy? Damn.

Topic When will you be famous?
Posted 12 Nov 2015 19:45

An example of a run-on sentence.

We are talking about getting 'Famous Member' badges, right?

You lack punctuation! You're fired.

Topic Tips for dealing with a rejected story.
Posted 12 Nov 2015 19:00


I cry very hard when my stories get sent back to me. I then think really, and...

Topic How do you remove hair from the shaft of your cock?
Posted 12 Nov 2015 18:56

is it in bad form to laugh??

Go ahead and laugh as I cry Van, dammit! confused1

Topic How do you remove hair from the shaft of your cock?
Posted 12 Nov 2015 18:53 hair at a time

Topic When will you be famous?
Posted 12 Nov 2015 18:49

I know I'm right that my posts have nothing to do with the punishments I've received when another poster who acts far worse remains active while I continue to get "reply notification" E-mails from the site while I am "suspended" & therefore unable to post in the same threads I am notified about.

Also, don't get on my case about one missing letter when your posts are repeatedly lacking in punctuation.

And yes, these posts may be off-topic, but so was the Staffer's post I was responding to.

Lacking punctuation whaaaaaaaatttttt?......!!!!!!...????

Topic When will you be famous?
Posted 12 Nov 2015 18:36

Topic you favorite song of all time that never gets old how ever many time you listen to it
Posted 12 Nov 2015 18:30

Hooked on a feeling - Blue Swede

Topic When will you be famous?
Posted 12 Nov 2015 18:27

B/c most don't know me yet. (Neither do you, as proven by you mis-typing a name that's right nearby.) But I'm OK with that, as that means they can't like me or hate me. (Again, a group that includes you.)

Oh so you don't pick on others for mis-spelling? Ok then.

Time to unplug and play somewhere else.

Topic When will you be famous?
Posted 12 Nov 2015 18:20

Not necessary... Simply redirect your powers to me or somebody else who knows how to use them correctly. That way, I will never be suspended again for simply replying when someone makes a postr that is simultaneously widely off-topic & personally/specifically targeted at me, & the previously-described poster will never make an off-topic post again, nor any other.

What a great post you're right, your own actions have nothing to do with your suspension.

By the way what is a postr?

Topic Why is ex lover ignoring me?
Posted 02 Nov 2015 18:23

Or...he's immature and butt hurt for being dumped and this is his way to get back at you.

Speaking from experience are you Donk?

Missed ya man! 😆

Posted 22 Sep 2015 21:02


Just wanted to let you know that even we haven't spoken in some time you are one of the most kick ass human beings I know.

Wishing you the most incredible birthday of all time!