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I am a 69 year old bisexual male from the lower mid-west plains and Ozarks (Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas).

Wayne Turner
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El Dorado, Kansas, United States
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Topic: What are most sensitive places on your body other than the genitals ?
Posted: 22 Jun 2018 08:46

My breasts and nipples. I always say my mother weaned me too soon because I've been fascinated by breasts my whole life. I love to kiss, lick and suck on them, no matter which gender I'm with and love for my partner to suck, lick, pinch and play with mine, too.

Topic: Guys your feelings on pubic hair on women
Posted: 01 Feb 2018 08:56

I just love pussy, whether it's hairy, trimmed, shaved or whatever. My first wife was hairy, but I still loved eating her pussy. My present wife and my favorite girlfriend from back in my dating days are/were only lightly haired and I love/loved eating them, too.

So I guess it really makes no difference to me.

Topic: Thoughts on having sex in public?
Posted: 30 Aug 2017 10:49

I guess the closest thing I've ever had to sex in public is getting or giving blowjobs in cars in a public park. But usually, those occurred in the dark in the middle of the night.

But I also remember having sex with my ex-wife on the bank of my uncle's pond in Northeast Oklahoma. But the possibility of discovery then was minimal since the pond was in a wooded hollow with bluffs all around and only one steep, rocky access road into the hollow. But I'm sure the squirrels in the trees or the birds flying overhead got quite an eyeful on that occasion. But it was very hot, sexually, and one of my fondest memories of me and my ex-wife; we had very few fond memories of our time together other than that.

Topic: Would you fuck a sexy Shemale?
Posted: 14 Jul 2017 09:18

Of course. But I've always said, "I'd fuck a snake if someone would hold its head still for me."

Topic: Sexless marriage
Posted: 23 Jun 2017 10:50

My wife and I no longer have sex. She lost interest after her hysterectomy. I've been with a few gay men and one transsexual since then but miss having a woman to make love to.

Topic: How do men feel about red headed women?
Posted: 08 Jun 2017 09:10

I love 'em! Despite the experience with my first wife (whose hair was more auburn that actually red) I still find red-headed women extremely attractive.

Topic: What did you have for lunch today?
Posted: 12 May 2017 11:23

Hot wings

Topic: When did you realize your more gay then bisexual
Posted: 02 May 2017 09:53

I've really been bisexual my entire adult life. Sometimes I repressed that fact for several years in a row, then might act on it and be with a guy, then repeat the process when the next opportunity arose.

I sucked on my first cock when I was 21 but didn't suck on the second one until a couple of years later. And it wasn't until I was about 32 before I actually sucked a guy to completion. During all the times in between, I was usually the suckee rather than the cocksucker. I was married (to women, of course) and still am. But after my second and present wife's hysterectomy several years ago (which made her lose all interest in sex with me after a while) I became progressively gay exclusively in my sexual orientation. The reason seemed to be because being with another woman almost seemed a betrayal of my wife.

Now, my wife and I are just companions and house-mates and I get my relief (with my wife's permission) with other guys. My wife's only stipulation is that I am discreet and careful and that I don't leave her for someone else. I honor that guideline.

Topic: Things that scared you as a kid and maybe still do.
Posted: 22 Nov 2016 12:53

Bats. The flying mammals, not the baseball kind.

Topic: who honestly likes to give blow jobs
Posted: 09 Aug 2016 10:03

I do. I love to get them, so why not give a little pleasure to someone else, too?

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Changing My Luck, And Other Things

“Hey there, hard-on,” a melodious contralto voice asked, “you got a light?” I looked over at the tall black girl next to me and saw she held a cigarette between two long-nailed fingers, angling it in my direction. As I fished the lighter out of my shirt pocket, she stepped closer. I flicked the Zippo's friction wheel and she moved even closer as she bent over to touch the cigarette tip to...

Added 22 Aug 2018 | Category Trans | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 11,867 | 3 Comments

Wakes Don't Have to be Sad Things

My friend Clyde passed away a few years ago. His prostate cancer returned and carried him away, rather quickly, it seemed. I went to his memorial service, of course. And while I was there sitting in a pew at the funeral home chapel I noticed a few familiar faces among his family and friends. I couldn't put names to most of those faces because they were guys I'd met at Clyde's place....

Added 28 Jul 2018 | Category Gay Male | Votes 4 | Avg Score 5 | Views 4,781 | 2 Comments

Desk Top Fun

No, it was not that kind of “desktop.” I'm not even sure “laptops,” as opposed to ”desktops,” had been invented yet at the time. In 1985, personal computers were still pretty clunky things that took up a lot of space, even though they might have fit on the top of a desk. They were just called “computers” and though my office had a couple, none of them was on my desk. Hell, they might...

Added 01 Jul 2018 | Category Office Sex | Votes 9 | Avg Score 5 | Views 13,622 | 3 Comments

Three-M Delight

  I didn't really have anything going on that day, so I thought I'd give old Clyde a call. I was working second shift and other than gardening and/or housework, I usually had daytimes free until I had to go to work at 4:00. Clyde and I had been friends for several years. We met one day in the park when I was cruising through, just looking for what I could find. I stopped by one little...

Added 10 Jun 2018 | Category Gay Male | Votes 10 | Avg Score 4.8 | Views 8,800 | 6 Comments

Keeping it All in the Family

“Wow, she looks just about ready to pop,” a soft contralto voice said from over my shoulder. I turned to see who it was talking to me. It was Gloria, my wife's cousin. We stood together at the holiday party buffet table watching my seven-months-pregnant wife talking to some other cousins ten or twelve feet away from us. “Actually,” I told Gloria, who was close beside me so she could hear...

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First Time as a Bottom

I got an email from Ralph one day a few years or ago. “Wanna play?” is all the email said. Ralph and I have known each other for a while and an email was how he usually contacts me. “Sure. What time?” I emailed him back. Ralph lives in a nearby town. He, like me, is retired and we both have a lot of time on our hands. But Ralph is usually tied town at his house caring for his...

Added 10 Jan 2017 | Category Gay Male | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.71 | Views 9,823 | 8 Comments

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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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Thanks for adding me! I hope we have many good experiences together here on Lush! Thanks, Chuck
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Thank You for adding me , I appreciate being able to connect with you Sir.
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10 Mar 2018 19:27
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
24 Feb 2018 00:20
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
24 Feb 2017 00:20
hello, I am dressed in my wifes panties, stockings and a little black mini dress, new high heels have turned up, size 9 as my wifes will not fit. Feeling very horny and ready to please.
25 Oct 2016 09:07
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
24 Feb 2016 00:20
You are a nice guy
17 Feb 2016 16:36
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