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Topic Post pics of the perfect ass here
Posted 15 Dec 2008 06:07

no, don't see a yellow image button on the post page could it be because i am using a Mac??

Topic Post pics of the perfect ass here
Posted 13 Dec 2008 23:13

How do you upload a photo?

Topic Bad Kitties
Posted 12 Dec 2008 03:26

are the tails plugged in d'you think? Meeooow!

Topic The Perfect Boobs Thread
Posted 12 Dec 2008 03:22

very perky. and pinky too.

Topic Do your partners know of your stories?
Posted 09 Dec 2008 02:34

My husband and i write our stories together. he writes a part, then i embellish it with my input. we start off with situations we have been in and take it from there. it really turns him on when i write about what i would like strangers to do to me when he is watching and some we put into practice later. so i have to be careful what i wish for!! i am new here. great site. i wish i had found it earlier.