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Topic: Staff member needed for questions please
Posted: 07 Nov 2015 12:30

Hi, I need a read proofer / story approver to ask a few questions about something I'm writing in my new story.
I am not sure it could be accepted, and I want to know from a member of the staff.
Can you please contact me?
Thank you.

Topic: Looking for help for my (rejected) first story...
Posted: 06 Nov 2011 15:15

I have pm'd you just in case you still want help.

Best regards and good luck.


Thank You :)

Topic: Looking for help for my (rejected) first story...
Posted: 06 Nov 2011 15:14

I have to say, based on your original post, you seem reasonably competent with the English language. Certainly I have seen stories posted with worse grammar/spelling.

It's lovely to see someone so keen (or "eager") to make a good contribution to the site.

Thank you :)
I'm flattered :P

Topic: Looking for help for my (rejected) first story...
Posted: 06 Nov 2011 08:33

Thank You, NaughtyAnn.

PM replyed, email sent.

And thank you moderator, who kindly answered and explained what was wrong In my story.
Sadly my english skill are not enough to understand how to correct it. <img src="/images/emoticons/embarassed.gif" alt="Embarassed">
Looking forward for the kind help of NaughtyAnn. Thank You again ;)

Topic: Looking for help for my (rejected) first story...
Posted: 05 Nov 2011 23:34

I had my first story rejected, with the reason:

"Story doesn't meet our quality standards. Please consider posting a request for proofreading and editing assistance in our Writer's Resources forum. Thank you. "

Since It is my first story ever and more than this it is in a - for me - foreing language, the rejection was something I considered possible and of course perfectly acceptable. The challenge is thrilling.
The problem is I can't understand what was wrong with it, since "quality standards" is quite a wide range of things.
Is it written with a poor grammar? Did I use wrong terms? Is it too fast, too slow, too soft, too hard? Is it tiring to read? Is the punctuation too heavy or too rare? Etc... Etc...
I don't know.

So, I'm here asking is there someone so gentle and sweet who would help me to understand, so I could correct the story and make it better? Or who could help a little in writing it better?
I would change everything needed to let the story at least acceptable :)

Thank You in advance :)

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Payback pt8 final

Chapter Ten: The fall of the wicked, the rise of the worthy. During the time that I was being trained as a Mistress Will asked me to marry him. He explained that he would be happy to sign a prenuptial agreement so that he wouldn’t get anything from me if, for any reason we should part. Then he went on to say that he was so in love with me and wanted us to stay together. I had to admit...

Added 17 Apr 2016 | Category BDSM | Votes 3 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,982 | 1 Comment

Payback pt7

Chapter Nine: Rebirth So, what had I been up to during the months that followed? I had attended a few meetings in Serena’s clubs, meeting a few of the members including the Masters and Mistresses. Serena kindly loaned Daisy to me and let her stay with me in my family home for long periods. During that time I also met a Master who had the reputation for treating his slaves with a lot...

Added 26 Mar 2016 | Category Love Stories | Votes 2 | Avg Score 5 | Views 2,078

Payback pt6

Chapter Eight: Dividing evil. Payback can hit hard A few days after Nick had signed my papers, Mistress Lana started working on him. Erika, the bitch, was having great difficulty in finding a job. This was a combination of negative references that she had received, which she wasn’t happy to use, or no references at all from some of her previous employers. It was time to put some pressure...

Added 13 Jan 2016 | Category BDSM | Votes 2 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,431

Payback pt5

Chapter Seven: The revenge starts - every action has its consequences During that time my external server was starting to get full of recordings from my own house. At least I could watch them without crying now, but a cold rage was building up inside me. They had made fun of me, stolen money from me and I may have been naïve, maybe selfish to some extent but I didn’t think I deserved...

Added 09 Dec 2015 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 2 | Avg Score 5 | Views 2,518

Payback pt4

Chapter six: Revenge needs preparation and trusted friends My sleep wasn’t troubled, despite a few little pains here and there in my bruised body. In the morning I woke up alone in bed. I was about to call when Daisy entered the room with a tray, helped me to sit with my back on the headboard, and put the tray on my lap so that I could eat my breakfast. “Normally we are not allowed to eat...

Added 27 Nov 2015 | Category Lesbian | Votes 1 | Avg Score 5 | Views 2,625

Payback pt3

Chapter five: Getting to know each other better I don’t know how long I stayed in bed, unable to drift into sleep and rest a little. The fact that I couldn’t move into a more comfortable position wasn’t helping either. In the faint light I could see Daisy keeping a watch on me from where she was sat. “Daisy” I called. “Yes Mistress?” “Don’t call me Mistress, please, I am not one....

Added 25 Nov 2015 | Category Lesbian | Votes 2 | Avg Score 4.5 | Views 3,032 | 2 Comments

Payback pt2

Chapter three: new friends and views of life. After a couple of hours of computer work in the afternoon there was a knock on my door which relieved me from my concentration. I answered the door where a maid was asking if I needed anything. She was young, 5’5” in height, black hair in a loose ponytail and black eyes, her outfit a simple black silk apron, barely covering her shaven pussy...

Added 17 Nov 2015 | Category Lesbian | Votes 3 | Avg Score 5 | Views 4,765

Payback pt1

Introduction A few of these characters can be found in my previous story “A New Start”. Chapter One: Background My name is Sonja and I am thirty years old. Although I am fairly average, my best assets are my long straight black hair and blue eyes. My body is fairly average. I am not a stunning beauty and neither a woman who makes heads turn. I think that my main qualities are my...

Added 12 Nov 2015 | Category BDSM | Votes 5 | Avg Score 4.6 | Views 5,660 | 6 Comments

A new start. The love story of a sub pt7

********** Thank again for the priceless help of NaughtyAnn. I suggest to read the previous parts before this. ********** I was standing there in the slave position and I had taken her request as a test on my will power. Also I was strong in my determination to stay there without making a move. The time passed and, after several hours, my legs began to go numb. Thinking to myself that...

Added 12 Dec 2011 | Category Love Stories | Votes 6 | Avg Score 5 | Views 4,492 | 6 Comments

A new start: The love story of a sub pt6

Thank you NaughtyAnn, for your priceless help. I suggest you read the previous parts first. Any comment is greatly appreciated. Over the next few months ourrelationship grew stronger. Mistress Serena took me several times to the Club; and also she wasn't using the blindfold on me anymore. Gradually I learnt the route to the club and what street it was in. A couple of times she told...

Added 07 Dec 2011 | Category Lesbian | Votes 8 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,932 | 4 Comments

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