My first older woman - on the way to boot camp

Mature babe teaches youngster a few lessons in the art of lovemaking

(Women will like this TRUE story more than guys) I met my older brother and several of his friends at a bar to say goodbye one evening shortly before I was shipping off to boot camp. I was leaving in four days and wouldn't be seeing him again. I was only 18 but had a fake ID as most of us did in those days when the drinking ages were all on the rise. My friend David was with me; he and I...Read On


Picked up by a stripper while on shore leave

Stripper puts on a damn fine show

I was visiting Phoenix, my hometown, in between duty stations early in my Navy career. At the ripe age of twenty, I had just spent six long months training at a nuclear power plant, living in a small town, without a single date the whole time. To say I was sexually frustrated does not do it justice. The week I spent there staying with a family friend was as boring as can be, so one evening...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


The Hotel

Phone sex turns into the real thing

Well, she had made it to the hotel room, unpacked, took a short nap, and then got up so she could take a long shower before the evening began. She had been looking forward to this for weeks, even though she had been promiscuous in her 20's, she had never done anything quite like this. She had started up a conversation with a man on the internet, that first night they had chatted for hours...Read On



The Butterfly

Voyeur sends a love toy with unexpected results

Often times when I watered the plants in the window of my apartment, the woman in the third floor apartment across the courtyard would find a reason to come to her window and watch me. In the summer time, I would ride my stationary exercise bike by the window for the breeze, and she would watch me from the shadows of her curtained windows. After a while, I began to see flashes of her at...Read On



A Night Less Ordinary

Wife has a wonderful sexual evening

I found the note taped to the mirror in the bathroom. "I'll be home late tonight. Go ahead and eat dinner without me. Be ready at 9pm, though - I'm taking you out. Wear the short black dress, half-cup bra and a thong. No nylons, heels. See you tonight." The day seemed exceptionally long and my mind kept wandering away from whatever I was doing, wondering what the night would have in store...Read On