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14 Mar 2012 23:45

My wife and I were watching "Lost Girl" on our DVR... the main character is a woman who is a succubus and I mentioned that there was a male versionof the demon with a different name that was escaping me... and she turned to ne a said in a very serious tone, "Is it called a lickubus?"

12 Mar 2012 00:02

Thanks for the support from my fellow Lushies!

09 Mar 2012 20:34

One of my family's cats, Lilly, had be euthanized today. Very sad day for me, she was like my first child. I won't be on for a few days, just not feeling very Lushy. I promise I'll be back soon.

03 Mar 2012 00:25

Forums are kinds slow tonight... I guess everyone is out having fun except me...

29 Feb 2012 15:49

Had a good time last night! )

14 Feb 2012 14:02

Happy Valentines Day! Hope you all have some good sex this week!

17 Jan 2012 12:19

Whew, just filled out my profile... that was about as fun as a root canal...

24 Dec 2011 00:14

Happy Holidays!

14 Nov 2011 09:26

Have the morning off, catching up on my Lush reading!

20 Sep 2011 15:13

Really glad I joined Lush! There are some really nice people in this online community!

11 Sep 2011 21:20

I have been reading sorties here for many years and since the site has been so good for so long thought I would join and try the chat services. I am not a writer but I must admit sometimes I am tempted to give it a try.