Cade and Eve, Part 1

Will Eve surrender control for the first time in her life?

Her day started off like any other. The morning alarm woke her to the beautiful sight of sun streaming in her window and the tantalising aroma of coffee from the kitchen. Man, she loved programmable coffee makers - one of the only good things to come out of her two-year long relationship with her lousy ex. Well, he was long gone, but in the 6 months she had been single, Eve didn’t think a day...Read On


Cade and Eve, Part 2

Eve has surrendered control of her body... will her mind and heart be next?

Cade and Eve - Part 2 Eve woke to find herself alone in Cade’s lake-sized bed. She lay still for a moment, the events of last night running through her mind. She felt wonderful. Her body felt alive, she felt loose and limber, the slight tenderness of her pussy the only physical reminder of last night’s fucking. She and Cade had stumbled up the stairs to his bedroom, still naked, and...Read On


Cade and Eve, Part 3

Parts 1 and 2 can be found on my profile page. Enjoy, Echelon xx

She lay still, silent in the quiet dusk of the room, spread-eagled on the custom made table. Straps over her ankles, knees and thighs kept her legs wide and motionless. A wide strap across the soft skin of her stomach kept her back from arching. More straps across her wrists, elbows and upper arm prevented any kind of gesturing. The strap across her forehead held her head unmoving in its...Read On

Erotic Poems(3)

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Don't Talk To Me Of Love

Don't talk to me of love, my dear, But talk of lust and quickening breath. Whisper it now into my ear, How demands unmet will be the death of you, your need like sharpened claws, Your coiling greed scarce now held back. And me, how with a quiet pause, I tempt your beast to spring the trap. I blink, and now the spell is broken. I feel your breath upon my face. Our...Read On

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Across the great divide

All I have are my words to send across the great divide. Let them wrap around you when you’re lying in your bed, hungry for my touch. They will whisper in your ear as you reach for yourself, hard and swollen with need. Close your eyes and feel them caressing your lips, invading your mouth. Swirling around until they escape as incoherent moaning; a background to your lust Feel them...Read On


Don't lose the butterflies

A casual glance across the room I caught your gaze in the twilight gloom A rush of power, gone too soon You gave me butterflies. You stand above me, trace my lips You make me wait for your tingling kiss The space between us no longer exists Can you feel my butterflies? The zipper lowering on my dress The sharpest sting, a hot caress I steel myself, in sweet distress You cant steal...Read On

Flash Erotica(1)

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“Say that again.” His voice was quiet, dangerous. “I said, if you were more of a man, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.” Her voice trembled slightly as she quietly repeated her accusation. He moved quickly for a tall man. Before her senses could scream, ‘ run ,’ he was on her. One hand closed gently around her throat and she found herself backed up against his office door, her...Read On

Love Poems(2)

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After the spark

I can’t be what you need. I watch your lips as they form a smile, tell a story. But I will never kiss them For I am not for you. My heart is not only mine. I gave it away long ago. Wrapped it in colourful paper and laid it at the feet of my lover. Freely. Willingly. It has been tended well, nurtured and allowed to grow. How could I do any less with his? People talk about the...Read On


You made me toast

You made me toast in the morning One day, before an exam. Even though I was up at stupid o’clock You were there with a plate, and some jam. You made me soup one cold afternoon As I sneezed and spluttered in bed. You brought me some tissues and plenty of “bless you’s” And stayed with me until I slept. You made me late for work just last week With a mischievous glint in your eye. When...Read On

Love Stories(1)


To simply be

You reach for me in the night. I lie curled onto my favourite side, my back towards you, drifting on the hazy edge of slumber. I smile sleepily as I feel your hand reach for the soft warmth of my belly, drawing gentle circles upon my skin with your fingertips. It’s your favourite spot, that area just below my belly button, where my skin is smooth and warm and fragrant. Maybe it’s the contrast...Read On



Ready for the Storm

I had tried to run, but I couldn't hide from him. The storm was coming.

The storm was gathering pace. My window panorama showed the trees thrashing about, trying to cling on to the steep cliffs that dropped sharply to the ocean. The cliff-top house creaked and shuddered around me in the gale, 400 feet above a small bay that was being relentlessly pounded by wave after wave of angry, dark-grey water. Just yesterday, I had picked my way carefully down the cliff...Read On

Straight Sex(1)

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Summer in the City

I met him in a bar, of all places. I had always claimed to be such a good girl, but I lost myself on that dance floor, enthralled by the lazy summer beats and the slumberous passion in his eyes. Four or five shots of jack will loosen the most reluctant of hips, and I was already feeling a growing need by the time he pulled my waist close against his and I no longer remembered to count. I...Read On