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Topic: What's your philosophy type?(test)
Posted: 16 Feb 2013 22:16

Your recommended philosophy-guru is EPICURUS.

Key fact: Epicurus, founder of Epicureanism, is probably the most misunderstood philosopher of antiquity.

Must have: A delight in the countryside and gardens.

Key promise: Peace and tranquillity.

Key peril: Boredom.

Most likely to say: "The true hedonist can find as much pleasure in a glass of chilled water as in a feast for a king."

Least likely to say: "He who tires of the city, tires of life."
Less is more; find pleasure in small, exquisite doses

Topic: Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted: 26 Jan 2013 19:58

Waiting for my bad witch...

Topic: Should kids in the untied states have to say the pledge of alligence in school
Posted: 15 Nov 2012 15:32

Ignorance is bliss

Topic: Should kids in the untied states have to say the pledge of alligence in school
Posted: 15 Nov 2012 15:31

We used to be a federal constitutional republic, but we are in bondage to to International Banks.

On February 21, 1871 with the Forty-First Congress in session an Act was passed*. The title was "An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia" also known as the "Act of 1871."

Topic: Should kids in the untied states have to say the pledge of alligence in school
Posted: 15 Nov 2012 15:09

I don't live in the untied states, but in the United States, though I consider myself a sovereign individual. Most of the civilized world lives under Corporations, look it up. For example, if you look on Dunn and Bradstreet, it will show that the "President" of the "United States of America Corporation" - is currently Barack Obama.

I live, I am the ration and limit of my eternal Being, Consciously Blissful. My consciousness resides in the state of Loving, Freedom, Peaceful, Joyful, Grateful, Appreciating, Accepting, letting go of what I've been tied to, or what others try to tie me to. I offer up what I want, as a sacrifice, for something better for my higher good.

If everyone knew what propaganda they've been indoctrinated into (it's not anyone's personal accepance, it's not an informed choice - so it's coercion and manipulation) everyone would all revolt. In the U.S. there are two Constitutions, one isn't used because Individuals live there, the Corporation rules under the other one.

But Government = force, and they've learned that the best use of force is engendering appathy.
I've transcended the idea of a personal god, avoid dogma, and theology. Law under the Ultra wealthy families on this planet has become legalized plunder. There is no justice, no choice, unless one chooses not to participate till enough people educate themselves.

Government schools are where they educate (us) Workers. It's Not a process of learning, but un-learning we need to foster.

Alowing Self-doubt leads us to follow not our own inner feelings and understanding, but the thoughts and desires of others. Others with outwardly focused egos, thoughts and minds working for the 13 wealthiest families - the Ultra rich. They try to cut us off from each other, making us vulnerable to their heartless, might makes right - .01% of Super Egos, and they have an agenda to let their wealthy managers divide and conquer everyone else, you know you can feel it...

Topic: Would you have a threesome? or an orgy?
Posted: 25 Oct 2012 08:19

I'm with Jeri. I've been with three, four, moresomes, couples, and small groups, but orgies seem to imply complete strangers, I haven't been in that situation.

Topic: do you like your partner to suck your tits or just caress them?
Posted: 11 Oct 2012 22:53

Suckle one, caress the other, milk me dry, switch, now I'm so wet there's that to deal with... Then it's my turn, girlfriend.

Topic: what are you drinking?
Posted: 11 Oct 2012 16:42

French Press coffee, with a splash of vanilla and raspberry extracts, some simple syrup from splenda, and a shot of whipping cream... ah...

Topic: How long can you guys bang a girl for?
Posted: 04 Jul 2012 16:56

The longest I've been "banged" was 6 hours, but we both practiced Tantra. Oh, and that's blissful quality throughout, by the way. I understand the comments including boredom and sore, you should try Tantra.


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Happy Monday !
22 Dec 2014 15:15
Thanks for thinking of me...looks like we have things in common...especially Sue
27 Dec 2013 14:23
I do want to visit again, maybe next week?

Maybe your sister will be home too this next week, Ma'am?

21 Dec 2013 03:46
Thank you Ma'am! I couldn't sleep. I kept waking up. I can't wait to feel like this again... Thank You also for stopping by my profile page... You gave me the before

to this Afterwards...

There's so much I want to catch up with you about. I can't wait to see you again and be a good-Honey-girl... for my Lush Mommy Stacey Sue
21 Dec 2013 03:35
I've missed you hon.

15 Aug 2013 10:16
10 Jul 2013 00:03
"Desert Hearts" 1986 clip with Helen Shaver and Patricia Charbonneau
25 Jun 2013 01:31
26 May 2013 03:14
31 Mar 2013 21:00
May I return the favor, and have your over for lunch?
20 Feb 2013 16:55
20 Feb 2013 12:37
13 Dec 2012 10:11
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